Oil and gas continue to provide the most consumed source of fuel in different sectors across the globe. The companies that trade in oil and gas are multi-nationals with operations across the world and normally drive the overall business.

Of interest is the fact that most of the biggest companies in this business owe their origin in Russia. Below is a list of leading top oil and gas companies in the world in 2019.

1. Gazprom

Oil And Gas Companies 2019

The leading oil and gas producer in the whole world is Gazprom. The company is privately owned with the Russian government being the major shareholder. The company has its headquarters in Moscow and its operations include exploration, production, refining, sale and distribution of oil and natural gas products. Its main production fields lie in the Gulf of Ob in Western Siberia. In 2011, the company was on record for production of over 17% of the world’s total gas production estimated at 513.2 billion cubic meters. Alongside being in the oil industry, the company has interest in other fields among them the finance industry, media, aviation alongside having stake in numerous other companies.

2. Rosneft

Oil And Gas Companies

Rosenft is a state owned oil producing company. It is owned by the Russian government and is headquartered in Balchug District in Moscow. In 2016, the company rose to the 51st position among the largest global companies in terms of profits generated raking in a total of $64.75 billion in sales. Its line of activities includes exploration and production of gas products. The company runs two refineries the Komsomolsk-On-Amur and Tuapse lauded for its prime location on Black sea.

3. Exxon Mobil

Oil And Gas Companies

Exxon Mobil company is an American company with its headquarters in Irving, Texas. The company was formed in 1999 through a merger between Exxon and Mobil oil companies. Exxon Mobil ranks in the seventh position in the world’s largest companies in terms of revenue and market capitalisation. It leads as the largest petroleum products in the word with a daily capacity of 6.3 million barrels. Currently the company produces 3.921 million barrels daily placing it just slightly below the leading state owned oil producing corporations.

4. PetroChina

Oil And Gas Companies

PetroChina Company limited is a Chinese company with its headquarters in Dongcheng District Beijing. It is a state owned corporation managed by China National Petroleum Corporation and currently the leading oil producer in the country. The company enjoys duopoly operations in its wholesale and retail operations a factor attributed to its placement as the most profitable company in Asia. The company has won the eighth position in the Forbes 2000: the World’s Leading Companies.

5. BP P.L.C

Oil And Gas Companies

BP P.L.C is a British company with its headquarters in London, England. The company is ranked I the sixtieth position among the largest energy companies in the world and as well the companies with largest turnover globally. As of 2016, the companies had its operation in 72 different countries across the world running over 18,000 service stations. Alongside producing and distribution of petroleum products, the company is also a leader on biofuels and wind power production.

6. Royal Dutch Shell

Oil And Gas Companies

Royal Dutch Shell was incorporated in the United Kingdom and is headquartered in Netherlands. Based on the 2016 revenues, Shell was in the sixth position among the largest companies in Europe. It was ranked in the first position by Fortune 500 global in 2013 the year when its profits rose to an equivalent of 84% of the total GDP of Netherlands. Its operations cover more than 70 countries across the globe with over 44,000 services stations in different areas globally. Shell also holds 50% of the shares in Raizen a Brazilian company ranked as the third largest in the country and a major ethanol producer.

7. Chevron Corporation

Oil And Gas Companies

Chevron corporation is an American company with its headquarters in San Ramon, California. The company is involved in all aspects of trade in oil industry including exploration, drilling, refining and distribution. It stands in history as being part of the famous seven sisters that dominated the oil industry in the periods between 1940 and 1970. Fortune 500 lists the company in the third position among the top US companies and in the sixteenth position among the global corporations. Its major operations cover areas in the west of North America, the Gulf Coast of the US, South Africa, Australia, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

8. Petrobras

Oil And Gas Companies

Petrobras is a Brazilian corporation headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Otherwise referred to as Brazilian Petroleum Company, it was ranked by the Fortune Global 500 in the 58th position. The company’s core business includes exploration of oil and gas, refining and production and distribution. It is also involved in production of bi-fuel products which it distributes alongside its other products. 92% of the company’s production efforts are within the Brazilian soil but has distribution networks covering countries outside Brazil.

9. Lukoil

Oil And Gas Companies

Lukoil is a Russian oil and gas company with headquarters in Moscow. It is one among the largest companies with confirmed largest oil and gas reserves in the world. In a report released in 2008, the company held 1.3% of the total gas and oil reserves across the world estimated at 19.3 million barrels in accordance to SPE standards. Its operations cover 40 countries around the globe. The companies operations range from exploration to the sale of petroleum products.

10. Total S.A.

Oil And Gas Companies

Total S.A is a French multinational company. The company’s operations range from explorations, drilling, refining and transportation of various oil and gas products. The company further leads among the chemical producing companies alongside being a world leader in solar power generation. Its head office is in La Defense District in the west of Paris. Operations of the company started in 1924 after the first world war making it one of the oldest companies in the industry. Its operations cover more than 133 countries across the world with an employee force of 96,000.

11. Statoil

Oil And Gas Companies

This is a multinational oil and gas producing company with its headquarters in Stavager, Norway. According to the Forbes magazine, the company ranks as the eleventh largest oil and gas producing company and ranks in the 26th position among the world’s biggest companies in terms of profits generated. Statoil is responsible for over 60% oil and gas operations in the Norwegian continent shelf and operates the major production fields in the region.

12. ENI

Oil And Gas Companies

ENI is an Italian company dealing with oil and gas products. The company has its headquarters in Rome and is estimated to have operations in approximately 79 countries across the globe. According to the Fortune Global 500 magazine, ENI gained the ranked of 65th position among the worlds biggest companies in 2016 a fall from position 25 in the previous year. The company was established in 1965 from the former Agip Company. He company deals with drilling and sale of oil and gas products to some of the leading international suppliers across the globe.

The oils and gas industry offers great support to the global economy. The products offered by these companies is used as fuel in various industries hence the important contribution to economic growth. With continued growth of the economies around the globe projected, companies in this industry continue to invest heavily to ensure there is constant supply of the essential products. The top 12 oil ad gas producing companies are a reflection of the efforts made in the industry and which is bound to continue in the years to come.


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