Silk is a natural fiber. It is one of the most expensive and demanded fibers in the world. Silk is believed to be one of the finest fibers in the world. It is used to prepare to clothe for different purposes. Silk attire is very famous for its glazy texture and bright outlook.

This silk is been produced in many countries in the world. People breed the silkworm to produce silk for business purposes. These silk clothes are used for different purposes like in costumes, bed covers, table covers etc. Some of the top 10 largest producers of silk in the world in 2019 are:

10. China

Largest Silk Producing Countries 2019

Developing silk is basically a Chinese concept. Ancient Chinese people first brought the idea of developing silk in the light. 3630 BC is the earliest date known as the existence of silk production. The silk clothes were initially used as wrappers for baby. In 2005 China was considered to be the largest producer of silk in the world. It gives about 79 % of raw silk in the world. The quality of the silk is globally appreciated and trusted.

9. India

Silk Producing Countries

India also has a long history of developing silk in the country. Silk in called as resham in northern and east part of the country. The recent archaeological survey suggests that the production of wild silk has also been evidenced in the ancient Indus valley civilisation in the southern region of Asia. Indian is one of the largest producers of silk and contributes about 76% global raw silk production in the country. Different Indian states are known for their high-quality silk products. India is a huge market for quality silk production in the world.

8. Uzbekistan

Silk Producing Countries

Though the world has reached a level where the silk production is an automated process, in spite of that, Uzbekistan is a country where the breeding of silkworm still take place and they use the traditional method of developing silk in certain parts of the country even today. The world market gets a huge number of silk productions from the country. It has been consistently been one of the largest silk producing companies of the world. This country contributes to a large part of the raw as well as complete silk products. The quality of the produced silk by this country is trusted and globally recognised.

7. Brazil

Silk Producing Countries

Brazil is one of the largest producers of the silk in South American continent. The silk producing industries have grown over the time in the country. The country has reached a technological level, that they now produce the finest form of silk. Brazil is the only country outside Asian countries which has a steady growth in the silk-producing sector. Brazil is growing at a fast pace in producing silk in the world. This country is one of the largest producers of the world.

6. Thailand

Silk Producing Countries

Thailand is one of the countries to produce silk throughout the year. Thailand contributes to a large part of world’s silk production and it is a constant and huge producer of the world. Thailand has one of the best quality silk productions.

5. Vietnam

Silk Producing Countries

Vietnam is one of the largest producers of silk in the global market. This country contributes a great portion of the silk products in the international trade. Vietnam is also one of the countries where silk development has been a practice for a long time, and with time it is even growing at a faster pace. The global consumers are raising a demand for the excellent quality silk fiber from the country.

4. South Korea

Silk Producing Countries

South Korea is a fast-growing country for the production of silk fiber in the world. Rwanda is the company which is well known for the development of silk. The culture of sericulture is growing in the country and it is also creating a great impact on the global market. South Korea has become the largest producer of silk in the world, and it has captured a large part of the world market with the quality products it produces.

3. Germany

Silk Producing Countries

Over the years Germany has been successful in getting a good name in the global market for being one of the largest producers of silk. Germany has recently joined the list of being one of the countries which produce a huge part of the world’s silk. The global market is accepting and appreciating the worthy texture and fine material of the silk produced by Germany. The silk produced by Germany contributed to the global market at a large scale. With the time this country has grown its sericulture at another level to earn a global recognition.

2. Japan

Silk Producing Countries

Japan is an established hub for the industrial sector. With all the other industries its silk developing industry is also growing with time and has reached a level to acquire international recognition. Japanese silk has a large hold over the international market. This country is one of the largest producers of silk to the global market. The product from Japan is highly demanded by the global customers also. The Japanese silk has been able to win the trust of the customer worldwide and has been able to reach every corner of the world.

1. Turkey

Silk Producing Countries

Turkey is one of the countries to have a great hold over the international market. Turkey produces a large amount of silk to the global market. Turkey is growing as one of the largest countries producers of silk. Turkey has a big industrial set up which is growing and the silk production sector has been globally acclaimed. The products by this country are liked by the global customers, for its quality production of silk. Turkey is a bulk supplier of silk to the world market, which has been earned by the country’s potential reach to different places and ability to convince people with quality products and sustain that position for a long time now.

Silk is a very luxurious fiber in the world. It is a beautifully textured fiber, used for different purposes. The silk is a beautiful looking, bright and shiny fiber. The world has many countries involved in the production of this fiber, some of them are above mentioned.


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