The science that does detail study on the whole manufacturing processes associated with fabrics and textiles is called textile engineering. It involves the study of the production of yarns in a scientific way. This engineering also teaches the underlying principles and modern techniques which are implemented to produce latest trends. The following are the top 10 colleges which offer the best courses in Textile Engineering in 2019.

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10. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (UK)

Best Textile Engineering Colleges 2019

Established in 1966, Heriot-Watt University is listed among the top 500 universities in the world. The current principal is Richard Williams and has 7000 undergraduates and 3300 postgraduates currently pursuing their higher studies in this college. It is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. There are a number of courses available in Heriot-Watt in textile engineering. Some of the courses are Color Science and Technology, Fashion and textiles design, Fashion and textiles management, Knitwear and Ethics in Fashion. The university offers part-time and full-time classes.

9. Loughborough University (UK)

Best Textile Engineering College

This public research university was established in 1966 by the Royal Chapter. Loughborough University is also known by the names Lufbra and Lboro. It has around 12,700 undergraduates and around 5000 postgraduates. Lord Sebastian Coe is the current chancellor of the university. Lboro has 20 departments which are specialized in various academic domains. This university offers the Textiles: Innovation and design course which is one of best stream in textile engineering. The course can be completed in either 4 years ( Full-Time) or 3 years (full-time).

8. De Montfort University (UK)

Best Textile Engineering College

Located in the city of Leicester, United Kingdom, De Montfort University was established in 1992. It has over 17,000 undergraduates and 3,700 postgraduates pursuing their respective degrees. The academic section of the university is divided into four: Art, Design and Humanities; Business and Law; Health and Life sciences; and Technology. Doreen Lawrence is the current chancellor. The university provides a wide range of courses in textile engineering some of them are Textile design, Technology, and Innovation MSc; Textile Design BA (Hons); Fashion Textile Design BA (Hons) and fashion Textiles and Accessories BA (Hons).

7. Dresden University of Technology (Germany)

Best Textile Engineering College

Also known as TU Dresden, this university was established in 1828 and has Hans Muller-Steinhagen as the head of the institution. It is located in Dresden, Saxony, Germany and has over 34,500 students pursuing degrees in various fields under 5,800 staffs. TUD id one of the oldest colleges in Germany and has been titled “University of Excellence” in 2012. The university is divided into 14 faculties and provides numerous courses in Textile engineering such as Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design; Textiles M.F.A., textile engineering; Apparel and textiles; Textiles and Apparel technology; and Fashion and Textiles design.

6. University of Leeds ( UK)

Best Textile Engineering College

Located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, University of Leeds was founded in 1904. The university has Melvyn Bragg as its chancellor and Alan Langlands As its Vice-Chancellor. It has over 31,800 students ( 23,565 undergraduates and 8,225 postgraduates) and 8,000 administrative staff. It is the 5th most targeted University in Britain by top employers and provides good placement offers. The courses offered in the field of textile engineering are Fashion Design; Fashion marketing; fashion technology; and Textile design.

5. University of Manchester (UK)

Best Textile Engineering College

The University of Manchester came into existence in 2004 and is located in Manchester, England and is presided by Dame Nancy Roth well. It houses over 3,800 staffs and over 27,600 undergraduates, and 12,000 postgraduates are currently pursuing their education in this university. It is the second largest university in UK and largest university which is situated in a single site. The university was also ranked 55th in the world and among Top 10 in the UK. It is the 17th best university to research in England. The University of Manchester provides courses such as Materials science and Engineering with textiles Technology; Fashion management and Fashion Marketing in the field of textile engineering.

4. The University of Bolton (UK)

Best Textile Engineering College

The University of Bolton is located in Bolton, Great Manchester, United Kingdom. It was established in 2004. The current Chancellor of the institution is George Windsor. The university has over 700 administrative staff and over 6,400 students pursuing their Undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university was ranked 86 in 2017 by The Guardian. Engineering, product design, and textiles specialisms; Textiles & surface design; Art & Design are some courses available in the field of textile engineering. They also offer full-time and part-time classes.

3. Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

Best Textile Engineering College

This university was opened in 1998 and is divided into three campuses – Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn, all of them in East of Netherlands. The university has around 27,000 pupils ( from 89 countries) pursuing different undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university offers numerous courses in Textile engineering. Bachelors in Fashion and textile technology is the favorite choice of the students. The college also offers part-time and full-time courses.

2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)

Best Textile Engineering College

Established on February 15th, 1869, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has over 20,000 undergraduates and 5,000 postgraduates according to the 2015 estimate. The academic staff is said to be around 1,064. The chancellor of this university is Ronnie Green. This university is also called Cornhuskers. The university consists of nine faculties and offers more than 150 undergraduate courses. The university provides one of the best textile engineering course, i.e.Textiles, Merchandising & fashion design/Communications. It also has other courses like Textile science, textiles & fashion Designing and Merchandising.

1. North Carolina State University (USA)

Best Textile Engineering College

Established on March 7th, 1887, The North Carolina University is situated in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The campus spreads over 107,000 acres. The university is often referred as the “Wolfpack” and offers over 106 courses for undergraduates and 104 courses in Masters/postgraduate degrees. The current Chancellor of the institution is William Randolph Randy Woodson and has over 2,300 staffs working in different faculties. There are around 24,000 undergraduates and over 9,900 postgraduates pursuing their education under the North Carolina State University. The university provides the Bachelors in Textile Technology which is the best course in the field of textile engineering.

The textile industries are currently experiencing the pressure of modern technologies. With technology and science advancing, polymer technology is gaining importance in this era. A textile engineering graduate will have greater demands as they are in need for researching about the Nanoscience and the future of polymers (polymer science).

Being unique and talented can offer you more opportunities and a better chance of survival in the advancing world. Textile engineering is a field which is commonly overlooked. But it is high time that people should get to know the importance of polymer science and textile design in the present world. With Nanotechnology conquering heights, surely a textile graduate will have high demands.


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