Wheat is one of the staple crops that are produced all around the world. Thus production in every country is equally important to sustain the demands of the people in that country. Some of the countries have a lot of surplus production, which helps in generating higher revenues.

There are some stable environmental conditions required for wheat production which are present in many countries, resulting in the higher growth in annual production. This crop is the third most produced crop in the world, making it a major part of world economy. Here is the list of top 10 largest wheat producing countries in the world in 2019.

10. Turkey

Largest Wheat Producing Countries 2019

Turkey is a country with a lot of agricultural produce due to the extensive amount of agricultural land present there. The process of wheat farming requires less of moist land and thus the place is favourable for this cultivation. Farming of wheat is done around different places in the country. This place is a great producer of other crops and vegetables, which are exported around the globe. The annual production of this place is around 21 million metric tonnes.

9. Germany

Wheat Producing Countries

The country had agriculture as a small part of the economy, but the recent advancements in agricultural field have made the production increase significantly. There are farms, which are getting lesser area due to modernisation, but still, there is a stable growth in wheat production. Most of the farms where wheat is produced are from northern Germany and eastern Germany where the climate is favourable for the growth of wheat. The 22.5 million tonne production here produces an enormous amount of revenue each year.

8. Pakistan

Wheat Producing Countries

Pakistan has a great area to have perfect wheat cultivation. In Pakistan, this is the most used staple crop for making dishes. The entire country has a favourable climate for the production of wheat and thus wheat is produced. Since a major part of their economy relates to agriculture the part of the production is really important. Mainly the Punjab province is involved in a huge amount of wheat production. The country produces many other crops and about 23.6 million metric tonnes of wheat every year.

7. Canada

Wheat Producing Countries

With a low population, the demand for staple crop in Canada is not much and thus with the whole amount of wheat produced around the world major part of the produce is exported to other countries. There are great farmlands around Canada where the soil conditions and temperature are equally perfect for having the whole amount of produce in this place. The country also contributes to the production of other crops that are used as a staple food. There are some crops that have medicinal values too which help in increasing revenues. But most importantly revenue from the international market for wheat flourishes the economy. The annual production is around 27 million metric tonnes.

6. Australia

Wheat Producing Countries

The production of wheat not only depends on the soil or weather conditions related to the plant. They are also related to the equivalent area of farmlands present in a country so that a huge amount of production is done. The western regions have a high amount of wheat production and since the most important part of country’s economy is wheat, the other agricultural produce are made equally important. The export of agricultural products is evident due to so much of surplus production of wheat. Thus a huge amount of revenue is generated with a 30 million metric tonnes production every year.

5. France

Wheat Producing Countries

The economy of this country is based on agricultural produce, livestock and the sales of the brewery. The extensive places of production of wheat make it the highest producer of wheat in the whole of Europe. The place is also a top producer of many other agricultural products and since the country is based on the agricultural sales and exports around the world, higher production generates a higher revenue helping in growing economy of the places. Due to the modern technology used in agriculture, the place has an annual production of 40.4 million metric tonnes wheat, of which a very high amount is sold to other countries.

4. Russia

Wheat Producing Countries

The countries favourable condition for the growth of crops resulted in a lot of changes in agriculture since the time the economy started to be based on crop production. The modern machines and all the fertilisers are used in the farmlands to prepare them for crop production and since then the country has emerged as a producer of many staple crops. There is a widespread production of crops due to the extent of the country and ultimate a massive 56 million metric tonnes wheat is produced.

3. The United States of America

Wheat Producing Countries

The total area of the USA is the reason for which it is easy to have enough farmlands to grow crops. There are various types of wheat produced here due to the huge extension of farmlands in this place. The cereals and staple crops are some that result in a huge economic benefit to a country. Half part of the produce is sold in the country and all the surplus of it is exported. The government takes initiative to supply the important equipment for agriculture so that 61.6 million metric tonne wheat is produced.

2. India

Wheat Producing Countries

India is a top producer of staple crops like paddy and wheat because of the variable weather conditions all around the country. The country has a lot of farmlands all around and agriculture is also a major part of the economy. Thus in the favourable regions of the country where soil and weather are perfect, wheat is cultivated and a huge amount of it is sold in the local market due to the high demands and still, a huge amount of production is exported to other places making the farms developed. India has a 94.3 million metric tonnes produce per year.

1. China

Wheat Producing Countries

The country China has very few amount of land suitable for agriculture, but still, they are responsible for the major production of staple crops in the world. China has mastered several techniques in developing agricultural areas and has made several places like greenhouses to produce staple crops. Wheat is produced mainly in northern and western parts of China and with that the product reaches the highest level in the world. With the increasing greenery of the country, this place produces 125.6 million metric tonnes of wheat each year. Most of the production is exported while some of it is used to fulfil demands of people.

The area of the farmlands in the country along with natural conditions are responsible for the production of wheat in higher amounts that ultimately causes a lot of revenue generation for the country. In most of the high producing countries, most of the produce is exported to other countries so that the necessity is balanced. Thus wheat in general forms a major part of the world economy and also an important product for the agriculture industry. So many metric tonnes of wheat produced around the world is increasing with time as a staple source of food.


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