Big cities are famous for their infrastructure, industrialisation, economic growth, shopping malls, high standard living that’s tends to give a modern outlook with special amenities and features. These distinctive feature enhances the beauty of every metro cities.

The cities have high rise buildings, exclusive bungalows, huge apartments for the modern city dwellers added with exclusive design and patterns. Urban city has the most popular entertainment industry which is the best recreation for the city dwellers, they get to go to the big theatres and movie halls for entertainment and recreation purposes. These cities are well-known for their modern features which fetches more people to live in big cities with thousand of exclusive features for their modern living. Thus, let’s look at the top 10 biggest metropolitan cities in India 2019.

10. Jaipur

Metropolitan Cities In India 2019

Jaipur formerly known as ‘Pink City’ is the capital of Rajasthan with a over a population of 30.3 lakh. It a very well-known place for tourist attraction with all the buildings and houses are painted in pink color. It is widely recognised as an industrial hub and trace the historical evident of the King of Amer ‘Jai Singh II’. Apart from being a metropolitan city, it is famous for its historical background such as Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal, and other historical fort and palaces which attracts a huge tourist crowd every year to enjoy the trace of the historic past. The city has now matched itself to the modern outlook of the metro cities by providing transport connectivity, entertainment amenities, employment, better infrastructure of roads and bridges, and industrialisation.

9. Surat

Metropolitan Cities In India

Surat is the hub of diamond merchants and jewellers with a wide range of delicate diamond pieces. The city is the huge investors of precious diamonds with impeccable designs and structure. It is also well-known for its textile industry that has e quantity of clothing and fabric collection of varied colors and patterns. They have the khadi bhandar in every major cities of Gujarat of pure khadi material highlighting it’s smooth texture. The metro city is formerly known for its avid economic growth as it is the highest gross selling market in India. The point of interest to look around Surat are Dumas Beach, Science Center, Aaamazia Water Park, and much more. They have the best colleges and universities with highly qualified teachers and professors.

8. Pune

Metropolitan Cities In India

The epitome of educational and IT hub mainly and situated in the state of Maharashtra. Pune is literally famous for many things which has made a great impact over the youth for its distinctive features. They own the renowned educational board of Pune University which fetch many youths from various states to get enrolled there. They have the renowned IT companies where job seekers comes to seek job opportunity. It is a very small metro city compared to other metro cities but it’s potential and infrastructure facility overpowers all other urban cities. It is also a rich hub of Marathi culture and literature with various events and programs every year.

7. Ahmedabad

Metropolitan Cities In India

To be very precise Ahmedabad has grown up into a major metro city fulfilling the every possible needs of the city dwellers. It has high-rise buildings, movie theatres, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, Deluxe apartments, and amusement parks at every locality. The do consist of Amul parlours as well inside the garden area of every jogging parks with variety of Amul products. It is situated near the river front of Sabarmati River which fetch a huge crowd in the evening to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the river. It is the largest city with huge commercial and industrial growth. It has a mixed population of Gujarati and Jains. They conduct the literary festival every year attracting the youth crowd the most.

6. Hyderabad

Metropolitan Cities In India

The city Hyderabad is formerly the capital of the Telangana State. Hyderabad is too known for its rich historical background with rich heritage palaces and mansions. The city has some renowned colleges and universities of highest degree with qualified teachers and professors. The foods are available with the Royal taste and flavor. The city of nawab have the famous Hyderabad biryani for the biryani lovers. The historical trace can be found in the ‘Golconda Fort’ of Hyderabad. The city have every kind of modern amenities like huge multiplexes, shopping malls, hi-tech buildings and apartments, luxury hotels and restaurants.

5. Bangalore

Metropolitan Cities In India

Bangalore is the city of industrial and educational hub and added with a perfect climatic weather. Being a metro city, dwelling in Bangalore can be a bit expensive for your wallet. It has everything that a modern city acquires for with all the modern amenities and facilities. They have the best schools, colleges, and universities with a high-define educational structures with excellent faculties. The city is the centre of IT companies with huge employment opportunities for the job seekers. The roads are beautifully structured with no pot holes.

4. Chennai

Metropolitan Cities In India

The commercial and industrial capital of Tamil Nadu, it has a range of new amenities and features which has complete changed the outlook of the city. Adapting the modern techniques and features of luxury hotels and restaurants, exclusive café’s, exotic night clubs and pubs stating a perfect metropolitan city. They have the mouth-watering South Indian delicacy which will melt your mouth with the goodness of South Indian food such as Uttapam, Idli and sambar, Dosa and Vada, and much more to complement your taste buds with its unique taste and flavor. The city is consisted of highly educated people with outspoken English. It is superiorly has the best educational institutions with excellent academic records. People from other states come here for job seeking and enrolled for higher degree.

3. Kolkata

Metropolitan Cities In India

Kolkata formerly known as the city of joy and the capital city of West Bengal. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, luxury hotels and restaurants, Tollywood industry, high- rise buildings, high-standard living, innumerable multiplexes, glittery shopping malls, and the popular play ground of Eden Gardens. A city which depicts all the modern amenities of modern lifestyle and living. The consist the best colleges and universities like Presidency College, Bethune College, Jadavpur University, Calcutta University. It contributes a major parts to the IT companies like Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, Ericsson, Genpact, and many more contributing to the commercial and industrial growth of the city.

2. Delhi

Metropolitan Cities In India

Delhi formerly known by the capital of India, it is the most developed metro city in India. They have the famous Delhi metros and paratha gali for the food lovers. They are the hub and center of all the media houses in India with all the media headquarters built there. They have the historic political background tracing the Parliament of India. The Yamuna Expressway way is a beautiful sight to watch over by thousand of people and high infrastructure with modern techniques and features. The Jawahar lal Nehru University and Delhi University marked the epitome of highest degree with the best quality education.

1. Mumbai

Metropolitan Cities In India

Mumbai the largest entertainment industry of Bollywood and the centre of financial hub. It is the most safe city with a wonderful nightlife and people are very socialised here. They have big and huge apartments, hi-tech buildings, several multiplexes, exclusive designer boutiques, and various Street markets like Bandra, Colaba, fashion Street, and hill road.

Thus here, we get a complete list of the top 10 metropolitan cities of India in 2019 which will guide you with a detailed information and feedback of these metro cities.


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