Dams have a significant role when it comes to giving a proper outlet for the water to cash out with pressure near the waterfalls and the major rivers. It helps in keeping the cities away from any sort of flood but also help in storing water or to develop hydroelectric power from this damn water. There are many dams which are built around the world and here in this article we are going to discuss some of the magnificent dams in the world.

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10. Robert-Bourassa Dam, Canada

Largest Dams in The World 2019

The Dam which was assembled from the year 1972 to the year 1981 and is owned by the famous Hydro-Québec. The River La Grande is actually impounded by this famous Robert-Bourassa near the northern Quebec situated in Canada and it then creates reservoir Robert-Bourassa. The dam is among the top 10 biggest dam as it has a great capacity of carrying 61.7 million cubic meters with having an exterior area of near about 2815 square kilometers.

9. Zeya Dam, Russia

Zeya Dam, Russia

This dam has been built near the River situated in Russia in Russia’s Amur Oblast around the north of the border of China and all these create a great water reservoir having a great storing ability of near to billion cubic meters and this stands among the top 10 largest dam according to its reserving capacity. It has a reservoir covered with an exterior area of near about 2419 square km. The height of this concrete dam is near about 112 m with the length of the crest of near about 7 14.2 m and this was constructed by using the million cubic meter of 2.067 in concrete. This famous dam is owned by the Rushydro which was constructed from the year 1964 to the year 1975 by the Bureyagesstroy and Zeyagesstroy. This dam has a power plant which has 6 generating unit with an addition to the combined capacity of 1290MW. This power plant has the famous feature of an adjustable blade with a diagonal flowing turbine.

8. Krasnoyarsk Dam, Russia

Krasnoyarsk Dam, Russia

This dam impounds and creates a reservoir. Yenisey river is impounded by this damn and has a storage ability of keeping billion cubic meters ranging to 73.3. The surface area of the Reservoir is 2000 km with the Shoreline of near about 1560 km. The dam is 124 M high with a length of 1065 M and it was constructed from the year 1956 to the year 1972. This dam has a famous feature of flood discharging capacity of near about 20400 cubic meters every second.

7. W.A.C Bennett Dam, Canada

W.A.C Bennett Dam, Canada

This dam was constructed near River Peace in the famous British Columbia which is in Canada and has created the famous Williston lake. They have secure the 7th position with the storage ability of cubic meters of near about 74 billion and has an exterior area of near about 1773 square kilometer. This dam is being operated by the B.C hydro that is having a height of 183 M with the length of the crest of 2068 meter. This famous dam’s project begun in 1961 that was finished in 1967.

6. Aswan High Dam, Egypt

Aswan High Dam, Egypt

This dam is in the famous Nile river and create the Nasser lake and secures the 6 position because of its high water storing capacity. The water of lake Nasser creates a storing capacity of 132 million cubic meters. This rockfill dam was particularly designed by the institute hydro project of Russia with the collaboration of the engineers who are from Egypt. This dam started its construction from the year 1960 to the year 1968 by investing an amount of $1bn. This is a multipurpose dam which is serving the needs of irrigation for both Sudan and Egypt for controlling flood and generating power. This dam is improving the navigation around Nile.

5. Guri Dam, Venezuela

Guri Dam, Venezuela

This dam ranks 5 with its loading ability of 135 million cubic meters. It has created the famous Guri Lake which covers 4000 km. This dam has a concrete gravity measures 1300 m in length with 16 m in altitude and can provide 70% electrical needs of the countries. It has been operated by the CVG.

4. Daniel Johnson Dam, Canada

Daniel Johnson Dam, Canada

This dam is known for its Manic 5 which impounds the river Manicouagan. It has created the reservoir Manicouagan having a storing capacity of 39.8 million cubic meters. This dam has a exterior area of 1973 km and hence is among top 10 dams. This dam is also known as the hollow body multiple-arch-and-buttress Dam. It has a length of 1390.6 m long with 21 3.97 m height and has 13 arches and 14 buttresses. This dam was constructed after using 2.2 million cubic meters of concrete. This dam is also owned by the famous Hydro-Quebec which was constructed from the year 1959 to the year 1968. It has two famous power station featuring 12 units and has a combined installing capacity of 2600 MW.

3. Akosombo Dam, Ghana

Akosombo Dam, Ghana

This dam is situated in Ghana stands the third among the biggest dam. This has a high water storing capacity and has been constructed near the River Volta. Volta Lake that is 8500 km and has been created by this damn and is among the top reservoir. This dam has 700-meter crest length with 134 M height and is involved to a surface excavation of about million cubic meters. The dam’s project started from the year 1961 to the year 1966 and was generally made for the generation of electricity but now it provides the livelihood to more than 30 lakh people with the help of fisheries in that lake.

2. Bratsk Dam, Russia

Bratsk Dam, Russia

This dam has a storing capacity 169.279 cubic meter. This dam is impounding a reservoir with Angara river which creates the area of near about 5540 square kilometers. This dam was constructed for 9 years from the year 1954 to the year 1964.

1. Kariba Dam, Zimbabwe

Largest Dams in The World 2019

Depending on the water storing capacity the authority of Zambezi river owns the dam. The construction of this dam started from the year 1955 to the year 1959. This dam was specially designed for averting flood event.

These are some famous top 10 dams which are ranked according to the storage capacity. These dams also have the flood controlling capability.


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