Suppose your being executed “am just saying” and you’re presented with two choices, first choice execution through being thrown on the wild animal cage or being locked in a confinement box with a deadly insect, what would be your answer?

Probably many would say an insect. but do you know that there insects classified under the deadliest animal species on earth since they cause some of the deadliest diseases on the planet, deliver deadly venom and toxins, can cause pain that can only be described as “deep ripping and tearing pain” slow and steady agonising death, or worse instant death. To demonstrate how deadly insects can be do you know some nations use insects as a torture method to prisoners? Do you also know that mosquitoes cause 1 million deaths every year, and also do you know that at one time rat fleas once killed nearly 200 million people in Europe in the 14th and 17th century? That’s right insects irrespective of how small they appear they can make their mark.

In the world it is estimated that there is 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) of insect’s alive making up 80% of the world’s species. Below I have analyzed for you the top 10 deadliest insects that definitely you do not want to run into since they can deliver a death sentence to you.

10. Bullet Ant

Top Deadliest Insects

Bullet ant is the largest of all ant species in the world measuring 1 to 2 inches in length and mostly found in the rain forests of South America. Its name is an indication of how one can feel like similar feeling to being shot with a gun. Bullet ants are one of the three species in the planet to score the maximum rating of the Schmidt sting pain index which is a system for gaging different types of stings in relation to how painful they are. As one of the deadliest insects in the world the bullet ant is said to deliver very deadly venom in its victim with its large stinger which can cause death and paralysis. Another mechanism of defense applied by bullet ant is production of unpleasant odor, emit a frightening shriek and the fact that they attack with no warning makes them one of the most dangerous species of ants you don’t want to encounter.

9. Fire Ants

Top Deadliest Insects

They make their colonies in the soil sand and basically on the ground just on the land you stand on. They have been described as the piranha of the ant world. These ants are basically harmless but once disturbed or threatened by intruders they can inflict hundreds of painful bites that have a feeling of burning sensation. They can usually kill a human with their massive numbers and usually when they bite they produce a venom known as solenopsin which cause skin problems, swelling to anaphylactic shock and other fatal allergic reactions. They also damage crops, kill of vegetation, kill wildlife and other ant thing for sure is whenever they have established their colony they wreak havoc.

8. Fleas

Top Deadliest Insects

In the world there over 2000 species of fleas worldwide and as much as you may think these deadly tiny insects are merely pests they can be very dangerous as well. To justify how dangerous fleas can be normally they usually enjoy a meal of sweet warm blood and they spread one of the deadliest diseases known to humanity in history. They usually transmit diseases such as typhus and bubonic plague. Among the most deadly flies that you should get scared of is the oriental rat flea which transmits bubonic plague that killed ¾ of Europe population (350 million people) between the 14th century and 17th century causing the Black Death. A female flea during its lifetime can lay almost 2000 eggs hence if not controlled they can multiply in numbers.

7. Tsetse Fly

Top Deadliest Insects 2019

Do not laugh at this insect name since its one of the smallest flies in the world found in the continent of Africa it carries one of the deadliest diseases known to human kind the sleeping sickness. Sleeping sickness is documented to kill between 200,000 to 300000 people mostly in Africa. The tse tse fly spreads the protozoa trypanosomiasesby biting their victims and passing it to the blood. The reality of the disease is not less amusing since if the disease is not treated the sleeping sickness can cause total shutdown of very vital human body systems such as endocrine and cardiac system and the neurological system.

6. Locusts

Top Deadliest Insects

One of the most deadly insect on earth is a locust. Locusts amazingly they don’t bite or attack a human being directly but indirectly they can cause an imaginable damage in relation to starvation. The usually apply what we call “collateral damage” locust usually have a swam of millions individual insects and they are capable of stripping a field of crops in a matter of minutes causing massive famine. Millions of people all around the world have suffered from starvation caused by these insects as witnessed in Egypt, America forest, and the great Ottoman Empire plague of 1915.

5. Kissing Bugs – Hemiptera

Top Deadliest Insects

Don’t be fooled by its name “kissing “I can’t tell you there is no pleasure on it since its one of the deadliest insect. Its name was derived from its distinctive mouthparts which bear a resemblance to tiny tubes designed to suck a host some blood or plants sap. Some of the species of Hemiptera sack human blood and the major reason they are on this list is because they are responsible of spreading one of the most severe disease called Chagas. The horrible part of the disease is that it takes years to kill you but you will experience a slow painful death since it deforms your internal organs such as the heart and intestines which finally leads to death.

4. Killer Bees

Top Deadliest Insects

Also known as known as Africanized honey bees it’s one of the insects that regardless of the sweet honey it produces you should take caution when near them. It’s very aggressive insects and very dangerous especially for those people who are allergic to bee stings since you can develop, pale skin, confusion and anaphylactic shock causing death. They usually attack as one or in thousands when provoked and the death toll per year is in thousands. These species of bees usually invade other bees and kill them and take up their hives.

3. Wasps

Top Deadliest Insects

Wasps are insects that you will find nearly everywhere where there are flowers, in the backyard, or generally where there is warm weather. Although wasps do not hunt humans to sting when they are provoked or threatened there sting can be very allergic and can even cause anaphylactic shock which can cause, unconscious, pale skin, wheezing, confusion and death. But if you have nothing to do with its nests you have nothing to worry about.

2. Giant Japanese or Asian Hornet

Top Deadliest Insects

These guys are not to be ignored or taken lightly since they can give you nightmares. A full grown hornet measures around two to three inches long and what makes it so dangerous is its lethal string which can cause a very lethal allergic reaction since it has toxins “acetylcholine” (which is the most painful sting of them all) that can cause kidney failure paralysis or even a slow but painful death. The worst thing about this hornet is that it can sting you multiple times and it gets attracted by people who are running, drink alcohol, have a sweet smelling odor and outrunning them is not an option since they can run 50 miles per day without stopping.

1. Mosquito

Top Deadliest Insects

This is the most dangerous insect species on the planet earth and to certify this allegations and justification of occupying the first position according to WHO anopheles mosquito causes 1 million death annually and between 300-500 million infected people globally. They usually inject deadly pathogens into the bloodstream of the host. A mosquito doesn’t just cause malaria but there other potentially deadly diseases that mosquitoes spread such as west Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, rift valley fever, encephalitis and lymphatic filariasis. The problem with mosquito they are found in every part of the continent and despite the advancement in medicine it still kills more than a million individuals globally hence no other insect can claim that level of carnage no wonder it’s the undisputed deadliest insect on earth.

These insects above are 10 of the most deadly bugs on the planet and they have taken the position of the top ten due to the level of carnage and harm they cause. I can urge you to stay away from them or else you might face the consequences of their lethal mechanisms of defense. Remember protection and precautionary measures are the key here.


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