Indian railway is the pioneer of all transport in India which has intensely played an active role in the smooth travelling in various part of India. Rather it acts as a multi-purpose in fulfilling the travel needs of the Indian passengers. There are innumerable railway stations in every part of India under the ministry of railways which look after the safety, protection, and maintenance of Indian railway. It runs as the largest and popular network for all Indian travellers.

It is one kind of life support for the Indian travellers who love to travel by train and enjoy the experience with their friends, family, and children. It is reported that half of the nation’s population is depended on the Indian railway as it is travel- friendly and cost-effective as well for many Indians who find difficult to afford the high-expense of flight tickets. But in terms of the train, the Indian railway offers every kind of affordable trains keeping in mind the budget of the Indian passengers. These railway networks connect with various other rail networks in different parts of India for easy connectivity to other small and large cities in India.

Therefore, we have enlisted the top 10 largest railway stations in India in 2019 that have been successful in keeping the passengers on track with advanced and modern technology for the convenience of the Indian passengers without any difficulty.

10. New Delhi Railway Station

Largest Railway Stations In India 2019

The capital of India New Delhi has got the oldest and iconic railway station in India. It also serves as the oldest and historically significant in serving the needful for the Indian passengers in reaching their desired destinations. New Delhi has got two major railway stations i.e. one old and another the new railway stations and both the railway stations are fully operational for meeting the travelling needs of various customers.

This railway station is incredibly huge and outnumbered with passengers who are willing to travel in various parts of India. Some of the trains are here longer in kilometers with large trains and considered to be among the busiest as well. It is absolutely chaotic, loud, and over-crowded with a huge numbers of travellers travelling every day without a miss.

9. Nagpur Railway Station

Railway Stations In India

Another leading and largest rail network in India is the Nagpur Railway Station which has efficiently worked and run for the Indian passengers with dedication and determination in serving as one of the best railway networks in India. It has easy connectivity in different parts of India like Kolkata, Pune, Lucknow, Mumbai, Vijayawada, Haridwar, Ajmer, and others.

It is considered as one of the antiquated railway networks in India with a huge number of crowds travelling every day to distant places. It was nearly built around the year 1867 for the easy accessibility to various parts of India with the largest rail network to serve the purpose of every passenger. It has earned immense popularity for the cleanliness that has increased the passengers more in numbers for better and healthy travelling.

8. Varanasi Railway Station

Railway Stations In India

Varanasi the cultural centered of North India is tends to be the largest rail networks in India which has served every purpose of the Indian passenger in the most advanced and modern way. The city is always over-crowded with outnumbered population henceforth the railways play a significant role in connecting various cities to the city of Varanasi as it serves as a major pilgrim shrine of Lord Shiva. The Varanasi Railway Station has outnumbered national and international passengers travelling every day from other major and small cities to visit the famous holy shrine.

7. Coimbatore Railway Station

Railway Stations In India

The Coimbatore Railway Station serves is the pioneer of the largest rail networks in India. It is also formerly known as the Coimbatore Junction serving the easy connectivity purpose of varied Indian passengers to distant places according to the needs and preferences of the passengers. They have outnumbered trains for daily passengers including commuter rail, express train, and passenger trains.

They have an availability of 6 platforms and 20 railway tracks for the smooth running of various trains in every part of India. The railway station is comprised of four major lines connecting to various cities which include Coimbatore-Shoranur Line, Coimbatore-Mettupalayam Line, Coimbatore-Chennai Line, and Coimbatore-Pollachi Line.

6. Sonepur Railway Station, Bihar

Railway Stations In India

Sonepur Railway Station happened to be the 6th largest railway networks in India which primarily situated in the state of Bihar in the Eastern India. It is largely populated with Indian passengers travelling in distant places with advanced facilities. It comprises of four platforms and eight tracks under the East Railway Zone with a huge traffic of outnumbered passengers travelling every day. It offers two distinct kinds of train i.e. one is the passenger train and other is the express trains with accessibility and easy availability by the Indian railways for the convenience and needs of various passengers from various parts of India.

5. Jhansi Junction, Uttar Pradesh

Railway Stations In India

Another largest chain of the railway network is the Jhansi Junction which situated in the center of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. It comprises of three platforms and seven railway tracks for serving the purpose of smooth running of various trains connecting various railway stations in various parts of India. Undoubtedly, it has been running brilliantly with no issue of complaint from the Indian passengers. They offer several express trains which include Bhopal Express, Rajdhani Express, Kerala Express, Shatabdi Express, Dakshin Express, and other express trains.

4. Bilaspur Railway Station, Chhattisgarh

Railway Stations In India

This railway stations smoothly connects to other various railway stations in various parts of India and happened to be considered as one of the leading railway networks in India with a large number of travelling population meeting the end needs of the passengers travelling purpose. It comprised of goods railway, regional railway, and light rail with easy connectivity and availability by the Indian Railways. It consists of nine platforms and eighteen railway tracks.

3. Kharagpur Railway Platform, West Bengal

Railway Stations In India

The Kharagpur Railway Platform is widely popular for having the longest railway platform and also consists of having one of the largest rail networks in India without a doubt. It connects through various major railway stations in various parts of India. It acts as a life line for the people of India as it is reliable, affordable, and also over-crowded with a massive population.

2. Kollam Junction, Kerala

Railway Stations In India

The second largest railway networks in India is the Kollam Junction which is formerly situated in the states of Kerala which works to ensure for the smooth running of various trains on time with easy connectivity and availability by the Indian Railways. This railway station majorly connects almost all trains en route to other cities or states.

1. Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

Railway Stations In India

It seems Uttar Pradesh is leading in the number one position in the establishment of the largest railway networks in India by no means of compromising with the convenience purpose of each passenger in India who is willing to travel to their destined places. It comprised of ten platforms and twenty-six railway tracks under the North Eastern Railway Zone.

Thus, here we get an entire overview of the top 10 largest railway stations in India in 2019 with the largest network for the easy connectivity of various outnumbered passengers in India.


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