There is nothing wrong to say that taste is something that often makes people forget about their health. It is quite true that Indians are very fond of taste and often choose to eat dishes that are tastier yet healthier. On an average basis, Indians love to eat outside at least once a week. This is one of the leading reasons why a lot of fast food chains and restaurants are becoming extremely popular in India. In the present time, India is a market with huge profits for a lot of food chains. The reason is very simple to understand and i.e. the increasing craze of eating outside (as already mentioned). You might have no idea but a lot of Indians spend around 25 percent of their salary on eating outside.

Actually, there are several restaurants that have attracted the attention of people just because of their tastier yet healthier dishes. Several restaurants witness a very large number of visitors. If you love eating outside, this post is meant for you. We are going to spotlight the top 10 fast food chains in India in 2019 that have become popular in the shortest possible time and have a lot of highly satisfied customers.

10. Bikanervala

Best Fast Food Chains In India 2019

It is basically an Indian fast food chain which was founded in the year 1950. It serves around 5 million customers every year and in the present scenario, they have branches and franchisees in almost every part of the country. It is a well-known restaurant where you can enjoy Namkeens, bakery items, sweets as well as pickles. Actually, they highly believe in quality and the good thing is that since last few years, they have adopted world class standards in food preparation.

9. Haldiram

Best Fast Food Chains In India

Haldiram started from making famous Indian product “Bhujia” and present they own restaurants in all the major cities of India where you can enjoy sweets and recipes with a very unique taste. There are a lot of factors which are responsible for their success and the leading one among them is taste. This doesn’t actually mean you need to compromise with your health. All the dishes are always freshly prepared on Haldiram irrespective of the location/city of the restaurant.

8. Burger King

Best Fast Food Chains In India

It is basically an American fast food chain which has attracted the attention of so many people in India due to their delicious and yummy burgers. In addition to burgers, you can enjoy French Fries, regional salads, hot dogs and desserts anytime you want. They have invested a lot of money in India and there would hardly be any major city where Burger King Restaurant is not present.

7. Barbeque Nation

Best Fast Food Chains In India

Founded in the year 2006, this Indian fast food chain serves millions of food lovers every year. There are certain mouth watering dishes and recipes which you can enjoy here and the fact is there is no need for you to raise your heart beat about quality. The dishes are hygienic and are best for all age people. You can enjoy soups, salads, Kebabs, as well as grilled food. In addition to this, there are a lot of other recipes which you can enjoy without compromising with your health.

6. Dominos Pizza

Best Fast Food Chains In India

There are a very large number of Dominos Pizza lovers in India. In some of the cities, dominos has witness record sales on weekend which makes it one of the very popular and in fact trusted fast food chains in India. There are 1000 plus outlets all over the India and there would hardly be any fast food lover in the country who haven’t tasted their pizza. Actually, they are famous for delivering pizza and other recipes at home provided some conditions are met. The 30 minute delivery policy of fresh pizza and other fast food at home has enables them attract more and more customers.

5. Pizza hut

Best Fast Food Chains In India

It is another fast food chain in India which is famous for Pizzas. Basically, it’s a world class American-Italian fast food chain with presence not just in India but in fact all over the world. They sell record number of pizzas every year in India. Also, their quality and taste add a lot of new customers in their outlets. Pizza Hut is one among the most liked fast food chains in India which has a lot of highly satisfied customers.

4. Subway

Best Fast Food Chains In India

Subway is one among the best and in fact top fast food chains in India where you can enjoy quality cuisines. It is known for its freshly prepared fast food which visitors can customize as per their need. Actually, there are a few ingredients they can choose as per their wish. Thus you can have dishes in subway exactly in the way you want them.

3. Café Coffee Day

Best Fast Food Chains In India

Popular as CCD, most people think it’s a non-Indian brand but actually it is an Indian café chain. It was established in the year 1996. Presently there are around 1540 outlets of CCD in India. In addition to coffee, you can enjoy several dishes here such as sandwiches, cakes as well as a huge variety of hot and cold drinks which are always freshly prepared.

2. KFC

Best Fast Food Chains In India

KFC is a popular fast food chain in India for those who love non-veg. However, this really doesn’t mean you cannot visit here in case you need to eat veg. Actually, KFC is not just famous in India but presently their restaurants operate in around 123 countries. In fact, it’s the world second largest fast food chain. You can enjoy a lot of dishes here and because a lot of Indians love to eat at KFC, it is one of the top fast food chains in India.

1. McDonald’s

Best Fast Food Chains In India

McDonald’s is the number one fast food chain in India which serves a very large number of customers. It has maximum customer satisfaction rate and there are a lot of dishes you can enjoy in their restaurants. Most of the restaurants operate 24 × 7 in all major cities which enables visitors to enjoy food anytime they want. Their hamburgers have no comparison with any other dish or hamburgers of any other fast food chain.

These food chains in India have introduced people to a lot of dishes most of them don’t even know. The fact is Indian recipes are famous all over the world. these fast food chains have combined Indian dishes with western and have successfully come out with recipes that are actually a perfect blend of Indian and western cuisines. You can enjoy some of the best recipes in these restaurants anytime you want and the good thing is that most of these fast food chains are present in all major cities of India. A few of these restaurants are for pure vegetarian people while other has separate sections for veg. and non-veg. diets.