A cow’s milk has always been associated with good health hence making it one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Milk is very rich in essential nutrients such as fat, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iodine, potassium), vitamins (vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D) carbohydrates and proteins.

Some of the health benefits associated with milk are energy to the body, stronger bones and teeth, building muscle, boosting immunity, a glowing skin, helps in weight loss, relives your stress, reduces progression of osteoarthritis and a lot more than you can imagine. Some of the milk byproducts you will find in the market are cream, butter, ghee, yoghurt, cheese, among others. Owing to this nutritional value milk and its byproducts possess, there is a high ever-growing demand for milk and its byproducts making production of milk to go a notch higher by being one of the most competitive industries around the world. Countries have embraced modern technology to boost the yield. here are the top 10 countries in the world that have the highest milk production in the world in 2019.

1. United States

Highest Milk Producing Countries 2019

Leading the pack is the United States which is said to be producing approximately 92 billion kilograms of milk on annual basis. The country is also the leading consumer of milk and its byproducts hence there is a ready market for dairy products. some of the states where dairy farming is practised on large scale are New York, Texas, California, Wisconsin,, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Idaho.in these states where milk production is highest you will find large dairy farms with more than 14,000 cows and small scale farmers with just 30 cows. Milk in the united states has a massive domestic demand both for the milk and its byproducts but they do also export some to Taiwan, China, Mexico, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

2. India

Highest Milk Producing Countries

India is the second largest milk producer in the world almost taking 10% of the total milk produced in the world. The country has been producing 61 billion kilograms of milk which is more than 9% of the total world milk production. Some of the areas where daily farming is largely practised is Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh. Some of the cow breeds that farmers keep are Kenkatha, Kherigarh, Gangatiri and Ponwar.. today there are more than 140,000 dairy cooperatives in India. Some of the milk produced here is consumed locally and the rest exported to Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Nepal and Bangladesh.

3. China

Highest Milk Producing Countries

It is not a surprise that china is among the top milk producing countries in the world as it is also among the leading in fish, maize, wheat rice and other foods. Today china has a production capacity of 36 billion kilograms of milk from its 14 million dairy cows. This number is set to increase as the government has been building more than 100,000 cows dairy farm to boost quantity the country is producing to meet local demand.

4. Brazil

Highest Milk Producing Countries

Apart from sports especially football game Brazil has been for decades famous for being a leading producer of milk. The country has a production capacity of 35 billion kilograms of milk annual basis. The government has encouraged farmers by giving them incentives, such providing modern technology equipment’s to boost their yields and low production cost. Another factor contributing to high yield is the famous pure breed Gir cows which is a breed accredited with high production of milk. Milk industry in Brazil is a key industry as it has employed more than one million Brazilians.

5. Germany

Highest Milk Producing Countries

Germany today is the leading milk producer amongst all European nations and holds position five in our list of top 10 highest milk producing countries. The country has been registering an estimate of 31.2 billion kilograms of milk on annual basis. Apart from cow’s other animals that produce milk in this country are camels, goats, sheep’s, and buffaloes. Factors contributing to this high yield is the fact that local people consume milk and byproducts making domestic demand high and also Germany farmers sell their milk at a good price too. Despite this high yield still the country has been experiencing some challenges among them climate change, lack of skilled labor and the increasing cost of land.

6. Russia

Highest Milk Producing Countries

Although the country is yet to adopt the modern techniques that can yield more milk Russia still remains one of the highest milk producing countries in the world amounting to 30.4 billion kilograms. Milk production in Russia for several years has remained in a constant state even though they have been experiencing a decrease in the number of daily cattle. Most of the milk produced in this country is consumed locally and the demand is so high no wonder the country has been investing in china to yield more to meet local demand.

7. France

Highest Milk Producing Countries

France has always been among the richest and most powerful nations on earth and its city Paris known as the fashion capital. Apart from fashion fame the country is among the highest milk producing countries with an estimated 23.7 billion kilograms of milk annually and holds position 2 among the European countries production. The country has more than 70,000 daily farmers and they have more than 3.7 million dairy cattle. Most of the milk produced in this country is usually converted to byproducts and consumed locally and the rest exported to countries such as Germany, Italy among others.

8. New Zealand

Highest Milk Producing Countries

Producing an estimated 18.9 billion kilograms of milk annually, New Zealand ranks at position 8 in our list of top 10 countries with the highest milk production. Today the country has is estimated to have more than 5 million daily cows with the numbers increasing steadily every year. The north island part of this country is where most of the daily farmers are located since its an area that is conducive for the flourishes of the daily animals. New Zealand normally exports milk products such as cream, cheese, milk powder, butter among other products. These products account for the high exports to countries that include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea among others. Apart from the favorable climate the high yield of milk in the country is also being boosted by the fact that the government is making lots of effort in investing in new technology and the farmers are paid well for their yield.

9. Turkey

Highest Milk Producing Countries

Although Turkey has the least number of daily farmers compared to all other countries they have still managed to appear on our list at position nine. Producing an average of 16.7 billion kilograms of milk turkey has become a major exporter of milk and its products in the European market. The high production of milk in turkey is attributed to improvement of the lactation yields and the number of cows in the country. Some of the areas that are famous for the production of milk are Aydim, Bursa, Konya, Canakkale, Bordor, Izmir, Burdur, Edirne, Tekirdag among others.

10. United Kingdom

Highest Milk Producing Countries

The United Kingdom has been traditionally known to practice daily farming for decades and daily cows here are bread specifically for production of milk. The country in Europe it’s the third highest producer of milk. Through the use of high tech modern farming methods farmers are provided with high quality breeds specifically to yield high quantities of milk. Today the United Kingdom produces around 14 billion kilograms of milk which much of it is consumed locally and the other finds its way to the international market. However most recently the country has been importing milk from other countries this is due to 61% of the registered daily farmers quitting the practice. This has been a blow to the industry since there is inability to meet the ever-growing demand.

Milk is an essential food that should be on diet. The above countries are the world’s leading milk producers. The governments in these countries have been giving a lot of support to dairy farmers a factor that has contributed to the growth of the industry in these countries. The demand for milk is there but unless the governments support the farmers, a farmer cannot be able to gain more from his/her efforts.



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