Pomegranate is an ancient fruit that has been grown for decades in various parts of the world. The fruit has innumerable benefits to humans among them is the fact that it has some anti-oxidant, anti-tumor properties, anti-viral properties and in addition it’s a good source of vitamin E, A, C and folic acid.

This fruit will boost your blood circulation, treat your sore throats, treat anemia, stomach disorders, diabetes, cancer among other diseases. Owing to its health benefits, the fruit is becoming more popular today with production increasing in different parts of the world. This comes as a measure to meet the growing global demand. In the past five years, statistics indicate that importation of the fruit to different parts of the world has more than doubled. Here is a list of top 10 largest pomegranate producing countries in 2019.

1. Iran

Largest Pomegranate Producing Countries 2019

Top in the list ofpomegranate largest producers is Iran. The country with a top record in production of other fruit types produces over 1 million tonnes annually. Most of the products from this country are destined for exports fetching the country huge amounts in revenues. It is estimated that a kilo of pomegranate from Iran sells between $9 – 10 with 5 kilos fetching an amount equivalent to a barrel of oil. Major exports from the country are exported to Persian Gulf, Europe and China.

2. United States

Pomegranate Producing Countries

United states ids a great producer of pomegranate. The country known for high production of different food products is also a great producer of the fruit as well as an exporter. Considered as the biggest rival to Iran in terms of production, United States is currently facing decreased production of the fruit. This is largely attributed to decrease in available acreage as farmers seek for alternative farming practices and embracing different fruits. The country exports much of its produce to South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, Brazil and Japan. The fruits from the United States are highly regarded for the sweet taste and big sizes than that from other countries.

3. China

Pomegranate Producing Countries

China produces large amounts of pomegranate and ranks in the third position on the globe. The crop was introduced in the country in the 80s and has been receiving increased production with adoption of new farming techniques that increases the yields per acreage. The fruit is grown in the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Henan. Growing popularity of pomegranate fruits in china continues to increase by each day making it a large consumer of its products which is sold in most of the cities in the country. According to market statistics, it is estimated that the country‘s production in 2015 averages at 12,000 Yuan per hectare.

4. India

Pomegranate Producing Countries

India ranks in the fourth position among the biggest pomegranate producers. The country also known to produce other varieties of fruits is also the main consumer of its fruit production. The fruit is popular in the country where it is eaten raw. Processing plants that produce juices and packed pomegranate seeds are also on the increase increasing the local consumption of the produce. Part of the country’s products is sold to the gulf regions but in the recent times there are little or no exports from the country. The high demand for the fruit has increased the pricing of the fruit thus an encouragement to the farmers to increase its production.

5. Israel

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Israel enjoys a large pomegranates season increasing its overall production of the fruit. The fruit is cultivated mostly in the central and southern regions of the country despite the whole country having god climatic conditions for its growth. Most of the produce from Israel is exported to the European market a new market where the country enjoys the largest share of the market. It is estimated that the fruit in the European market attracts a cost of 5 Euros per 3.5 kilograms giving good returns to the farmers who are set to increase acreage of the crop.

6. Egypt

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Ranking among the global gains in production of pomegranate, Egypt is known for its two main varieties of the fruit. The two varieties are namely the Baladi and Wonderful. Baladi is known to have a weaker skin than the wonderful and is less attractive but this factor does not limit its production. Baladi on the other hand is credited with a sweeter flavor compared to the wonderful. Pomegranates from Egypt are exported to Seychelles, Mauritius, Bangladesh and Maldives among other countries. It is estimated that the country’s exports an average of 700 tonnes of the fruit annually.

7. Spain

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Farmers in Spain have in the recent years shown impressive farming trends that continue to increase production of pomegranate in the country. It is estimated that in the past two years, the fruit production has increase by up to 20%. Different varieties of the fruit are grown across the country with Alicante and Valencia among the biggest producers. Traditionally, fruits from Spain were mainly exported to Russia that used to account for more than 30% of the total exports. The trends are changing in recent times with the produce now targeting the Far East and Middle East countries. Other countries that buy fruits from Spain include Europe, Italy and Ireland.

8. Turkey

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Turkey has seen a new trend of increased production in recent years. Statistics from regional authorities indicate the country indicates that the value of exports from the country increase to $108.4 million in 2004 up from $9.4 million in 2009. Despite the high volume of exports, pomegranate is not popular within the domestic markets experiencing low consumption. Authorities are however seeking for ways to increase this trend and increase domestic consumption that will result in a big boost to the farmers.

9. Afghanistan

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Afghanistan is considered as the world’s cradle of pomegranate production. The country has a rich history in production and export of the fruit that dates back to many decades. This was however interrupted in the 1970s owing to political instability that resulted in reduced exports. After the war was over, the industry began to reclaim its popularity. This is better illustrated by the step in 2009 when thousands of pomegranate plants were planted in the country. A juice company was also constructed in the same year offering farmers a ready market for the produce. This has not only increased the local cost of the fruit but a big encouragement to the farmers and a boost to the fruit farming industry.

10. Belgian

Pomegranate Producing Countries

Belgian is also a great producer of pomegranate fruit. The country also leads among the biggest producers in the country. High consumption in the country has seen the local farmers unable to fully feed the local market creating the need for imports. High consumption locally is attributed to the emphasis by health experts on benefits of the fruit. The country is known for growing the wonderful variety in huge amounts though other varieties are also common.

With known health benefits and the growing popularity of nutrient rich fruits, pomegranates’ popularity continues to rise by each day. The fruit is also available in numerous varieties that make it easy to grow in different regions across the globe. Production of the fruit is favorable through the year with different seasons experienced in various countries. With the increasing productivity and consumption demands for the pomegranate fruit, countries that engage in its production are set to increase considerably as its growth is creating employment and boosting the GDP as well. The high pricing of the fruit is also a great encouragement to farmers who increase the yields and the quest to feed the growing demand.