Onions are some of the most common vegetables around the globe used in preparation of savory dishes and chutneys alongside other meals. They are prominent for their flavor addition capability to the dishes and the low calories content that makes it safe for consumption by all classes of persons.

Onions have been in use for centuries with history indicating that they were widely used in ancient Egypt, china and Persia. Today, production of onions is widely practised across the globe with an estimated 9.2 million acres under the crop. Here is a list of the top 13 onion producing countries in the world 2018 and whose contribution is widely felt across the globe.

1. China

Onion Producing Countries

The world top leading producer of onions is china. The country produces over 20 million tones of onions annually accounting for the largest percentage f the total world’s produce. With the highest population growth rate in the world, the country has employed different measures to feed its population through use of modern farming technologies such as mechanisation thereby increasing individual productivity.

2. India

Onion Producing Countries

India ranks in the second position as the most populous country on the globe. The agricultural sector in the country amounts for 18.1% of the GDP hence a major contributor to the country’s economy. Despite its numerous populations, the agricultural sector produces enough to feed the nation and offer the surplus for exports.

The country produces and exports a wide range of products and onions are among the product available from the country. It is the second largest producer of onions with an estimated 8,178,300 tonnes produced annually.

3. United States

Onion Producing Countries

Despite agriculture contributing just a little less of 1% to the economy of United States, the country remains among the biggest food exporters across the globe. It also ranks among the countries with the biggest tracks of land under cultivation. Majority of farmers from United States are large-scale farmers constituting of a little portion of the country’s population.

Onion farming is one among the many products from United States with adequate supply to cover the world most populous country and exports. Onion production in the United States is estimated to reach 3,349,170 tonnes per year landing it in the third position among the biggest onion producers across the world.

4. Pakistan

Onion Producing Countries

Pakistan is a leading food exporter in today’s world. Statistics indicate that the agricultural sector in the country accounts for approximately 20% of the country’s GDP. Its history in farming dates back to the period of green revolution in the 1960s and 1970s and continues to receive major developments currently employing more that 43% of the population. Ranking in the fourth position among the biggest onion producers on the globe, Pakistan produces an estimated 2,015,200 tonnes annually.

5. Turkey

Onion Producing Countries

Turkey has a rich history in farming that dates back to the advent of agriculture. The farming sector of the country today is among the major contributors to the country’s economy with an estimated contribution of 9% to the GDP. Ranking in the fifth position globally among the biggest onion producers, the country produces an estimated 2,007,120 tones of the product annually.

6. Iran

Onion Producing Countries

Unknown to many, Iran an oil rich country is also a leading producer of onions ranking on the sixth position globally. Following the economic sanctions imposed, the country has invested heavily in biotechnology with intent to boost its food reserves and this gives onion farmers a platform to use modern technology and increase production.

This has seen the country increase its total production of different fruits and vegetables ranking at top five biggest exporters in a variety of these products. Include in the list of these products is the onion production that is estimated at 1,849,275 tonnes annually.

7. Egypt

Onion Producing Countries

A desert country in the north of Africa, Egypt is better known for its indulgence in irrigated farming. The country produces large amounts of vegetable to feed both its domestic market and for export. Onions believed to have been in use in the country since the ancient times are part of the vegetables produced with a total of 1,728,417 tonnes being produced annually.

8. Russia

Onion Producing Countries

Russia ranks in the fourth place globally in the list of countries with expansive cultivated land estimated at 1,237,294 square kilometers. A traditional grain exporter, Russia has in recent times ventured into vegetable farming. Part of the vegetable produce from the country is the onions where an estimated 1,712,500 tonnes are produced annually.

9. Brazil

Onion Producing Countries

Brazil ranks highest among the global exporters of different food products making agriculture one of the recognisable contributors to the country’s GDP. With the massive efforts to improve agricultural production, onion farming in Brazil currently produces over 1,299,815 tonnes. The figure is projected in the coming years with the increased acreage in the ongoing encroachment of virgin lands being cleared for cultivation.

10. Mexico

Onion Producing Countries

Mexico is a South American country credited with introducing the world to a great range of its native vegetables. It continues to be among the leading producers of vegetable crops to feed its wide population and the global market. Currently the country produces an estimated 1,252,441 tonnes of onions annually making a big contribution to the global market.

11. Japan

Onion Producing Countries

Japan has only 12% of its land suitable for cultivation. Despite this challenge, the country has the world’s highest yield rates per unit area. Onions are part of the traditional Japanese cuisines and the crop is widely cultivated for domestic use and the excess production exported.

It is estimated that the country produces over 1,165,000 tonnes of onions annually an amount adequate to feed its population and serve the global market. A great challenge to this lies in lack of younger generations taking over the farming practice from the aging generation and a threat of reduced production.

12. Netherlands

Onion Producing Countries

Netherlands is a Europeans country formally known as Holland. The country is densely populated and uses mechanised agriculture to cater for its large population-producing surplus that goes to the international market. The country has in the recent past gained a place in books of history for its large quota of vegetable exports accounting for almost one third of the world’s total exports. Among these are onions where the country produces over 1,130,000 tonnes with much of the produce being exported.

13. Spain

Onion Producing Countries

Spain is a leading farm producer with agricultural history dating decades. Its climatic conditions supports farming who mainly rely on adequate supply of rainfall to grow crops all year round. Irrigation is also practised producing the biggest amounts of food products in the country.

Vegetables among them onions are among the most popular products from the country. Considered as one of the traditional plants in the region, onion production in Spain is estimated to produce over 1,098,400 tonnes annually an amount well enough for the country’s population and export.

Onions appear in almost every meal. It fits to almost every cuisine and a much sought after delicacy. Its ability to withstand tough climatic conditions makes it a popular vegetable grown across the globe. Most farmers grow onions on small scale concentrating on just enough for domestic use. The top leading countries in production of onions provide the globe with adequate supply to meet the needs of population and as well giving constant contribution to the countries economic development.


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