Technology has changed everything and perhaps the greatest change has been easing human work. Today humans no longer need go to school to learn, you can learn everything online, you no longer need to call someone abroad, you can just skype or chat via popular social sites, machines have eased farming and the yields have tripled and perhaps the only thing remaining is creating human soul.

Many years ago people used to shop at local retailers and at times if the product is not available in your country one had to travel to the manufactural country.

However today thanks to technology we don’t need to get out of our comfort zones and go out there in retail stores since we can just shop everything we need from the comfort of our homes, offices or anywhere as long as one has internet connection. Technology has eased our work, by giving us platforms where one can shop for any product conveniently, there is variety of products, you can be able to compare and these platforms are offering customers everyday with great discounts not forgetting the delivery to your home. Here are the top 10 online shopping websites in the world in 2019 where you can find everything your looking for at ease.


Best Online Shopping Websites 2019

Definitely this is the one ecommerce site in the world and no one can dispute that for it’s a fact. If your looking for a store that has just everything from music, clothes, home garden and tools, books, electronics, automotive, and many other items you can think of. So what is the best thing about amazon and why are they the best? On Amazon you can monitor prices at ease, the items are on low prices, there is a free shipping incentive for some selected items or just a small fee is charged, you can get super deals which are massively discounted to 60%, it’s a one stop shopping e store, easy returns, there is a preorder and also a wish list cart where you can pay later on items you would wish to purchase and the list of advantages goes on and on. If you want to shop in your pajamas and have some peace of mind and receive your items on a timely manner regardless of the country you are in, this is the site.


Best Online Shopping Websites

If your one of the people who would rather sit in the house and do some shopping online, because its quick convenient and easy, then this is the second best online shopping website on the planet and the second biggest. EBay is kind of a unique site because it’s more of an auction site and everything that you are looking for from new to used or refurbished items you will get it on this online store. The second good thing about eBay it’s that there are a number of retailers selling the same items so the customers have a choice to choose who best to buy from. The other advantages of shopping at eBay are; the site is easy to use, has a large selection of products, have customer protection mechanisms from fraud search as refund of money, among many others. This is the site that you can do some bulk online shopping at half the price of the items.


Best Online Shopping Websites

Best buy has been around for some years now and its one of the best site on earth you can shop for a product of your choice at ease. The best thing about BestBuy and its uniqueness is that you can go physically examine the product before you purchase it and have a conversation with the seller first, and this is something that lacks on other sites. Bestbuy products are also discounted or on the price market range, they do also have a timely delivery about a day or two, students are guaranteed a discounted price, they do also have a reward program for shopping with them, there is service and support in case your item breaks or need to be fixed and much more benefits.


Best Online Shopping Websites

This is the Chinese biggest e commerce site on earth and one of the most popular destinations for online shoppers. Believe it this site transacts more money than Amazon and EBay combined. The site has more than 7 million merchants selling anything you can think from gardening tools to automotive repairs. Alibaba is owned by China richest man Mr.Ma who has more than $25 billion and controls 7.8% of the company. This site protects its customers from counterfeit goods and fraud, its easy to use, connects you with the manufacturer directly, charge a small fee to ship your item to you home country or items no shipping fee and you can buy items in bulk and at a discounted price from the manufacturer. If you’re looking for Chinese products this is the site to visit.


Best Online Shopping Websites

Although you can just walk in in any Walmart store and shop for your items this retailer has an ecommerce site where you can sit on your couch and shop at the comfort of your bedroom. They offer everything from household items, health and beauty, furniture clothing, tires, to groceries. The best thing about the site you can shop your items and later if you don’t want a delivery you can just pick everything from your local store. Delivery is always free or varies slightly depending with locations and since their grocery is always open 7-11 pm you can order and get your items on time.


Best Online Shopping Websites is another global ecommerce website that has been well known for giving customers incredible discounts, and keeps up with up to date fashion trends. Some of the items you will find in this site range from toys, kitchen and dining appliances, shoes, clothing, sports and outdoor, beauty products, music, books, among other dozens of items. The site is easy to use, products have descriptions and you can as well see the reviews which might help you make a better choice, and there is a variety of products available and in addition you can practice product comparison.


Best Online Shopping Websites

This is one of the biggest ecommerce sites in the world and among the best. They have products in many categories among them clothes, beauty, electronics, health and nutrition, travel, kids, home appliances, groceries and many more. Some of the advantages of shopping in this site are variety of products as it is a one stop shop site, they have daily hot deals, cashback programs, you can practice comparison shopping, you can as well do a product information search, and you can even shop with your mobile phone through their application.


Best Online Shopping Websites

It’s an Indian most popular and the largest e commerce market place with over 75 million products across over 75 categories. The site was launched in 2007 in October and today it has over 100 million registered users, 100 thousand sellers, and transacts almost 8 million shipments every month. For those who are looking to buy cheap products or items on discounted prices this is a good site.


Best Online Shopping Websites

this is an ecommerce site that has earned its place amongst the reputable companies internationally and it’s a company that offers clients quality products at the best prices possible. They have products ranging in the categories of furniture, bed bath, electronics, home improvements, jewelry, watches, clothes, and many others.


Best Online Shopping Websites

this is one of the best leading online retailers and a trusted online market place which has over 10.5 million products and more than 3 million customer reviews. This site is most recommended for anyone who is looking to buy computer related products and electronics. Apart from computers the site deals with networking products, health and sports items, automotive and industrial products, gaming, apparel and accessories among other products. Watch out for their email and daily deals since they offer big discount on products.

These are the best largest global online shopping sites in the world today. Technology has provided an easier means of shopping from the comfort of your office or home and even though many retailers have closed down we still have to embrace the change in technology. Safety and caution is the key when shopping and one should always be on the lookout for online fraudster’s who are out there to scam you or steal your information. Always verify the product before purchasing and double check for the purpose of identifying counterfeits.