Coal is a major source of energy in the world today. The highest amount of electric power is produced through coal alongside use in major industries. The coal used in this regard is mined as a deposit from some of the world’s richest portions. These portions enjoy immense presence of coal mining companies whose main task is to get the precious mineral from the ground to the electricity generating companies. Being natural deposits, prevalence varies between countries. Here is a list of top 10 largest coal producing countries in the world in 2019.

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1. China

Coal Producing Countries 2019

China is the leading coal producer on the globe. An estimated 3.6 billion tonnes of coal is produced by the country that has been leading on the globe for more than three decades. China’s coal products accounts for over 47% of the world’s total. China is also the global leading consumer of coal as well as importer. The country consumes more than half the total global consumption. The country has reserves estimated at 114.5 billion tonnes of coal and the home to over 12,000 mines around the country.

2. United States

Coal Producing Countries

United States, the world most populous country and a leader in majority of world records takes the second position among the leading coal producers on the globe. The total production from the country is estimated at 922 million tonnes annually. This accounts for approximately 13% of the total coal produced on the globe. Alongside being the second biggest producer, the country is also the second largest consumer of coal. Consumption by the US accounts for 11% of the total world consumption. Much of this is used in power generation. 25 states in the US are known to produce coal and this makes the country the biggest country in the world in terms of coal reserves.

3. India

Coal Producing Countries

India is the world’s third largest coal producer. In the same capacity, it is a large coal consumer ranking on the same third position globally. Total production of coal in India is estimated at 605 million tonnes annually. Despite this numerous product, the country consumed large amounts of coal estimated at 8% of the global coal consumption. Ranking in the third position among the biggest importers behind china and Japan. Most of the country power generation is based on coal and estimated at 68% of the country’s power. The country has reserves that are estimated at 60.6 billion tonnes. Most of India’s coal reserves are in the country’s eastern states which account for more than 70% of the total reserves.

4. Australia

Coal Producing Countries

Australia ranks in the fourth position among the leading coal producers on the globe. The country’s production is at close competition with Indonesia but its consumption rates are much lower. The estimated annual production of coal in Australia is estimated at 413 million tonnes. Over 90% of the total production hits the export market leaving only 10% for domestic use. Coal reserves in the country are estimated at 76.4 billion. Open pit mining process is the common process applied in the country and it accounts for approximately 74% of the total production in the country. The country has an approximated 100 private mines.

5. Indonesia

Coal Producing Countries

Fifth among the biggest coal producers globally is Indonesia. The South East Asian country is estimated to produce more than 386 million tonnes of coal annually. Production of coal in the country has witnessed massive increase in recent past surpassing countries such as Australia. Coal reserves in the country are currently estimated at 5.5 billion tonnes. The country uses coal to produce approximately 44% of its total power. In the past few years, intensified industrial actions by miner’s association has seen a significant reduction in the total amounts of coal produced in the country.

6. Russia

Coal Producing Countries

Russia is among the largest world countries. With numerous resources, the country also adds coal to its basket ranking in the 5th position globally. With its large population and industries Russia is also a major coal consumer ranking in the fifth position globally. Despite its high consumption rates, the country also exports large amounts of coal to different markets. Currently the country is the third largest exporter of coal globally. Total exports from Russia are estimated at excess of 134 million tonnes. Despite the high production and consumption of coal, Russia still has large reserves estimated at 157 billion tonnes ranking in the second place among countries with biggest reserves.

7. South Africa

Coal Producing Countries

This African country has a rich history of coal usage that dates back to the Iron Age. Ranking in the seventh position among the leading coal producers, the country also ranks in the sixth position among the global exporters. The country adds an approximate 74 billion tonnes of coal to the world market annually. Over 90% of power production in the country is from coal. To this day the country has established approximately 30.15 billion tonnes of coal in its reserves. It remains the largest African coal producer accounting for over 92% of the total coal from the continent.

8. Kazakhstan

Coal Producing Countries

The central Asian country is one of the leading countries with identified high coal deposits on the globe. It is estimated that the total deposits lying within the country’s borders account for approximately 3.8% of the total coal in the world. The country is home to the largest coal production pit, Bogatyr with a capacity estimated at 4.5 billion tonnes. Coal is the main source of power in the country estimated at 85%. It ranks in the 12th position among the leading coal consumers on the globe. Currently the country has a total of 400 explored, identified and confirmed coal mines.

9. Colombia

Coal Producing Countries

Colombia has the largest coal deposits in the southern of the American continent. This places the country to be the leading coal miner in the region. The country also boasts of low-sulphur coal that is in high demand in the European countries the major importers of its products. The growing popularity of the coal in the region has seen increased demand and mining practices increasing in the same capacity to an estimated 80% in less than 15 years. The current coal production from the country is estimated at 85.5 million tons annually. Of the total production, 94.3% of the coal mined is exported. The national coal regulating agency indicated that the production increased by approximately 18% annually.

10. Ukraine

Coal Producing Countries

Ukraine is a country rich with coal deposits. Much of these deposits however remain unearthed as the country witnesses numerous internal conflicts. Expansive exploration in the country has identified the areas around Donets Basin as having rich coal deposits. From the rich deposits, the country relies on coal as the main source of energy estimated at 95%. It is estimated that the country has capacity to produce over 64.976 million tons of coal annually. Despite the rich deposits the country today is dependent on coal imports as a result of internal conflicts that hamper the mining process.

The need for more energy continues to increase with increased industrialization. Electricity consumption in households also increased significantly in the recent times. With this, the need for coal continues to prevail to provide with adequate energy supply for the industry’s both existing and upcoming. This means that the biggest coal consumers are among the biggest countries in terms of industrialization. It is for this reason that the top 10 largest coal producing countries in the world have to contend with the task of the great need of coal supply.