Almost major states in the world are homes to big zoos that serve as tourist attractions. Zoos are habitats that are homes for major wildlife and exhibit a glamorous delight to visitors of all walks.

However, few things make zoos outstanding, which include exclusive animal protection and wildlife conservation. Other factors that attract tourists to major zoos in the world are zoos that have a captive breeding of native species and promote public awareness on wildlife preservation. Therefore, this article will provide a list of established the zoos in the world in 2019 that attract a huge tourist following.

1. San Diego Zoo

Best Zoos in the World 2019

San Diego Zoo has received numerous reviews about its exemplary services in wildlife protection, and this makes it the best zoo in the world. San Diego Zoo is located in San Diego City, California and prides itself as an educational and entertaining zoo. The zoological society of San Diego currently manages the zoo that forms a habitat of over 4,000 animals. The animals belong to 800 different species that occupy 100 acres of land within Balboa Park.

Nonetheless, the zoo is located in between a landscape of hills and picturesque of canyons. Besides, there are over 6500 rare vegetation species in the zoo that provides shade and food to the wildlife. Moreover, the zoo is also a breeding ground for various exotic species, which include tigers, giraffes, koalas and Galapagos tortoises. As such, this enables it to become a biogeographical habitat because it also has a tropical rainforest that provides a home for exotic birds and animals.

2. Singapore Zoo

Best Zoo in the World

This is the second best world zoo because it comprises of unique wildlife animals. The Singapore zoo is sub divided into eleven ecological zones that serve as recreational habitats for its species. Nonetheless, the zoo is home to the famous Fragile Forest that mimics a rainforest habitat. Frozen Tundra is also located in the Singapore zoo, and it houses the Arctic species such as polar bear. Besides, the zoo is home to a primate kingdom, which consists of 39 primates that live on their separate islands.

In addition, it has a reptile garden that houses komodo dragons, giant tortoises, and venomous snakes. As such, this makes the zoo an ideal recreation center for family visits because it contains educational program on wildlife meant for children.

3. Chester Zoo

Best Zoo in the World

The Chester Zoo is established in the UK and is managed by the Zoological society of North England. Annually, the zoo receives more than 1.4 million visitors, and this makes it the very popular in England. In fact, it is the first zoo in the United Kingdom that breeds Asian elephants successfully. Moreover, the zoo houses over 500 species of 20,000 animals. The zoo is divided into themed areas known as the jaguar spirit, the red ape realm, the chimpanzee center and Tsavo rhino.

4. Tiergarten

Best Zoo in the World

The Tiergarten is a zoo that serves the long history of Vienna, Austria. The zoo was officially founded in 1752, and it was only reserved for the royal family visits. Later on in life, the zoo opened its gates to the public. Thus, it is a century old zoo, but it has undergone numerous renovations and is now considered as the modern zoo in Europe. The zoo hosts more than 500 species of animals that include hippos, tigers, rhinos, and pandas. Additionally, the zoo is subdivided into zoographical regions that have unique micro environments and inhabitants. Tiergarten is a good conservation site that is a prominent zoo exhibit.

5. Taronga

Best Zoo in the World

Taronga zoo is situated in Australia and offers the best tourist experience worldwide. In fact, Taronga is an award-winning zoo involves a 12-minute ferry ride to Taronga quay. The zoo is home to over 4000 animals of the Australian native species. The different animal species that thrive in the zoo include kangaroos, koalas, and tigers alongside imported animals. Currently, the zoo serves as a habitat for chimpanzee troupes of mixed gender, which are about twenty in number. Nonetheless, the zoo breed platypus was successful making it the second zoo in the world to do this successfully.

6. National zoological gardens

Best Zoo in the World

The national zoological gardens are located in South Africa and are commonly known as Pretoria zoo. The Pretoria zoo sits in a land of eighty-five hectors in South Africa. Thus, this makes it possible for the zoo to provide a home for over ten thousand animals that belong to 700 species. Pretoria Zoo is the most popular tourist attraction site because it contains large watering holes. The watering holes form a habitat for endemic species from Africa, which include cheetah, African elephants, African rhinos, and giraffes.

7. Bronx Zoo

Best Zoo in the World

Bronx Zoo is the largest zoo in America and the oldest zoo with a unique wildlife experience. Over 7000 animal’s species thrive in the zoo because it has suitable recreational habitats that range from tropical rainforest to African grassland. Besides, thousands of tourists flock in this zoo yearly because it has discounted entrance. The most popular attraction in the zoo is the Congo gorilla forest that breeds wild bison.

8. Zoologischer Garten

Best Zoo in the World

The Zoological Garten is a Berlin zoo and aquarium center. Zoologischer is a renowned zoo established in German with a population of 16,000 animals that belong to 2000 distinct species. In addition, it has an aquarium right in the middle of the zoo, which is a home to unique aquatic species that include sharks, piranhas, and fish. Nonetheless, the zoo has an extensive coral reef ecosystem that delights tourists.

9. Smithsonian national park

Best Zoo in the World

The Smithsonian national park sits on a 163 acre of land in the creek park, USA. The zoo attracts over two million visitors yearly because it hosts 2000 animals from 400 different species. The species found in the zoo are categorised into two classes that include endangered or threatened species. The species include Asian elephants, African lions, Sumatran tigers and giant pandas.

The best thing about this zoo is that it requires no entry fee and this makes many tourists visit and delight in the unique creations of the zoo.

10. Beijing Zoo

Best Zoo in the World

The zoo is located in china and is among the oldest zoos in Beijing. The zoo sits on 89 hectares of land that includes 5.6 acres of ponds and lakes. Nonetheless, the zoo has 450 different animal species and 500 aquatic animals that live in the treasured inhabitant of the zoo. As such, this makes it the best city attraction site as it draws over seven million visitors annually. Nonetheless, Beijing zoo is home to many endemic species, which include giant pandas, Chinese alligators, China tigers, Chinese giant salamanders, Tibetan gazelles, and kiangs.

In conclusion, the list discussed above provides a wanderlust soul an extensive guide to the best zoos in the world. Be sure to visit these zoos because they contain fascinating wildlife that will delight your travel experience.


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