The demand of university education is increasing all over the world. It is quite true that there are universities across the globe which are best in every aspect. The fact is quality education matters and almost every country across the globe wants to produce talent and skills. It is because of this reason the governments pay a lot of attention to the education. Well, the fact is a university is an arena where students can enroll for graduation to higher level study. Each university across the globe which is known to provide quality education has its own specialization. Also, there are certain other factors that put them different from one another.

When it comes to getting education, universities are the top preference of many students. There is a lot of competition when it comes to studying in a professional or a reputed university. The competition is not the only thing that matters for students. Many of them often pay attention to the other factors such as size and overall number of courses. If you are prospective student who is looking to gain more knowledge about the top 10 largest universities 2019, you are at right place. Check out the below paragraphs which spotlights some useful information regarding this.

10. University of Pune, India

University of Pune, India Top Popular Largest Universities 2019

This is one among the largest universities across the globe. It bears a great reputation in the southern region of India and is a university with around 493000 students currently getting education from here. It was established in the year 1949. For those who are interested in studying undergraduates and post-graduate courses can simply proceed with this university. There are around 400 courses available and each course is authorized and valid across the globe. The specialization of this educational arena is electronic science and to offer other similar courses in this field.

9. Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Located in one of the small towns of Nepal, this is one of the largest student’s hubs in the world. It was established in the year 1959 and since then, it is one of the finest options for many students. It is one of those educational institutes in Nepal which started higher education in the country. Present around 500000 students are getting the education from here and there are more than 35 central departments including 5 research centers owned by this university. There are several graduates and undergraduates courses which are available in this university.

8. Ramkhamhaeng university, Thailand

Ramkhamhaeng university, Thailand

It is one of the largest universities in Thailand and in world too. Almost all the courses in this university are conducted in English language. There are two campuses of this university in the country and their main aim is to develop more and more skills in both urban and rural areas of the country. There are more than 432,000 students who are pursuing various courses from this university in Thailand. Students are free to enjoy various facilities offered to them by the university.

7. California State University

California State University

It is widely considered as one of the well-reputed and affordable university in the US. It is also counted one among the largest universities across the globe. There are around 23 campuses within the state California AS per 2019 data, there are around 450,000 students who are currently studying in the different campuses in this universities. As far as the matter of quality of education is concerned, it has recently recognized as one of the universities with an excellent reputation.

6. State University of New York

State University of New York

There are around 440,000 students who are studying in this university presently. You might have no idea but this is one among the oldest universities in the country. Almost all the professional courses can be studied in this university. Also, it is known to an excellent place for simply the best educational system. Presently, it has collaboration with around 22 major universities of the world for student’s exchange and research programs.

5. University of Ohio

University of Ohio

This university bears a very good reputation for offering the quality education. The present enrollment is around 478,000 students as per the information available on the official website. There are several bachelor and diploma courses which can be applied in this university. Also, it has a great scope of its high research programs in the world. University of Ohio has continuously improved its educational standards since last few years.

4. Anadolu University, Turkey

Anadolu University, Turkey

This university has played a significant role in transforming the skills of many young minds in the country to the level next. There are around 9800 faculty members who work for this educational arena. Almost all of them have research and high level degrees with them. Most of the courses in this university are taught in the English language. The present enrollment of this university is around 510,000 students.

3. Islamic Azad University, Iran

Islamic Azad University, Iran

It is another reputed and in fact largest university in the world with a very good reputation. This university is actually known to provide master and doctorate programs in almost all the sectors. Also, this university is home to the largest academic library in the country. Presently, around 1 million students are getting education from this university and this is exactly what that makes it one of the well-known educational institutes in the country.

2. Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

This university is known to provide several educational courses till doctoral programs. Current enrollment of this university is around 1.9 million students. Also, it is one of the finest universities in terms of students’ welfare and other facilities. As per some educational experts in the country, the level of courses which this university offers has a wide scope in the future.

1. Indira Gandhi International Open University, India

Indira Gandhi International Open University, India Top Famous Largest Universities 2019

It is another university in the world which has gained a lot of reputation. There are presently more than 2 million students from different parts of the world who are getting education from here. Also, it has been known to run various programs that are best in the long run and ensures a better future scope. There is a network of around 2300 study centers under this university within the country. It runs both campus and distance learning programs.

That’s all about the top 10 largest universities 2019. Most of the universities mentioned above run their courses in the International language. Also, the students are always known to have a satisfied feedback with them. The overall budget of these universities on the research and other programs is huge and this is one reason why more and more students are enrolled in them each other.


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