Oil is forever going to remain one of the most important natural resources on which the economy of many countries stand. These countries are rich in oil and have perfectly presented their position in the modern world as superior nations.

Some of the places are superpowers while some are developing countries. Moreover, most of the oil supply around the world goes through these nations. According to the amount of oil production every day, they are presented as largest petroleum producing countries in 2019.

10. Kuwait

Largest Petroleum Producing Countries 2019

Kuwait has been one of the top producers of petroleum making a mark since the time they were planted in 1938. The oil fields around Kuwait are producing 3% of world’s production. The oil is bound to stay for more years improving the economic state and the condition of the country. The country has democratic relations with some other countries around supplying oil to them. The pricing varies depending on production and amount of export. They produce about 2.75 million barrels of petroleum every day.

9. Brazil

Petroleum Producing Countries

With some of the oil giants starting their production through offshore oil fields, one of the largest countries in the world has been booming in petroleum production. There are some oil fields there under companies like Petrobras, which produce enough oil to increase the total daily production, but since there are new fields recently discovered around, it is evident that in near future, the oil fields are going to be of a higher number with increasing production. The higher number of oil fields lead to increasing production causing higher trade around the world. The country produces 2.8 million barrels of petroleum each day which when increased in future may put the country in a better economic condition.

8. Mexico

Petroleum Producing Countries

Mexico gets its place in petroleum production but is not so famous as energy consuming place. So most of the production goes off as export to the US to suffice their demands. The revenue the country obtains from the natural produce, oil makes a cut of 10% in it. There are large income opportunities in this field and their many wells came up and the new increased produce has made them one of the leading producers in the international market. Their production marks 2.95 million barrels for each day.

7. The United Arab Emirates

Petroleum Producing Countries

The country is a combination of Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the oil-rich place of Persian Gulf. The produce in the place suffice for the oil output there and all around. The place has kept it away from financial trouble due to this export facility of oil. The place is sending out gallons of oil and with an increase in production every year they are going to leaders in petroleum export soon, getting billions of dollars as revenue every day. The production of their oil mines each day is 3.23 million barrels for each day.

6. Canada

Petroleum Producing Countries

The company secures about 4% of world production. With a very less population, the country is going to set a great part of it for export to other countries. There is petroleum that suffices for the people. This makes the country placed in an irregular future as the most oil mines are onshore mines. The cost for extracting is also higher. There are some mines yet to be found all around Arctic sea making the chances of improvement in production and more time of sufficient reserves remaining. The country has a production of 3.92 barrels for a single day.

5. Iran

Petroleum Producing Countries

This is another country from near the Gulf with a 4.5% cut of the daily output of petroleum production. It is a county playing a major role in oil exporting countries. They help in controlling the actions of the different countries. The produce of the country is enough for the people to have all they need and then export most of it. The total amount of petroleum still presents it is enough for the country to produce it for an entire century. Thus future of the country is quite balanced. The total amount of production from Iran is 4.13 million barrels for each day.

4. China

Petroleum Producing Countries

China has improved its position in the world economy as a superpower for the majestic production and great arsenal. They have worked on their petroleum production for the last 50 years so that it helps in 4.7% of the produce of petroleum around the world. The place continues to consume all the petroleum from their produce and balance the necessity through the import from other countries. They have been using modern technology in draining oil from the oil fields making it higher chances to have increased productions in near future. China has been working on 4.19 million barrels for each day.

3. Russia

Petroleum Producing Countries

The country is one of the largest in the world making it a massive 11.5% of world population. This makes the chances of increasing production of petroleum more from the country. Russia has many onshore and offshore mines who produce petroleum at a great rate enough to suffice their country’s need. There are also other oil mines in the far reach of Siberia that have not been used for resources. There is more oil present around the country than expected, making the present per day produce about 10.3 million barrels every day.

2. United States

Petroleum Producing Countries

The world-class economy and the best scientific technology have placed this country in the second place producing a very high amount or 12% of world petroleum production. They have been working highly onshore and offshore oil production and for the heavy economy need a lot of produce to have enough petroleum for their necessity. There are various new oil mines that have been floated around here making it easy to have a production as high as the best Gulf countries but even with that much production, they need import of petroleum to deliver to their needs fully making the new production mines to start work soon. Their daily produce reaches about 10.59 million barrels.

1. Saudi Arabia

Petroleum Producing Countries

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been one of the most favourable production countries of petroleum. They produce about 13.24% of the total production of oil around the world and are the leaders of both the produce and the oil export market because of lesser demands than the production. They have a secure future because of the total oil mines they have for the future. When accounting for the high amount of energy production through natural resources like gas and biofuels. They have very high amount of fuel reserve enough to save their future conditions. This shows the reason why they already have 11.75 million barrels production daily.

The top countries that have a high-grade technology and great economic conditions are due to their production of petroleum. Though the world is moving towards making earth greener, the production and export of oil are still helpful in generating a very high amount of revenue. This makes the productions even better than any other items of export and increases the condition of the country to gain a place in the world economy.