Guavas are common fruits that turn yellow once ripe. The fruit has received credit in modern time for its health benefits making it one of the most sought after fruits in the world today.

The fruit is known to grow in altitudes of up to 5,000 feet above sea level and has the ability to withstand most climatic conditions enjoyed across the globe except for harsh, hot air during flowering and fruiting stages.

The fruit is produced in different areas from across the globe where favorable climate is prevalent. It grows with ease alongside other plantations and foods and this makes it a desirable option for farmers from across the globe. Here is a list of the leading top 10 guava producing countries in the world in 2019 who supply the globe with this precious fruit.

1. India

Largest Guava Producing Countries 2019

India is the leading guava producer in the world today. The country boasts of acreage of 501,600 specially dedicated to production of guavas. In a country where farming has been gaining popularity in modern times, guava farming has increased by 64% over four past decades. This is since the realisation of the good returns the farmers garner from the tree. India enjoys relatively good climate to grow the guava tree. This defines its popularity despite the fact that the tree is commonly cultivated in areas of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. India’s guava production is currently estimated at 17,650,000 metric tones making it the biggest producer of the guava fruit in the whole world.

2. China

Guava Producing Countries

China sits among the leading fruit producers and exporters across the globe. Alongside other types of fruits, the country produces an average of 4,366,300 metric tones of guava annually. The biggest portion of the produce is destined for export market. This is alongside ensuring there is adequate supply for its ever-growing population that currently leads across the globe. Guava farming in china is practised mostly in the southern regions where adequate produce is made available to rank the country in the second position globally. Modern farming methods and use of technology are some of the factors employed by the Chinese to improve the yields on their products.

3. Thailand

Guava Producing Countries

The third largest producer of guavas in the world is Thailand. Fruit farming remains one of the leading economic activities in the region where farmers cultivate different types of fruits that provide them with the required resources for daily living. Statistics indicate that over 1.9 families in the country engage in some form of fruit farming. The country produces an estimated 2,550,600 metric tones of guava fruit annually. Despite ranking in the thirds position globally, the rate of guava farming in Thailand is decreasing by each as farmers seek for better farming alternatives with fast and guaranteed returns. Major consumers of the fruit farmed in Thailand include Hongkong, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia.

4. Pakistan

Guava Producing Countries

Pakistan is credited with a rich history of fruit production. The country is among the leading producers of different fruit types for centuries. With a rich history of fruit farming, Pakistan produces 1,784,300 metric tones of the guava fruit each year. Much of the country’s economic success is attributed to agriculture where farmers embrace modern farming methods to ensure they provide with adequate supplies for the local and international markets. Pakistan ranks in the fourth position among the biggest guava producers with a huge acreage of the countries cultivated land with the tree. Pakistanis population is heavily dependent on agriculture with over 45% directly involved in the practice.

5. Mexico

Guava Producing Countries

History indicates that the guava tree is a native of the Mexican country. The country ranks in the fifth position with an annual production of 1,632,650 metric tons of guavas. With benefits of trade agreements with some of the world’s strongest economies including America, Mexico finds a ready market for its guava produce without restriction and unnecessary taxation factors that encourage farmers through good returns. The country experiences the most diverse weather condition s in the universe but this factor also works to facilitate better performance of the fruits in the region. The country’s great biodiversity ensure the guava tree grows naturally without the need for artificial inputs a factor that makes its products more popular to the consumers.

6. Indonesia

Guava Producing Countries

Indonesia takes the sixtieth position among the leading producers of guava across the globe. The country lies along the equator a region with the required climatic conditions to support growth of guava trees. With its high poverty levels, majority of Indonesian nationals prefer to engage in low cost farming and in such way the increased availability of the fruit in the region. Availability of ready markets internationally encourage farmers to engage in the industry and hence a reliable source to cater for their livelihoods. The country currently produces 1,313,540 metric tones of guava every year targeting the various international markets across the globe.

7. Brazil

Guava Producing Countries

Brazil is placed among the leading producers of fruits and vegetables across the globe. The country ranks in the seventh position with a production of 1,188,910 metric tones of the fruit being produced annually. The South American country enjoys good climatic conditions conducive for growth of the guava fruit. It has a place in world’s history as a leader in provision of its indigenous fruits and vegetables that continue to gain popularity across the globe. The fruits produced in Brazil is consumed in the local market with united state being one of the leading importers of the surplus products.

8. Bangladesh

Guava Producing Countries

Millions of households in Bangladesh are dependent on fruit farming. Guavas are among the most popular fruits in the region owing to its easy farming practices and the availability of ready market. The country currently produces over 1,087,850 million tones of the fruit for both local and international market. It ranks in the eight position among the world’s leading guava producers and makes a considerable contribution in the market.

9. Philippines

Guava Producing Countries

Philippines is on record as a leading exported of various fruits. Guava fruit is among the fruits produced in the country with a record of 825,676 million tons produced annually. The country boasts of good climatic conditions that enhance growth and fruition of delicious fruits whose popularity across the lobe is unmatched. Alongside serving its local domestic market, the guavas produced in Philippines are also exported earning the country international recognition in provision of fruits.

10. Nigeria

Guava Producing Countries

Nigeria is the leading African producer of guava fruit and currently ranking in the tenth position globally. The country is located in the western central side of the continent and enjoys equatorial climate that allows the country grows numerous fruits for it local and export market. Currently, the country produces 790.00 metric tones of guava every year with its produce headed for the larger African market alongside its domestic needs.

Traditionally, guavas were considered to be wild fruits and little attention was given to its production or usage. With realisation of the health benefits that come with the fruit, the demand for the fruit continues to rise and thereby the need for farmers to increase its production. Health agencies, government and other interested bodies are always on the move to increase its productivity through extensive research and development of better farming methods. This means that higher yields maybe expected from the top 10 guava producing countries in the world as other seek for a position in the list.


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