National highways are considered as one of the important life lines of India. It’s not just because they connect some of the best states or cities with each other, but it’s mainly because they have widely contributed in bring an amazing driving experience.

You might have no idea but India has some of the best national highways in the world. Actually, most of the national highways in the country have been designed by some of the well-known construction companies of the world. Of course, this contributes a ton to the overall road safety which is a major concern in India, but the fact is these highways have transformed the roads to a new level. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has worked very hard in equipping the national highways with some of the best facilities anyone can have while driving.

The national highways in India don’t just provide a unique driving experience but many of them passes through some of the best places covering some amazing views. If you often travel from one place to another and want to entertain yourself, there are national highways that you must drive your vehicle on. There are several highways that can always add a lot to your driving experience. Below is the list of top 10 longest national highways in India in 2018 you can take your car on to have the most amazing driving experience.

11. National Highway 19

National Highways In India

It is commonly called as Delhi-Kolkata highway. Being one of the longest highways in India, it has been known for providing one of the best driving experience one can ever had. The total length of this highway is around 1434 KM. As it passes through some of the best cities of India, NH 19 is one of the very busy roads. A lot of portion of this highway is the popular GT (Grand Trunk) Road. The road is extremely smooth and enables you have a driving experience you cannot even imagine.

10. National highways 66

National Highways In India

Earlier it was called NH 17 and is one of the popular national highways known for passing some of the best places in India. Actually, it passes Western Ghats and this is one of the best things that contribute to the popularity of this road. The total length of NH 66 is around 1595 KM. The starting and the ending places are Panveland and Kanyakumari which is the called as the end point of India. It passes from Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

9. National highway 16

National Highways In India

It is one of the highways to provide you the most beautiful road journeys in India. Actually, it is a part of famous Golden Quadrilateral Project. It passes from some of the best places and cover cities of Andhra Pradesh, Odhisha, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. The total length of this National Highways is 1660 KM. those who have driven their vehicles on it call it the road which always have perfect weather and amazing views.

8. National highway 53

National Highways In India

If you are looking to drive on a road that truly enables you to enjoy your ride, this is the road that you must take. It connects Gujarat and Odisha and passes through several cities of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra including the cities of two states it connects. The total length is close to 1784 KM and the highways have been built with world class technology. There are several other factors that make it popular. A lot of young drivers enjoy road journeys on this highway throughout the year.

7. National Highways 3

National Highways In India

If you love driving, this is one of the highways you must take your vehicle on. The 1195 Km long highway surely adds a lot to your driving experience. While driving, you can enjoy some of the amazing views between Agra and the financial capital of India Mumbai. It is one of the widely appreciated highways in India and a lot of people drive through it every year. As it connects some of the most populated cities of the country, it’s often remains busy throughout the year.

6. National Highway 6

National Highways In India

This 1875 KM long highways is a must visit for you in case you need to experience a road journey which is the combination of ground and hilly areas. It connects Selling in Mizoram and ends at Jorabat in Meghalaya. In North-East region of India, it is the longest highways with some excellent views of mountains. The best thing about this highway is it doesn’t remain as busy as other national highways of India. Also, the roads are very smooth and you can always have a comfortable ride.

5. National Highway 30

National Highways In India

Riding a vehicle on National Vehicle 30 is a best experience you can have. It is considered as one of the safest national highways in India in terms of overall number of road accidents. It connects Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh and covers a total distance of approximately 2012 KM. You can have some of the best views of and because it passes through Allahabad, Lucknow, Raipur, Jabalpur and several other cities, there is nothing to worry about the overall facilities for those who believe in long driving.

4. National Highway 52

National Highways In India

National highway 52 is a popular road in India. Its total distance is 2300 plus KM and is called as a road that connects North to the south India. It passes through several cities such as Jaipur, Aurangabad, Hubli, Kota and several others enabling drivers to enjoy their driving.

3. National Highway 8

National Highways In India

It is one of the longest highways in India that is simply the best. You can always have a comfortable journey. It’s a four lane highway that is always safe to drive. Connecting the capital city of India New Delhi with Chennai, it was previously known as NH 8. It must be noted that Jaipur-Kishangarh expressway, Western Express highway and Delhi-Gurugram expressway are a part of this highway. Its total length is around 2808 KM.

2. National Highway 27

National Highways In India

National Highway 27 acts as a channel between Silchar and Porbandar and is one of the very popular highways in India. On an average, it accommodates around 50 million vehicles every year and has a total length of 3500 KM. If you want to take yourself on a longest road journey with thrill and amazing views, this is the road you can take.

1. National Highway 44

National Highways In India

This is the national highway which divides India into two parts vertically. This is because it begins at Srinagar and ends at Kanyakumari and thus covers a total distance of 3746 KM which makes it the longest national highway in India. Actually, a total of seven national highways were merged together to make NH 44. It is also a part of Golden Quadrilateral project in India and connects several cities with each other.

As already mentioned, some of the leading construction companies in the world have designed these highways and NHAI has given a lot of emphasis on the safety as well as the security of those who drive on them. Thus it’s always safe to take your vehicle on them without worrying about anything. It must be noted that some of these national highways are even considered in the list of best longest roads. Thus you can always have an amazing experience.


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