Yachts are one of the most expensive sailing motors which are owned privately and are crewed by professionals. The luxury yachts are also referred to as the superyachts, mega yachts or the large yachts. These yachts are great in size and are owned by the people who are very rich. The yachts had started in the year twentieth century that was created by the rich people for their own pleasure. The private yachts were even known to have the amenities that include the movie halls, the theatres, and most importantly, the hospitals. These yachts are almost like the beautiful towns where individuals get all the basic amenities. There are the largest yachts in the world in 2019 that the people should know about. Listed below are the top ten largest yachts.

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10. Rising Sun

Largest Yachts in The World 2019

The Rising Sun is one of the largest yachts in the world that was created as a result of a rivalry that existed between Larry Ellison and Paul Allen. These two people have been competing against each other since ages. Larry Ellison was the CEO of Oracle and Paul Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft. Allen ordered the superyacht Octopus which was around 416 foot long. Ellison placed the order for the amazing Rising Sun, which was around 452 foot long. It then became the second largest yacht owned privately. He also extended the extra 387 feet during construction. It is the tenth largest private yacht which is marvellous.

9. Al Salamah

Largest Yachts in The World

Al Salamah is another private yacht which is amazing and beautiful. This yacht was also built by Lurssen. The Al Salamah was delivered in the year 1999. Later on, it was again sent back to Lurssen for a proper refit. The Al Salamah was owned by the Prince of Saudi Arabia, who was named Sultan bin Abdulaziz. This was one of the prettiest private yachts ever built. The Al Salamah is the ninth largest yacht in the world.

8. Yas

Largest Yachts in The World

The Yas is the eighth largest luxury yacht all over the globe. It is very popular for the beauty that it has. This yacht was launched by the shipyard of Abu Dhabi MAR in the year 2011. It measures around 462 feet and seven inches. The Yas is considered to be the rebuild of the navy frigate, which was steel-hulled and belonged to the Royal Navy of Netherlands. This was built in the year 1978.

7. El Horriya

Largest Yachts in The World

El Horriya is the oldest yacht and it is also the seventh largest in the world. This yacht is around 478 feet long and it is one of the most incredible yachts that was ever manufactured. This yacht was built in the year 1865 as a private and royal yacht for the Egyptian Khedive. El Horriya was refitted a number of times and two extensions were additionally added. Currently, the El Horriya is taken care of by the Egyptian Navy. She also sailed as the Presidential Yacht at certain times.

6. Prince Abdulaziz

Largest Yachts in The World

Prince Abdulaziz was built by Helsingor Vaerft in the year 1984 for the royal family of Saudi Arabia. The length of this amazing yacht was around 482 feet and four inches. It also includes a beautiful mosque and a movie theatre, along with a hospital that is completely equipped. This yacht is the sixth largest in the world.

5. Topaz

Largest Yachts in The World

Topaz was also built by the very famous Lurssen. Lurssen has built a number of superyachts which are enormous and amazing. It is only ten inches longer than the private superyacht, Prince Abdulaziz. Topaz has a length of around 483 feet and two inches. It is the fifth largest superyacht in the entire world.

4. Al Said

Largest Yachts in The World

The Al Said is the gorgeous superyacht all across the globe. This beautiful yacht has a wonderful helipad. It is capable of accommodating around sixty-five guests along with a crew of around one-hundred and fifty people. It also has a concert hall and a movie theatre. There are times when orchestras swing in for a visit to the yachts. This yacht was also built by Lurssen. Al Said is the fourth largest yacht in the entire world. The measurement of this yacht is around 508 feet and six inches. I was also launched in the year 2008.

3. Dubai

Largest Yachts in The World

The superyacht Dubai has a length of around 531 feet and 4 inches. It was known by various names like Platinum, Golden Star and Panhandle, and it started very slowly. It was commissioned in the year 1996 and it was started as a joint partnership between Blohm Voss and Lurssen. The production had been paused for a number of years. Dubai was finally completed in the year 2006 by the Platinum Yachts. Dubai is also very popular because it can carry her own submarine.

2. Eclipse

Largest Yachts in The World

The Eclipse was built by Blohm and Voss. This yacht is considered to be the most luxurious yacht since the year 2013. Eclipse was launched in the year 2010. Eclipse has a length of 536 feet. It also runs with a speed of around 22 knots. It is the second largest superyacht in the world and it is also known for its grandeur and fame.

1. Azzam

Largest Yachts in The World 2019

The Azzam is a superyacht which has a length of 590 feet and seven inches. In the year 2013, Azzam was known to take over the superyacht Eclipse. This yacht has a horsepower of around 94000. Azzam has a speed of around 31 knots. The primary salon of this superyacht is almost ninety-five feet long and fifty-nine feet wide. It has a layout which is open with no pillars. The Azzam was also built by the Lurssen Yachts. The money that was spent to build this enormous yacht was around 600 million dollars. The owner of the private yacht is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the president of the United Arab Emirates. Azzam is the largest and most beautiful private yacht that the world has ever seen.


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