Do you know that milk is one among the most consumed animal product for centuries? Milk is in beverages and production of butter, yoghurt, cheese, and cream among others. Providing the body with important nutrients, milk and its products are among the commodities you are likely not to miss in any kitchen. A product from the cows, milk contains 87% water and only 13% nutritional components. Owing to the growing demand for milk and its products, production of milking has gone a notch higher making it one of the most competitive industries around the globe.

All around the globe, farmers are being empowered by governments and other institutions to increase milk production. Embracing modern technology, this continues to increase the rate of production despite the ever growing demand for the same. Here is a list of 10 best milk producing countries around the globe in 2019. The list includes countries with high quality and quantity of milk.

10. United Kingdom

Largest Milk Producing Countries 2019A country that has traditionally been among the highest milk producers, United Kingdom ranks in the 10th position among the biggest producers. Through use on modern farming methods, farmers are provided with high quality breeds with capacity to produce high quantities of milk. Currently , the country produces 13.9 billion kilograms of milk that is used to serve both domestic and international markets. It ranks third in production in the European region. Despite the high production, a big number of dairy farmers are said to be shying away from the practice with an estimated 61% of registered farmers quitting the practice. This is not only considered as a great blow to the industry but as well inability to meet the growing demand.

9. Turkey

Milk Producing CountriesDespite having the least number of dairy farmers in the world, turkey holds the ninth position among the highest producers. Producing an average of 16.7 billion kilograms of milk annually, the country is today among the major exporters of milk and its products to European countries. High production of milk in turkey is attributed to the improvement of the lactation and the number of cows in the country. Despite being a major exporter, the local market for the milk and its products In the country is low with the government seeking ways to increase the demand in the local market.

8. New Zealand

Milk Producing CountriesProducing an estimated 18.9 billion kilograms of milk annually, New Zealand ranks eight in milk production. The country has at least 5 million cows with the numbers increasing steadily. Most of the dairy farmers in the country are in the North Island. To encourage the farmers and ensure they gain effectively from the practice, value addition and production of milk products. These products account for the high exports to countries that include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea among others. The government and other institutions with interest in dairy sector is constantly new technological means to enable the farmers increase production hence potential to increase the current production in the coming years.

7. France

Milk Producing CountriesProducing 23.7 billion kilograms of milk, France ranks second among the European countries in milk production. Globally, it ranks seventh with over 70,000 dairy farms. The farms hosts more that 3.6 million dairy cattle and are all surrounded by processing facilities. Most of the milk produced in France is converted to milk products which are sold locally and exported to countries including Germany and Italy. With capacity to cover its local demand for milk, the country continues to invest heavily in modern technology hence aiding farmers to improve on the quantity of milk produced.

6. Russia

Milk Producing CountriesRussia is among the countries that continually use traditional dairy farming techniques. Producing over 30.3 billion kilograms, Russia holds the sixth position among the countries producing milk in high quantities. Over the past few years, milk production in the country has remained constant. Measures to increase the yields are evident with the plans by Russian investors to establish a dairy farm in china. Efforts to use modern technology are also in place alongside breeding better producing animals. This is not only a move to ensure the industry meets the local demand for the product but as well maintain its milk exports to Moscow.

5. Germany

Milk Producing CountriesThe leading milk producer in Europe, Germany stands in the fifth position of the worlds highest milk producers. It is estimated that the country currently produces 31.1 billion kilograms of milk. This is from a herd of over 4.2 billion cows in different establishments around the country. Despite the high ranking, milk production industry in the country is faced with numerous challenges with top among them being dwindling parcels of land and increasing cost of land and overall farming. Lack of qualified labor in the sector and the changing global climate are also among the major challenges in the industry.

4. Brazil

Milk Producing CountriesPlaying a vital role in the country’s economy, Brazil gets a whooping 34.3 billion kilograms of the product. Extensive support by the government has seen the growth of the industry which today employs over one million Brazilians. A strong Indian connection to the Brazil’s dairy farming industry has seen a big population of the famous pure breed Gir cows in the country. The breed is highly accredited with producing large volumes of milk. Enhanced with modern farming practices that ensure constant feeds for the animals, the industry continues to grow and promises a greater impact into the country’s economy.

3. China

Milk Producing CountriesAt position three of the biggest milk producers is china. A fast growing economic giant, china, is using modern farming technologies to increase its yields. Among the underway projects is the establishment of the 100,000 cow dairy farm expected to increase the quantity of milk in the country. With this establishment, the country is also seeking to increase its exports for milk to Russia which has announced its withdrawal from importing milk from European countries. The projected dairy farm is expected to be three ties bigger than the world’s biggest dairy farm in the United States. With increased production and exports, china is also seeking to further improve on its economic prospects.

2. India

Milk Producing CountriesWith 60.6 billion kilograms of milk, India is the second biggest milk producer in the globe. This accounts for 9.5 % of the total world’s milk production. Milk production in India rose sharply in the period between 2014 and 2015 a factor attributed to use of scientific approach in the farming methods. Despite being among the biggest consumers of milk and its products, India also manages top export a big portion of its production to other countries. To ease production and collection of milk and its products, the country is home to over 130, 000 cooperative societies that operate at village level.

1. United States

Milk Producing Countries

Leading the pack of biggest milk producers is United States. Producing over 91.3 billion kilograms of milk, the country is also the largest consumer globally. Major states including California, New York and Peninsula are the leading hubs in milk production. Other than high consumption of milk, there is a big demand for the milk products within United States a factor that increases its quest to fully satisfy the local demand. United States is home to large dairy farms each with a population of over 15,000 cows. Small scale farmers with less than 30 cows are also big contributors to the country’s large milk production.

The global demand for milk increases by day. A product that has been used since domestication of cows is an important part of every family’s meal. Scientific approach, inputs by government agencies and other players in the industry are among the factors that continually help increase the rate of milk production. Despite the efforts, the demand still remains high and almost impossible to satisfy fully.


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