The production of apples in a country depends on the weather conditions and the nature of the soil in a particular country. Apple requires fertile sandy soil and loamy soils to show its proper rate of production. Constant moisture retention in the soil is one of the reasons for food poor production.

The place should be well drained so that water can pass out easily and let the root have proper aeration. There is also a necessity of orchard systems, where canopies are made in different shape by maintenance so that the proper quantity of sunlight reaches every part of the plant. Checkout the list of top 10 largest apple producing countries in the world in 2019.

10. France

Apple Producing Countries 2019

Apple is one of the favourite fruits of French people. Apple production is made here perfectly because of the weather condition and the loamy soil present most of the parts. There is a huge production for both local market and surplus of it is exported to the international market. Most of the produce is found to go for intake of senior citizens. There are various companies for the production of consumer apples that have enough supply for the country and the people outside. Apples are also delicious in nature with an annual production of 1,382,900 tonnes.

9. Russia

Apple Producing Countries

Russia has great weather for the cultivation of apples and the chilly climate is favourable for it to grow in higher amounts. The northern part of the country has a constantly cold climate that is great for the economy. The place has the orchard cultivation having mode more sets of probable places to cultivate apples. There are many investors investing in this business and thus with growing regions of cultivation due to the abundance of loamy soil in the northern regions, the production is apple is growing. It is about 1,403,000 tonnes per annum making it a stable part of export and internal market demands.

8. Chile

Apple Producing Countries

Chile has a huge extension that falls in the Atacama desert region along with the humid part that falls in the southern hemisphere. The place has a limited amount of moisture and that is most favourable for apple trees to grow properly. These orchards have apple trees cut in a particular manner so that there is enough production of apple through the generation of resources since sunlight reaches the internal parts of the leaves. The place has a very high production of apple and along with cherry, it is the highest produce sold in the international market. The annual production ranges around 1,625,000 tonnes.

7. Brazil

Apple Producing Countries

Brazil is another chief producer of apple because apple is a temperate food crop and because of the huge area of Brazil, there are several places to maintain an apple orchard. The proper apple orchards are adorned with the well-drained system that gets all the water out leaving the amount of moisture necessary for the roots so that there is enough aeration. The country has various orchards under businessmen and most of the production goes for export generating a lot of revenue in the country. About 1,810,000 tonnes of apple are produced every year causing a lot of surplus for other countries.

6. Italy

Apple Producing Countries

This is another European country that is filled with places of sandy soil and loamy soil. These are a mountainous region for which water is never retained there. The places around here that are mountainous contribute to most of the productions of country’s apple. There are several varieties available to choose from and depending on the demands these apples are sold in the international market at higher amounts and that produces a great amount of money for the country, where annual production of apple is 1,991,310 tonnes.

5. India

Apple Producing Countries

India has been one of the chief producers of high-grade variety apple for a long time. The country has increased demand for fruits for which the northern part of India has been dedicated to. For years those places are constantly producing the highest amount of apple in the country because the regions are mountainous and the humid nature with less moisture content in soil is ideal for production. Some of the Indian apples are exported because of most of the part goes in local markets. The annual production of apple is 2,203,400 tonnes.

4. Poland

Apple Producing Countries

The place of Poland is located in such a position that the climate already favour winter vegetation. The most important part of the heavy growth of apple relates to the weather condition, which includes a great winter temperature and mountain region experience the same cold state with a very profitable loamy soil that causes the generation of apples in high amount. These are mostly private orchards all around for which the production is booming as a result and have an annual 2,877,340 tonne apple generation all around the country. Most of it goes to international market.

3. Turkey

Apple Producing Countries

The position of Turkey is between the continents resulting in increased exports all around the world due to the facilitated transportation system. There are hilly areas with apple orchards for production. There are small orchards owned by people bit with each of the production, the annual apple generation here turns huge. Since the demand of the country citizen is very less than the amount produced most of the products are exported to other countries all around the other continents. The production is a massive 2,889,002 tonnes.

2. The United States of America

Apple Producing Countries

The USA is another place having a growing production of apple. Due to the presence of some regions that have favourable soil conditions, many people are investing in apple orchards. The orchards in the country are distributed all around in small segments. But due to the massive area of the country itself, the annual production goes around 4,110,050 tonnes. The country has a great set of orchards around and the whole of the production is used by the local market itself due to the heavy demand of people there.

1. China

Apple Producing Countries

China has a massive amount of area that is hilly in nature and also a mountainous part. The mountain soil here is loamy with great aeration capacity. Therefore, there are government maintained and private orchards built all around the country for them to secure top position in apple production. Apple produced every year depends on the soil condition, so that it retains less water. This place has a high amount of that kind of soil for which a part of food production is mostly dependent on apple. Apple intake in the country is very high, but the production is such that the country has secured great export business with several countries due to the heavy produce. Annual production is a massive 37,001,600 tonnes.

With several businessmen investing in apple production, the amount of apple produced is going to increase each year. The increasing demand for apple due to health benefits have resulted in increased production of those apples. There are several places and soil conditions where the production is high. The total apple production is never set to meet the demand of a single country, rather are used for trade in the international market. Thus the product is beneficial for the country in terms of demands and the revenue generated due to exports.


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