The entire world is interested to know which country carries the largest stick. Different people have different views of and opinions in judging the size of the armies of a nation. Given below are a list of the top ten largest armies in the world in the year 2019.

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10. The United Kingdom

Largest Armies in the World 2019

The United Kingdom has aircraft carriers like HMS Queen Elizabeth which are one of the best aircraft carriers in the world. They have more than 150,000 militants and almost 900 aircrafts. But it has a small navy with 250 tanks and 76 ships.

9. Germany

Largest Armies in the World

Germany has more than 700 aircrafts, 600 armoured vehicles and a militant count of about 180,000. Germany is in a perfect position to defend any sort of war. The reason why it is ready only for defence because it lacks enough carriers and submarines which are known for power projections.

8. Italy

Largest Armies in the World

Italy has two small aircraft carriers, but they have a huge number of helicopters and a militant count of about 250,000, which is helping this nation to exhibit a significant power to the rest of the world. It has more than 800 aircrafts and 7000 armoured vehicles but they have a shortage of tanks by 200 and ship by 150, which is hampering its rank.

7. France

Largest Armies in the World

France has a militant count of about 204,000 and they also have 183,000 militants in reserve. These may look small in number but they are equipped with the best equipment available around the world and the fact is they produce the best defence equipment. If you are familiar with these names, the Mirage fighter and the Mistral-class amphibious assault ship, you will know what they are capable of. But they rely mostly on armoured fighting vehicles which they have more than 7000 in number. The Charles de Gaulle is the only nuclear carrier in the world which is not manufactured in America. Its foreign legion is the best in the world.

6. South Korea

Largest Armies in the World

South Korea has a huge number of the military count with over 624,000 troops. They have almost 2381 tanks and 1412 aircrafts. South Korea can be anything but they can’t be called weak. They also have kept more than 5 million servicemen in reserve. The equipment they are using, are technologically up to date and a majority of those equipment are grown within the country. If you are thinking, why South Korea is keep so much power. The answer to this is, their most likely enemy is North Korea. North Korea has the world’s largest artillery stockpile and those are all kept within the ranger of the capital of South Korea. And though the huge military power of North Korea is poorly equipped and badly trained, they can easily invade South Korea and cripple them.

5. Japan

Largest Armies in the World 2019

Japan has a self-defence force but they are capable of defence as well as offence. Japan has the fourth largest submarine force and four small aircraft carriers which are more popular by the name ‘Helicopter Carriers’. They have tanks which are manufactured within the country and they have also imported some weapons like the U.S. Apache. They have a variety of war equipment which are up to date and very capable. But the country still suffers from a side issue. Japan has less than 1600 aircrafts and only 130 ships and 4000 armoured vehicles. All of these are run by 300,000 troops. In a war, they would really feel the lack of submarines.

4. India

Largest Armies in the World

India has a huge number of militants but most of them are reserved personnel. India has 2.8 million reserved personnel and 1.4 million active militants. They have a huge number of armoured vehicles which is about 11,000 in number but they have a relatively small air and navy, and they are more dependent on allies to fill up this deficiency. The Sukhoi planes purchased from Russia repeatedly fell into problems but the country is working hard with Russia to bring fifth-generation fighters and supersonic cruise missiles which can easily carry in vehicles, planes and submarines.

3. China

Largest Armies in the World

China is ranked third in the list of the largest armies in the world. China has a population which is around 1.4 billion. This nation also has a huge military count which is around 3.7 million and 2.2 million of them are active military troops. Those million are provided with 3000 aircrafts, 714 ships, and 13000 armoured vehicles. China has always been through a problem of modernisation and organisation, the power struggles between the army and the navy have divided the force into halves. This problem has hampered their rank and put them behind the U.S. but they are doing their best to seal this technological and equipment gap.

2. Russia

Largest Armies in the World

Russia is the nation which is doing their job much above level than what it can be expected from them. You can never find a second example like Russia. Russia has a very small economy still it produces a huge number of military hardware and it is the second largest exporter in the world. They have 3800 planes on the field, 5600 armoured vehicles which include tanks and 282 warships. It is currently working on the T-14 Armata. If this becomes a success, this would be the world’s most powerful tank which has the best protection systems, unbeatable armour and autoloader.

1. The United States

Largest Armies in the World

Everyone would be surprised to know that the U.S. spends the most of their per capita on their military. Its navy has the largest and most advanced carriers in the world. They have 11 full sized carriers which include the new USS Gerald R. Ford. They also have 8 helicopter carriers. Its air force has the most advanced and the largest air fleet in the world, which is just a little bit larger than its Navy’s air fleet. But the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps are not the largest in the world but they are the most capable in the world. In both the forces, they invest a huge amount of money on each and every individuals. All the four departments of their defence are trained to work together when there is a war.

The armies are recruited to protect the country from any kind of external attack from the enemies. These are the top ten armies in the world currently.


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