Maize is one of the key food components embraced across the globe. Numerous food products for humans and animals are derived from maize making it a popular foodstuff that is high in demand at all times. This is further accelerated by the numerous dishes and culinary that use maize as the staple ingredient across different communities. Here is a list of leading top 12 largest maize producing countries in 2019.

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1. United States

Largest Maize Producing Countries 2019

United States is the world’s most populous country. It is also the leading maize producer on the globe with a total of 96,000,000 acres specially dedicated to maize production. Maize production in the country plays a major role in the country’s economy that range from feeding its huge population to earning revenues through exports. It is estimated that the country’s 20% produce goes to the international market while the rest serves domestic needs. Production capacity of the country currently stands at 377.5 million metric tonnes.

2. China

Maize Producing Countries

China is one among the countries with fastest growing agricultural sectors. An increase in dairy farming has equally increased the demand for maize as the major source of their feeds. This means that much of the crop produced in the country is destined for use in the dairy sector.

Statistics indicate that of the total country’s produce, 60% is used as feeds in dairy farming, 30% is used for industrial purpose while only 10% is used fro human consumption. Trends indicate that the production of maize in the country has increased at a rate of 1255% within a period of 25 years. Currently, maize production in the country stands at 224.9 million metric tonnes with the figures expected to increase in coming years.

3. Brazil

Maize Producing Countries

Maize production is among the leading contributors to the GDP. In 2016, maize production earned the country revenues in excess of $892.2 million an amount that indicated a big increase from the previous years. With the favorable temperatures enjoyed through the year, the country enjoys an extended planting season spanning between august and November.

The planning season is then experienced between January and March giving the country two harvests. The country’s capacity in maize production currently stands at 83 million metric tonnes placing the country in the third position among the leading global maize producers.

4. India

Maize Producing Countries

India ranks in the fourth position globally among the largest maize producers. The country gets its crop mainly from the northern states. Uttar Pradesh is the biggest contributor the country’s total maize produce accounting for over 16% of the whole produce in the country annually.

It is closely followed by Bihar with a contribution of 14%. India enjoys one season annually of maize production where the crop is planted in the months between May and July on the onset of the rainy season and harvested from November all the way to January. Records indicate the country produces an estimated 42.3 million metric tonnes annually.

5. Argentina

Maize Producing Countries

Argentina is a big maize producer ranking in the fifth position globally. Records indicate the country produces over 40 million metric tons of maize. Despite having large acreage for maize production, maize farmers in Argentina receive a big boost from the government and in such way increase their yields accordingly.

6. Ukraine

Maize Producing Countries

Ukraine is a country with expansive stretches of fertile black soil favorable for growing maize. The fertile regions along the red sea provide the country with great farming potential where it produces numerous food producers for its population and export. Despite its small size, the country produces over 39.2 million metric tonnes of maize much of which is exported. According to reliable statistics, Ukraine contributes a whopping 16% of the total maize exports across the globe. Its major markets include European Union, Egypt and South Korea.

7. Mexico

Maize Producing Countries

Mexico takes the seventh position among the biggest maize producers across the globe. It is one of the leading food products cultivated in the country with much of its produce originating from its central region. Product from this region accounts for over 60% o the total’s country’s production. Mexico enjoys two main seasons for maize production.

The first harvest is the biggest giving a total of 70% of the country’s annual production with the second harvest giving the remaining 30%. Mexico is among the countries with growing livestock industries and much of its maize harvest goes towards feeding the animals. This leaves the country to rely on maize imports as a supplement to its production. Current estimates indicate that Mexico produces 32.6 million tonnes of maize.

8. Indonesia

Maize Producing Countries

Within the ASEAN Economic Community, Indonesia is the leading maize producer. It ranks in the eighth position among the biggest maize producers. Despite its high production, it is also a big consumer of the product with statistics indicating the country consumes more that it produces.

It is estimated that the production capacity of the country stands at 19 million tones. Consumption of the product in the same period went high to a record 20.8 million tones. The biggest chunk of this produce goes towards dairy farming which is a booming sector in the country.

9. France

Maize Producing Countries

In the ninth position among the leading maize products is France. Maize is grown through out the country though the biggest portion of its harvest is from the southern parts of the country. Acquitine region produces an average of 21 % to the total country’s harvest while Midi-Pyrenees state contributes 13% of the total harvest in the country’s basket.

Production estimates indicate that France produces an estimated 17.1 million tones of maize every year. Despite its massive production, France is a low consumer of maize and much of its produce is exported ranking it as the third biggest maize exporter in the world.

10. South Africa

Maize Producing Countries

Despite being in a hunger ravaged continent, South Africa is the 10th country in production of the highest maize yields. Most of its production is in the north and northeastern regions of the country. South African farmers plant their crops in the periods between September and December and harvest between the months of April and June. Annual production of maize in South Africa is estimated at more than 15.5 million tonnes.

11. Philippines

Maize Producing Countries

For decades, Philippines have led in maize production across the globe. The country has been recording a steady increase in its maize production maintaining its position among the leading global producers. In the past two years the country has recorded a significant increase of 2% in the current year and 16% in the previous year. Current estimates indicate the country has capacity to produce 8.3 million metric tone of maize annually.

12. Serbia

Maize Producing Countries

For years, Serbia has been a major producer of maize. Despite heavy fluctuations in its production, the country remains one of the globes leading producers. According to statistics, the country current production capacity stands at 7 million metric tonnes. This however is a drop in productivity accounting for 7.89% of the drop.

Maize continues to be a preferred dish in most countries alongside gaining popularity as a common feed for the dairy industry. This is alongside having numerous demands in industrial production all indications that the demand for maize will continue increasing by each day. The top 10 largest maize producing countries in the world are employing modern farming techniques to increase the production. This is a step towards meeting the rising demand and supporting other industries required for economic growth.