The Cruise industry around the world is expanding very rapidly. There are no signs of slow down development of this industry. According to the cruise lines International Association, this cruising industry is expecting to have more than 26 new crew Cruise ship within 2017 and they can board a total of 25.3 million passengers every year.

From the year 2017 to the year 2026, they are estimating that more than 97 new ships which will be launched. As the number of ships will increase then they will use the best equipment for making the journey a memorable one. As technology is advancing day by day so the Cruise ship has become bigger in the sizes with some better amenities and new technologies which have been incorporated for making the journey luxurious. So here in this article, We are going to discuss the top 10 luxury and largest cruise ships in 2019.

10. Norwegian Epic

Largest Cruise Ships 2019

The ship is famous for their innovative idea incorporated into the ship and offers high-class experience to all the passengers. It was also based by the famous St Francis and can board a passenger of around 4100. This has been delivered during the month of June in 2010 and has a total gross tonnage of 155873. This ship is 329.45m long with a beam of 40. 64m and height of around 61 m. The cruise can easily access the private pool with saunas and spa and fitness facility and more. In this cruise, you can find more than 20 dining options.

9. Liberty of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

This is a famous international cruise with a length of 338.92m and has 18 decks and can board near about 4960 passengers with a crew member of the count 1300. This cruise is also having many suits like the owner’s suit to presidents suit, royal suit to the royal family suit. They have started their journey in the year 2007. They also have a spa, fitness centers and much more to make the journey more luxurious.

8. Norwegian Escape

Largest Cruise Ship

This was built by the Meyer werft in Germany and has a length of 325.9m with the maximum beam of 46.5. It can accommodate 4266 passengers. It has many other suits with balcony and oceanview stateroom etc.

7. Norwegian Joy

Largest Cruise Ship

This Cruise has entered the business in the June month of this year and has very soon entered is the list of top 10 biggest Cruise. This has a length of 333.46m with a beam of 41.4m. This ship has 20 decks and can serve 3883 passengers. The vessel has also exclusive and luxurious complex named as the haven.

6. Ovation of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

This Cruise was launched in the year 2016 and have entered the service from the month of April. This vessel has started their journey for 52 night Global Odyssey Cruise from the port of Southampton. This Cruise is 348 M long with the maximum beam of 48.9m. This ship can achieve a speed of near about 22 knots and has 16 passenger deck and can accommodate 4905 passengers and has 2090 staterooms. Within the cruise, you can find a water park, Casino and many more.

5. Anthem of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

This is the sister present of the quantum of the seas 348 with a maximum of 49.4 m. This vessel can easily speed around 22 knots and was launched in February 2015 with 20 passenger deck and can accommodate 4905 passengers and can offer 1570 room with Ocean View starter room and inside stateroom.

4. Quantum of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

This ship started its journey from the year 2014 and was made by the famous Meyer Werft. This sails from Shanghai to Korea and Japan. It has a maximum beam of 49.47m, 16 passenger deck and can board passengers up to 4180. This ship has 8090 staterooms with balcony and has an oceanview stateroom.

3. Oasis of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

It has started its journey from the year 2009 and it was the first vessel which was created by the Oasis class Cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean. This was also launched by the SYX Europe Turku appeared in the year 2008. This ship has an overall length of 361.6 meters with the height of 72 m and a depth of 22.55 m and has 16 decks for passenger and can accommodate 5400 people. This ship has an Aqua theatre and many other luxurious amenities. You can also find Rock climbing walls and zip line on this ship and it also has 5 swimming pools with Basketball court and volleyball court.

2. Allure of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ship

This Oasis class Cruise ship is about 362 M long and helped the allure of the sea to secure the second position after the harmony of the seas which is also built by the STX Europe Shipyard which is in Turku Finland. This is also a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship with a height of 72 m in addition to the maximum beam of 60.5 meters. The ship was delivered in the year 2010 and can board 5400 passengers. This luxurious Cruise also has a dance hall with the theatre with ice skating ring and a fitness room for giving luxurious experience.

1. Harmony of the Seas

Largest Cruise Ships 2019

Harmony of the seas that is the royal vessel of the Caribbean Oasis class is by far the biggest Cruise ship in today’s world. This ship was built by the famous STX France at the Shipyard in Saint Nazaire. This Cruise officer 7 night Western Mediterranean Cruises from Barcelona and Civitavecchia. This ship has made their last Maiden Voyage around the June month of 2016. This ship has a length of near about 362.1 meters with the maximum beam of 66 m. The ship has 2747 staterooms in addition to virtual balconies and can accommodate guests up to the count of 5479.

These are some famous and biggest cruise from all around the world in 2019. If you board any of this cruise then you can surely have the most luxurious journey.


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