Fish is known from ancient times to be a great source for proteins and is considered by nutritionists as an important primary source for human beings. Marine dishes are among the most loved delicacies around the world due to the health benefits associated with them.

However, fish is not a cheap commodity in most markets since its production is limited. Most farmers across the world have started embracing aquaculture so as to increase fish production to satisfy the rising demand for seafood. Nonetheless, there are countries which are known to be leading exporters of fish in the world since their fishing grounds have high fish production. Fish production is an important economic activity that is reported to creating over 500 million jobs directly or indirectly in developing countries. Below are top 10 largest fish producing countries in the world 2019.

1. China

Largest Fish Producing Countries 2019

This is the leading country in terms of fish product production; it has held the position for so long and sees no huge competition. It reportedly stated that the country boasts of a third of world fish production. For many years, China has encouraged farming fish and aquaculture cultivating so as to increase production to meet the increasing demand worldwide. Besides, their aquaculture approaches and technologies have been borrowed by many countries worldwide and have proved to be effective and efficient in boosting production in a sustainable manner. The fishing industry in China creates jobs to over 14 million people directly. The approximated annual production stands at 58.8 million metric tons.

2. India

Fish Producing Countries

This country has a long history of aquaculture given that it established its breeding of carp in the early years of 19th century. The growth continued gradually to its current point that warrants it the second largest fish producer worldwide. This production is estimated to be 6% of the fish produced globally. Due to the huge export from the country, the European Union has tightened the rules on fish products from India claiming that they need to under severe scrutiny to avoid spread of diseases and contamination. Research shows that the country India has huge potential of increasing fish production if more farmed shrimps was well spread throughout the available land. The fish production in India is approximated to stand at 9,45,892 metric tons annually.

3. Indonesia

Fish Producing Countries

Fishing in Indonesia contributes approximately 3% of their GDP. Although fishing in the country a few years ago was declining, the country started investing in fast-growing farming to boost production. This has helped the country to stay at the top even amid challenges; they have proved that they have mastered the art of fish production. Furthermore, the country is favored by Coral Triangle of coral reef which is considered to host world’s greatest fish diversity of approximately over 1,650 species. Some of the species found in the country are manta rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins, cuttlefish, morays, scorpaenidae, and octopus. The annual fish production in this country estimates at 6,101,725 metric tons.

4. Peru

Fish Producing Countries

This was the leading fish producer in 1960s before dropping to its current position. This decline was caused by overfishing in its coastlines that resulted to extinction of some fish species. Fishing in Peru is one of the main economic activities that has created many jobs in their economy. The Peruvian coastline of over 3,000 km provides a sufficient fishing ground for over 50 species. Besides, the presence of 12,000 lakes and lagoons has boosted the aquaculture in the country to helping produce more fish that meets the domestic and international demand. Some of the dominant species found in the country are shad, sea bass, swordfish, tuna, herring, and anchoveta. It is estimated that the country has an annual fish production of about 5,854,233.

5. United States

Fish Producing Countries

The country has a coastline of approximately 200 miles; its aquatic zone is the largest in the world covering 11.4 million square kilometers. This gives them a great opportunity to be on the lead in the fishing industry worldwide. Besides, there are many cultivated and fish farming across the land so as to increase production that can satisfy domestic and export demand. Some of the most dominant species in U.S. are salmon, pollock, cod, menhaden, and flatfish. The country is believed to have a production rate of 5,360,597 metric tons annually.

6. Chile

Fish Producing Countries

This country is considered second to Norway in Atlantic Salmon farming; fish production is among the important economic pillars of Chile. The country is privileged to have a long coastline that extends to 2,500 miles; this encourages small-scale farming to many families to create large number of income source. Besides, research states that Humboldt Current favors the Chilean Sea to making it the greatest productive marine ecosystems in the world. The most common fish species are trout, abalone, oysters, and scallops. It is estimated that the annual fish production in Chile stands at 5,028,539 metric tons.

7. Japan

Fish Producing Countries

Japan is known for its Shushi dishes which are said to be seafood; it has a variety of some of the famous fish delicacies. It has a rare species of fish called Fungu that can be poisonous and lethal is not properly handled. However, this does not hinder fishermen from catching them and using them to prepare meals which as highly delicious. Research shows that the country produces approximately 4,819,116 metric tons of fish annually most of which is exported.

8. Thailand

Fish Producing Countries

This country is famed for their huge production of Nile Tilapia, giant river prawn, and hybrid catfish. The aquaculture has been practiced for over 80 years; they borrowed the concept from Bangkok after the importation of Chinese carp. Currently, the country hosts over 50 freshwater species and they have continued increasing after adopting the brackish water aquaculture system. This modern aquaculture has increased after integrating intensive culture technologies along their coastal lines. It has increased production and fisheries have improved in their income growth which it a successful investment. It is noted that the country produces approximately 3,743,564 metric tons annually.

9. Vietnam

Fish Producing Countries

The aquaculture of Vietnam dates way back in 1960s and has been growing gradually over years to become among the prime countries for fish exports. It is known for its vast species of fish which numbers to 2,458; this enriches their seafood cuisines since diversity is guaranteed. Moreover, fish products are among the country’s important exports since they have supplemented it with farm-raised crustaceans to increase production. Their annual production stands at 3,367,853 metric tons with giant tiger prawn and Catfish being the major species.

10. Russia

Fish Producing Countries

The topography of Russia allows it to be ranked among the top 10 fish producers in the world. It is bounded by 3 oceans and 12 oceans in additional to having about 2 million rivers running across the land. Researchers are astounded that the country with all those natural resources is not the leading fish producer in the world. However, over the past decades Russia has been facing challenges which they are still working to eliminate. The domestic demand for fish is high and requires enhanced fish production so as to cater for domestic and export needs. The country is estimated to have an annual fish supply of 3,305,749 metric tons.

Fish is one of the high protein low fat foods that usually has a lot of health benefits to humans. Apart from high protein you will have access to plenty of omega 3 fatty acids which will maintain your cardiovascular health, reduce tissue inflammation and even halt mental decline. The above nations are the top fish producing countries no wonder their students are good at STEM courses.


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