India is a country of many animal habitats of different kinds that are provided with the wildlife act protection and is kept in various zoos for their healthy living with safety and care so that these wild animals could have a longer shelf life.

The animals in the zoos are given much care and protection from any unwanted substance and also provided with proper food for their healthy growth. Every major and small city in India consists of numerous zoos which serve as the best recreation for the people or tourist during their weekends or during the public holidays.

People along with their family, friends, and children visit these zoos in their cities to enjoy their time by watching these different species of animals of the different name. These zoos also help animals from getting extinct as numerous animals are going extinct as they are suffering from unnatural death because of the lack of care and protection. The various roles of the zoos are to protect these animals from getting extinct and provide them care, protection, and also look after them in case of health issues.

Many animals are at the brink of extinction which includes amur leopard, the Bornean orangutan, Darwin’s fox, Sumatran rhinoceros, pangolin, and others who are critically enlisted as the endangered species. Thus, these various zoos are in charge of various kinds of animals and people from all across India are often visiting these zoos for their entertainment and leisure purpose. Let’s look at the top 10 best and biggest zoos 2019 which are safeguarding the wildlife protection act in various parts of India:

10. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh

Best Zoos In India 2019

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is one of the leading zoos which is situated in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh that is intended to provide wildlife protect act for various kinds of wild animals and various other species. It is the resident for many wild animals like Bengal tigers, rare species monkeys, wild boars, jackals, Indian white elephant, others.

People who often visit Vishakhapatnam do often stop by this incredible zoo to experience the beauty of wildlife animals. It is the best and ideal place for wildlife photographers who capture the beautiful moments of these various animals. The place is beautifully situated amidst the Kambalakonda Reserve Forest that gives you an adventurous ride inside the zoo area with other amenities like the toy train, restaurants, and other basic amenities.

9. Alipore Zoo, Kolkata

Best Zoos In India

Alipore Zoo is situated in the city of joy Kolkata where people from all over the places both nationally and internationally visit this beautiful place to experience the nature of wildlife animals. It is the habitat of varied kinds of animals of varied species who are at the brink of extinction and are endangered. These animals are kept under the wildlife protecting act along with care and compassion from the zoo authorities. Apart from wildlife animals, the Kolkata Alipore Zoo also consists of varied kinds of beautiful birds of different species.

8. Chattbir Zoo, Punjab

Best Zoos In India

Another most happening place for the weekend gateway is the Chattbir Zoo which is located in the heart of Punjab providing with varied kinds of migratory birds and wild animals under the protection of the zoo authorities. You will get to see a wide range of varied animals and birds like white Indian elephants, blue peacock, hyena, leopard, Asiatic lion, and other various kinds. It is the best place to visit during your weekends to enjoy your best time with your family, friends, and children. So, if you are ever visiting Punjab don’t forget to stop by the Chattbir Zoo to get a brief look of the wildlife experience.

7. Gulabh Bagh Zoo, Rajasthan

Best Zoos In India

If you are ready to get lost in the wildness of nature with wildlife experience then Gulabh Bagh Zoo is the ideal and smart choice for every wildlife lovers and wildlife photographers. You will get an incredible view of the wildlife animals with high-maintenance and protection. The zoo is kept neat and clean and is open for all for all 365 days. It is the best recreation place for your perfect weekends with your family and children that will give you utmost pleasure and enjoyment amidst this zoo.

6. Gopalpur Zoo, Himachal Pradesh

Best Zoos In India

Gopalpur Zoo gives you the experience of the most adventurous ride amidst the mountain of Himachal. It provides you with wildlife habitat of varied species with a picturesque view of the beautiful nature and mountains. It is a perfect place to visit during winters with your family and kids as this place serves you everything at one glance from nature to wildlife. The zoo consists of wild animals like the black bug, Asiatic lion, white elephant, wild fox, black bear, much other who are at the brink of extinction.

5. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, West Bengal

Best Zoos In India

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is based in the city of Darjeeling, West Bengal where it serves as the shelter of various kinds of wild animals and beautiful rare birds. This zoo is situated in the mountainous area where you get the entire view of the scenic beauty with the cold breeze. You will get a look of rare species of migratory animals like Siberian tigers, Tibetan wolf, Asiatic lion, Siberian white panda, and much other. The zoo is surrounded by natural vegetation of flora and fauna with a picturesque view.

4. Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

Best Zoos In India

It is the abode of numerous wild animals of different species where people from all over the country visit this zoo for their leisure and entertainment purpose. It is one of the most happening tourist attraction places in Hyderabad where people do often visit during their weekends or holidays. It is a well-built zoo along with picnic spot inside the zoo area and playing ground for children to play all day. Many wildlife photographers visit these places to have a good picture of the wildlife animals and birds of rare species which are not easily available everywhere. They consist of resident animals like wild buffalos, Indian white elephant, Indian rhino, Asiatic lion, and other wild animals of various kinds and of various breeds.

3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai

Best Zoos In India

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the home for many endangered animals and birds of varied kinds of varied species. It is a beautiful place situated in the suburb of Chennai. It is amidst the mesmerising natural beauty of flora and fauna. You will surely get lost in nature’s beauty the beautiful creation of God. The zoo consists of wild animals like wild boar, Indian elephant, orangutan, red fox, Asiatic lion, jackals, varied other species of animals.

2. Nandankan Zoological Park, Bhubaneshwar

Best Zoos In India

Nandankan Zoological Park is the second most abode of various wild animals and beautiful colorful birds of varied species. It consists of resident animals like crocodiles, jackals, Indian elephant, wild boar, Siberian tigers, Indian Pangolin, and much other which gives you the essence of wildlife experience. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Bhubaneshwar where people especially visiting Puri come and watch over these amazing incredible wild animals for side scene purpose.

1. Mysore Zoo, Bengaluru

Best Zoos In India

Mysore Zoo is one of the top leading and famous zoos in all across India. It is the abode of the natural habitat of both wild animals and birds. It is one of the best tourist attraction places in and around Bengaluru. It is largely spacious which built on a large acre of lands where you will get to see many incredible animals like Asiatic lions, royal Bengal tiger, zebras, baboons, with the beautiful picturesque view of flora and fauna all around the zoo.

Therefore, here we get a complete list of the top 10 best zoos in India in 2019 where you can enjoy the utmost pleasure of wildlife experience.


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