Railway stations are so expressive, personal and quite a lot more amusing than bus stations or airports. A lot of beautiful stories start at the railway stations and a lot of potential stories end too at these very stations.

A railway station, more than any other worldly building, elicits the impression of national pride and spiritual aspirations. Some of the most functional, largest, and busiest railway stations in the world in 2019 are listed here.

10. Central Station, Tokyo

Largest Railway Stations 2019

This station is the busiest station in Japan considering the number of people coming to and leaving the station in a day, and fifth busiest if considering the number of passengers. The station was well built and upgraded according to the latest technology to serve to passengers without any difficulties. This railway station is connected to almost 14 major lines with various sublines.

9. Hauptbahnhof, Berlin

Railway Stations

16 years after the fall of Berlin wall, the new central railway station in Berlin was opened named Hauptbahnhof. The original station which was destroyed during World War II made the routes between East and West Germany the busiest ones. So, there they established a new central station serving the same route. Now this station connects the whole of Germany very well, having 2 main lines. The platform, however, is a beautiful one having 7 platforms.

8. Stesen Keretapi, Kuala Lumpur

Railway Stations

Stesen Keretapi is one of the most important railway hubs in Southeast Asia. The station is a mixture of eastern and western architectural culture. The station establishes connectivity to all the areas including urban, suburban, commercial, and industrial areas. It even provides a direct connectivity to Kuala Lumpur international airport, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, and other important areas. The station has 5 main lines connecting the country.

7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Railway Stations

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is an ancient station and is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. Being one of the busiest and largest railway station in India, it serves a large number of network lines across the country. The station has 18 platforms: 7 for the local trains connecting the Mumbai city and helping to keep the city running and the rest 11 connecting the city to other cities. The station mainly follows two lines: the central line and the harbor line. The station also serves as the set for a lot of Bollywood movies like Slumdog Millionaire and Ra.One.

6.Grand Central Terminal, New York

Railway Stations

Also called the “world’s loveliest station”, this station is a monument in itself. It has all in all 44 platforms and has quite a large infrastructure. This station has also appeared in a lot of movies like Men in Black, The Godfather, and Carlito’s Way. The food of the station is remarkably great too. The station serves almost one million people a week. The station is well connected with the Metro-North Commuter railroad which passes through the city and connects to New Jersey. The line is well connected to 120 stations across seven countries in New York.

5. Jakarta Kota Station, Indonesia

Railway Stations

The Jakarta Kota Station also known as the Beos station was established in the 1870s and was again upgraded and renovated in 1926. Being the South-East Asia’s largest train station, it serves a lot of lines and connects a lot of cities. It serves across the Java Island, Gambir Station, Jatinegara Station, Pasar Sanan Station and 3 KRL Jabotabek lines. With 12 platforms and food courts and other historical artifacts, this station is also a well-known monument and landmark of Indonesia.

4. Roma Termini Railway Station, Italy

Railway Stations

One of the main stations in Rome, Roma Termini was established in 1862. It is titled as the Europe’s second largest station. Roma Termini provides services both domestically and internationally. It connects Rome with Paris, Vienna, Munich, Geneva, and Basel. The station has 29 platforms and a beautiful infrastructure.

3. Munich Hauptbahnhof, Germany

Railway Stations

If only considering the number of platforms, Munich Hauptbahnhof is the second largest railway station in the Europe, having 32 platforms. This station was established in 1839 and was renovated in 1960 after the world war II. The station has food shops, gift shops on the first and ground floor and a shopping complex in the basement along with a children’s museum and a hotel. It serves about 450,000 passengers every day.

2. Shinjuku Station, Japan

Railway Stations

Shinjuku station was established in Tokyo in the year 1885. Serving about 3.6 million people every day, the station is said to be the largest and busiest station in Japan, for which it was also included in the Guinness book of world records. The station has an underground arcade with 200 exits and 36 platforms. The line connects Tokyo with its western suburbs.

1. Gare Du Nord, France

Railway Stations

Gare Du Nord was established in 1846 in Paris and since then it has become one of the busiest train stations in the world. The station is located in the heart of the Europe and has a magnificent and an amazing building. With so many alterations and upgradations to meet up with the expectations of the passengers and serve them in the best possible manner, the station has 44 platforms amongst which 2 are not open to general public and It has various cafes, bookshops, gift shops, newsagents, e-ticket collection machines, registered baggage service and toilets. Moreover, it is still going to expand and said to be having 77 platforms making it the world’s largest station.

Railway stations are a mark of heritage and ancient culture. With the modernisation and developing technologies, the trains and stations are also getting modernised and some of the most beautiful stations are built. These stations connect cities and countries through network lines and help a great deal to passengers. May it be the daily travelling for work or school or international travel, these trains and stations make a passenger’s ride a lot more easy and comfortable. Not only do these stations provide you with trains, they are a complete package providing food, stay, shopping and many other facilities.