This is the main reason the school needs to be chosen wisely for the children so that they can get the best possible facilities and ultimately get enough time to learn the subjects and grow. The parents must look at the decorum followed by the school, before the admission of their children. Here are the top 10 best schools in the world for 2018.

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10. Hotchkiss School

Best School

The Hotchkiss School is a private school. It is located in Connecticut and offers high school education along with postgraduate courses. The school has a 100-year-old history to its name. The academic career of the students is built up the best with a 100% matriculation rate. The campus is filled with modern amenities and also new age sports facilities for co-curricular activities. The sports teams of this school are famous for their skills.

Address: 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, Connecticut- 06039, USA.

Contact: +1 860 435 2591

9. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Best School

This is a publicly funded high school. It is a specialised school for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. The student acceptance in this school goes through a tough process so that only best student goes through. The extensive ideas about the subjects are given by the teachers, and since this school is a particular subject-oriented, the exposure to even better future is higher. There are several awards that the school won for the excellence of the campus and the school athletics team also won many titles, making it an overall perfect schooling experience.

Address: 6560, Braddock Road, Alexandria, Virginia- 22312, USA.

Contact: +1 703 750 8300

8. Magnet School for Talented & Gifted

Best School

This is a public secondary school located in Texas. The idea of the school is to create a challenging place for the students. The school is located in a magnet school and offers world-class academics in the special field. This school is meant for the specialisation of students on a particular topic, and that helps them get in a popular university and build up a better career. The academics are most important for the students who opt for this school and percentage if getting into better universities is very high.

Address: 1201 E, 8th Street, #302, Dallas, Texas- 75203, USA.

Contact: +1 972 925 5970

7. BASIS Scottsdale

Best School

This is a charter school in Arizona. It is a part of the BASIS schools. The students in the school are made ready to compete with the other schooling systems. It is a perfect way to prepare the students for further competitions in future to get into a great university. The high school offers Honours, Post AP, and these courses are available for students to start when they feel fit for it.

Address: 10400 N, 128th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona- 86259, USA.

Contact: +1 480 451 7500

6. Magnet Schools, America

Best School

The Magnet schools are public schools that are made with a new curriculum. Keeping the necessity of students and the choices of courses they take up for future, the curriculum was made. The enrollment depends on the student excellence, and the students are taught the special subject they want to take up in future. These schools offer a great academic experience making it easier for students to get into good universities.

Address: Around USA.

5. Harvard – Westlake School

Best School

This is an independent university preparatory day school. There are two campuses, one for middle school and the other for upper school. The modernised campus keeping the history of the school intact is something that makes this place favorable among students here. The teachers and staff are student-oriented, and the tuition fee is favorable, including bus fares, books, and meals. There are many notable alumni which proves this school to be the top choice for the people around the world.

Address: 700 N, Faring Road, Los Angeles, California- 90077, USA.

Contact: +1 520 207 0076.

4. St. George’s School, Switzerland

Best School

The school is an international school for boarding and day students. The huge campus area contains separate places for co-curricular activities, dining, laboratory work. These extensions are fully modernized like that of the school. There are separate house systems and world-class teaching facility so that students can learn all the aspects of life. There are all favourable room facilities available for boarding.

Address: Chemin de Saint-Georges 19, 1815 Montreux, Switzerland.

Contact: +41 21 964 34 11

3. Brillantmont International School

Best School

This is a co-educational international school where the students prepare through IGCSE curriculum and later according to preparation for American High School Graduations. After passing, all the students get a place in various universities around the world. The small class size and occasional trips around the country and outskirts make the students learn a lot. The Model United Nation is one of the major activities conducted here which makes students learn to deal with challenges.

Address: Avenue Charles Secretan 16, 1005 Laussane, Switzerland.

Contact: +41 21 310 04 00

2. Aiglon College

Best School

This is also a co-educational facility offering boarding services to the students. This is a school designed according to British culture, and the age-old history speaks about the heritage of this school. The well-maintained history and the star-studded alumni with actors, environmentalists, politicians from around the world make it perfect for the students to have a great learning experience. The speciality of the school is that all the students are bound to take part on a compulsory basis in the expeditions that happen in every term like mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

Address: Avenue Centrale 61, 1885 Chesieres, Switzerland.

Contact: +41 24 496 61 61

1. Institut Le Rosey

Best School

This is a boarding school located in Switzerland. This school is an age-old school in Switzerland and is considered to be the most expensive boarding school in the world. The quality of education is extraordinary with a vast range of co-curricular sports activities. This place is the study center for various dynastic families like Hohenzollerns, Rothschilds, Radziwills and also many monarchs. The facilities granted by the school are in a same position like the tuition fees. There are two campuses with full boarding facility and international quality dining. These are the amenities making it one of the best schools in the world.

Address: Chateau du Rosey, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland.

Contact: +41 21 822 55 00

The schools have evolved with ages, and the modernised facility is prominent in the best schools. The teachers have oriented to making the student learn things more and apply it on their own. The application based studying is growing with age and is more oriented to future of the students. That is why best schools need to attend to avail these facilities.

The best school or ideal characters of a school does not depend on just the teacher. It also depends on student interaction, infrastructure, and services provided. There are various aspects of a perfect school along with learning, which includes co-curricular activities and participating in classes. The students are the base for making a school best in the world.


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