When it comes to choosing a life partner, not everyone is lucky. Love marriage is becoming way too common nowadays as people are marrying either their high school or college sweethearts. However, as mentioned, not everyone is lucky to find love and end up marrying them.

Sometimes, you have to ‘search’ for your true love online. Yes, you guessed it right, Matrimonial sites. Before, these sites were used generally for arranged marriages but nowadays, people even fall in love through these sites. So, here are the top 10 best matrimonial sites in the world in 2019.

10. JeevanSathi.com

Best Matrimony Sites 2019

This Indian site was launched in the year 1999 and is very successful in finding the “perfect matches”. You can search as per your requirements such as age, caste, physical features, location, education etc. You can also check pictures and astrology information. Like other matrimonial sites, this site also gives a paid membership option by which you can have more options to choose from. You can live chat with registered members too.

9. Christianmatrimony.com

Best Matrimony Site

Search for NRIs in the United States. One can search based on their requirements such as caste, age, job, physical features, education, and location etc. You can register for free and have a chat with the registered members. Basically, this site provides matches based on Christianity. If you are a Christian and want someone from your religion, then this site would be the best for you.

8. Divorceematrimony.com

Best Matrimony Site

DO you want to revive your love life again? Do you want to find someone better after your unsuccessful marriage? If yes, then Divorceematrimony.com is the best site for you. It was launched in the year 2009 and is for before who have been divorced for once or more. You can have live chat with registered members and they also provide 24 x 7 help. The features are same just like other matrimonial sites, just having an additional option of searching people according to the number of times they have divorced.

7. BharatMatrimony.com

Best Matrimony Site

This Indian site was launched in 2000 and is one of the most preferred Matrimonial sites in India. They have a separate section called as the “Elite Matrimony” for rich people to find their best matches as per their requirements. They also have a paid membership which has more features as compared to the unpaid one.

6. BritishMatrimony.co.uk

Best Matrimony Site

This site has got a very high success rate in online matrimony space. The site has got a very strong UK based customer support team and also has free registration facility. You can register and search for your potential life partner. There are various search parameters available on this website such as sex, age, education, location etc. The site claims to give 100% money back guarantee if people don’t get responses. There are hundreds and thousands of couples who have met on this website. The site has currently 4 million active users and the number is increasing day by day.

5. SimplyMarry.com

Best Matrimony Site

This Indian site was launched in the year 2006 and is pretty successful in matchmaking. There are various filters one can select from such as community, religion, mother tongue, age, country and much more. They also have a special portal just for NRIs, named as NRI Matrimonial- SimplyMarry.com. Once registered, one can have a free live chat with other registered members. They also have a free app for Android devices.

4. 123-matrimonials.com

Best Matrimony Site

This matrimonial site gives us the option to search people from many countries such as US, UK, Australia, Europe etc. It functions just like other matrimonial sites and has various options to choose from if you opt for a paid membership. One can find their ideal match by using various filters given on the site. The site has a huge database for brides and grooms.

3. CommunityMatrimony.com

Best Matrimony Site

The site was launched 2009 and is like a directory for around 350 exclusive community sites. The site has a drop-down menu and also alphabetically arranged tab navigation. One can easily find their ideal match by searching for various options available. Also, the site also provides a free downloadable app for Android devices and 24 x 7 customer support.

2. Shiamatch.com

Best Matrimony Site

This site is exclusively for Shia Muslim singles who also want a Shia Muslim life partner in their life. The IDs and information provided on this website are completely true and the user can completely rely on them. Also, the site provides a paid membership and one can choose from various options based on age, education, location, marital status and much more. Most of the visitors to this site are Pakistanis (about 52.6%). Saudi Arabia and Iran are also having a visitor percentage of 6.9% and 4.7% respectively.

1. Shaadi.com

Best Matrimony Site

Launched in the year 1997, Shaadi.com is one of the best matrimonial sites in the world. It has various extensions in such as American matrimony, Australian matrimony etc. You can search on the basis of marital status, age, height, language, education, lifestyle and much more. One can have multiple permutations and combinations to waste less time and searching different kinds of people. People can have paid membership for having more options. When you pay, you can even get direct contact numbers of the ones you are interested in.

As can be seen, to get a perfect life partner it is not necessary that you find them in some pub, bar or some shopping mall. Sometimes you do not get the qualities you want in a particular person. Maybe the caste does not match, maybe the age, or maybe something else. The answer to all these problems is Matrimonial sites where you can have endless people to search and with various filters. Mostly matrimonial sites are preferred for Arrange marriages where parents search for an ideal groom or bride online and contact them. But nowadays, some people even use matrimonial sites just to make friends and in future; if they fall in love, then they marry.