Mother Earth as a whole is a single landmass comprising themajority of thearea as water bodies. Countries are mainly the boundaries made by the people having own system of governance, specific territory under it and own set of rules for the easy-going of life there. An independent state having severity is identified as a country. There are around two hundred countries across the world and each and every country has their own attractions. Mesmerizing snapshots of various climatic conditions, landforms, wildlife, natural floras etc can be found in every country across the globe. The biggest countries are known to contain different forests and tundra, valleys and hills, desert and beaches. When counting various countries in terms of their areas we come across the continents we have witnessed some spectacular climatic and geographical conditions. Countries are known to have changing boundaries both by political or geographical issues. History has witnessed several changes in boundaries by dramatically shifting of underground plates or natural hazards.

Below is the list of ten countries believed to be the largest in terms of the area which is measured in a square kilometre.


Largest Countries in the World 2019

They ranked tenth on the list of largest countries and have an area of 2,381,741 square kilometres. This country belongs to the African continent. Having a coastline of 998km along the Mediterranean Sea, they also hold first place having around 90 percent of the Sahara desert. Most of the desert regions they occupy are mostly elevated. The desert region extends to the Southern part of the country. In the northern part of the country, there is the presence of the tall range of Atlas Mountain.


Largest Countries in the World

They have a total area of 2,724,900 square kilometres. Plains and highlands are the major landforms present in the country. They have a dry and almost cool climate present throughout the year but not like the desert climate. This country is known to experience a wide range of temperatures all around the year. They have the status of being biggest landlocked countries throughout the world.


Largest Countries in the World

2,780,400 square kilometre is the total area of landmass they have. They are world’s 32nd most populated country having world’s largest Spanish speaking population residing there. They are known to possess varied geographical and climatic conditions. Swampy and tropical conditions are found in the northern part of the country whereas most of the southern part is known to have freezing glacial conditions. One of the stormiest locations on the globe named Cape Horn is known to be situated in the southern tip of this country.


Largest Countries in the World

They rank seventh in term of largest countries and have an area of 3,287,263 square kilometres. They are known to be one of the most diverse countries in the world with a mixed type of landform. They have mountains in the Northern part, north-eastern part, Seas and Oceans bordering the Southern and Eastern line, desert on Western part and have major plain areas. They are the second largest populated country in the world. This country is situated in the Asian subcontinent.


Largest Countries in the World

They have a total account of 7,741,220 square kilometres of land. This country is known as the largest country in Oceania and the entire island is qualified to become an entire continent. This is the only country which is both a country and a continent. Sydney in the east and Perth in the west is the most populated cities here having a coastal lining. World’s hottest and driest region is known to be Australian Outback. Its diverse wildlife, spectacular scenario and diverse climatic and geographical conditions make it one of the important tourist spots across the globe.


Largest Countries in the World

They have a total area of 8,514,877 square kilometres making them rank fifth in the list of largest countries in the world. It is the country of the continent South America and is renowned for the presence of the Amazon which is the world’s largest rainforest. On the eastern side of the country, there is the presence of Atlantic Coastline which is approximately 8,000 km long. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the major cities here.


Largest Countries in the World

They have an area of around 9.596,960 square kilometres. They have a varied range of climatic conditions. They are the world’s largest populated states. Gobi, 4th largest desert of the world is situated in the middle of the country. The temperature in the north drops to subarctic levels and normal tropical climate is reported in the southern part of the country.


Largest Countries in the World

They have a total area of 9,826,675 square kilometres. They have a wide range of diversities of wildlife and geographic conditions. Between the northern and southern part, the country is divided into three distinct parts. There is the presence of the Rocky Mountains, beaches on the side of California, Mississippi river and plains. The major cities are mostly spread in the eastern seaboard.


Largest Countries in the World

Thus country is spread across an area of 9,984,670 square kilometres. In the western hemisphere, it is the largest country and has the longest shoreline. Most of their area comes from the frozen tundra region. From north to south there is the presence of Rocky Mountains. Most of the major cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa are situated in the eastern part of the country.


Largest Countries in the World

They are the largest country holding the first position with a total land of 17,098,242 square kilometres. This country is known to share borders with fourteen different countries. World’s largest terrestrial biome, Taiga has a major part in the northern part of Russia. They are known to have large oil reserves but much of it is still untapped.

These are the largest countries in terms of the area having a vast reserve of natural resources and having varied landform patterns. Have a tour around these vast countries exploring and enjoying the various diversities they have. A country is known by their people, their culture and the glorious heritage they have.


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