Top 10 Best & Most Popular Street Foods in The World

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”, says Bernard Shaw. Despite the health factors, the flavor and aroma of street foods had never stopped to solicit its consumers, since times immemorial. Though there are series of star hotels available across every nation, the market for street foods hasn’t lost his importance.

Their unique taste, quick service, and affordable rates have made street foods stick-on to the top of the ladder. The street food culture differs across boundaries and it is dependent on the culture of different countries. Here is the list of street foods that top the chart in the world.

Checkout the below listed Top 10 Best & Most Popular Street Foods in The World in 2017-2018

10. Pulled pork, USA

Pulled pork, USA Top Most Popular Street Foods in World 2017

Barbecue the only sport where fat bald man is. North Carolina is the best place to have sweet pulled pork for its rich BBQ sauce piled to a sandwich. It requires a professional chef to make this dish successful, as it requires a lot of experience to bring out its actual flavor.

9. Bunny chow, South Africa

Bunny chow, South Africa

Bunny chow created in Durban, where lots of Indian people reside. Indians who worked in sugar plantations used a hollowed out loaf of bread to transport their veggies, and later on, meat fillings came to exist inside those hollow bread loafs. This South African dish is rabbit free and contains spicy fillings ranging from mutton to chicken. It can be served in the quarter, half or as whole portions with thick curries.

8. Pierogi, Poland

Pierogi, Poland

Pierogi is made of a thick malleable mixture of flour and liquid, baked to form a hollow pastry to hold various fillings of different choices. The most traditional filling is forcemeat, sauerkraut, and mushrooms. This dish is available almost in all of the eastern European countries but it derives its origin from Krakow, the only city to celebrate a festival with this handmade dumpling. The simplest way of preparation is as a simple dough of flour, egg and water filled with meat boiled in water and then fried in butter.

7. Chilli crab, Singapore

Chilli crab, Singapore

The impeccable combination of sweet, savory and spicy tomato based sauce adhered on the outer shell of the crab makes this recipe to jump on the bandwagon along with the coastal restaurants of Singapore. Some of the notable restaurants include Long Beach seafood restaurant, No signBoard seafood restaurant, Mellben seafood at ang mo kio and so on. Chern Yam Tian deserves a hall of fame for his fullest contribution towards the invention of chili crab in 1950.

6. Jerk chicken, Jamaica

Jerk chicken, Jamaica

Most of the street foods provide a wide variety of dishes based on chicken, as they knew love towards chicken is inevitable. The fiery hot and smoky jerk chicken made its way to the street kitchen in 1995. The original ingredients remained a closely guarded secret for years. The marinated chicken is left overnight to maximise the flavor before being grilled over pimento wood. It is available almost in every corner of Jamaican soil.

5. Bubble Tea, Taiwan

Bubble Tea, Taiwan

Bubble tea of Boba tea invented in 1980s stands out of other traditional tea with its completely different set of the ingredient list that includes tea-based mix with fruit, tapioca balls, mangoes and fruit jelly for a slushy consistency. The two popular varieties include bubble milk tea with tapioca and bubble milk green tea with tapioca. They are said to be quickly addictive with the first sip.

4. Ta’amiya, Egypt

Ta’amiya, Egypt

The best of falafel available in the middle east originates from Egypt. Falafel made from fava beans is said to be Ta’amiya. It is a national dish of Israel, often served along with pickled vegetables and few standard sauce. It is a must eat food for every Egypt entrant. This recipe is believed to reduce the blood cholesterol level because of its enriched fiber content.

3. Halo-halo, Philippines

Halo-halo, Philippines

The Philippines was well known as the “pearl of the Orient” and is popular for the dessert drink Halo-halo enriched with a wide range of healthy and natural ingredients like chickpeas, sugar palm, coconut sport, plantain, tapioca, sweet potato and so on. This is one of the most healthier street food among others. This drink has been featured in most of the popular television episodes across the globe. As it incorporates a wide variety of ingredients, each sip has a different taste that makes it more exciting. The common form of this dish can be visualised as a tall glass consisting of shaved ice, evaporated milk, ice cream with different add-ons.

2. Bhel Puri, India

Bhel Puri, India

The only country in the world having numerous varieties of street food menus across different states. The one street food item that is common and popular across all its states is Bhel puri and Pani puri. Pani puri in its simplest form can be stated as water marinated with a spicy green curry stuffed in the small hollow circular wheat dough. The love for this dish will be never ending for the people of Indian life cycle. Mumbai is the birthplace for these famous chaat items which is later widespread among different states. The basic ingredients include puffed rice, vegetables, tamarind sauce and different add-ons depending upon the customisations of the customer.

1. Arepas, Colombia

Arepas, Colombia Top Most Famous Street Foods in World 2018

Arepas having its origin from Antioquia serves as a warm breakfast with hot chocolate. They can also be served as appetizers, snacks and side dishes. Each region of Colombia has its own variety of Arepas. There are almost 75 distinct forms of preparation of Arepas. It’s up to you to stick to the classic ones or trying different toppings. This corn-based dish is grilled before stuffing with cheese to enrich the flavor. The best place to try this dish is in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, where Arepas is more popular. It is also available as a ready mix in stores to help customers prepare the dish in their home.

To conclude, it is now a question mark for the parents to teach the value of slow-food in a fast-food world. The healthy food system culture is about to evaporate exceeding its boiling point. The real cost of the fast food is never mentioned on the dine-in pamphlets, which will be realised in the later part of life. Eat to live but never let this to turn another side, because you will pay for that if it happens.

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