The highways are the most important network of roads that connect various parts of the country facilitating road transport to anywhere along the path. These are essential as they enable easy means of transport for several purposes like carrying goods and commodities. These roads are often maintained by the government who contracts them out to private companies. Here is the list of national highways that extends to great distances in 2019.

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10. Interstate 80(1-80), United States

Best National Highways 2019

The Interstate 80 establishes a link between the cities San Francisco, California and Teaneck, New Jersey and it stretches up to a distance of 4,666 km. It connects several major cities in the USA like Omana, Utah, Nebraska etc. and also passes within a 16 km radius from cities like Illinois, Chicago etc. This road runs almost in a straight line throughout the stretch. This route is one of the longest roads in the country.

9. US Route 20, United States

Best National Highway

This network is a coast-coast link and it runs from the east coast in Boston to west coast in Newport. This route stretches up to a distance of about 5,415 km and it is also the longest road in the country. It runs almost parallel to Interstate 90(1-90). The route suffers a discontinuity in the Yellowstone National Park.

8. The Golden Quadrilateral, India

Best National Highway

The Golden quadrilateral is situated in India and stretches for a distance of about 5,846kms across the country. This network of roads takes the shape of a quadrilateral figure with the four major cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai in its four corners. This route connects the North, South, East, and West parts of the country. It took 11 years to finish constructing this road and finally, in 2012, this highway network was ready to be used by the travellers.

7. Trans-Siberian highway, Russia

Best National Highway

This highway network starts from the eastern side of the country at St. Petersburg and runs all the way to Vladivostok, covering most parts of the country. This route covers a distance of about 11,000 km and it is a network of several federal highways such as Russia highway, Amur highway etc. This highway even extends to Kazakhstan for about 200 km. The eastern side of the highway network is well constructed compared to the western side which can get difficult to pass during wet climates.

6. Pan-American Highway, Multiple countries

Best National Highway

This network of roads starts from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and runs all the way to Ushuaia in Cape Horn, Argentina, cutting across 14 different countries. It is the longest highway network in the world. It even has its place in the Guinness World Records for being the longest motorable road ever built. This stretch measures to about 48,000 km in length. This route almost connects all of the mainland countries of the North, South, and Central Americas except for the few 100 km in the Darien gap because of which the South and Central Americas remain unconnected. This route stretches through various climatic zones. At Costa Rica almost 10,000 ft above the ground level, it becomes dangerous to pass in this road and hence that stretch in the mountain is called the Summit of Death.

5. Interstate 90(1-90), United States

Best National Highway

This highway is one of the longest highways in the country. This highway covers up to a distance of 4,987 km starting from the west side of the country from Seattle extending all the way up to Boston on the west side. It runs parallel to the US-20 highways for most of its parts. This highway passes a lot of toll roads, many of which are older than the highways itself. Indiana toll road, Chicago skyway lie along the tolls of this highway. This highway passes through very prominent cities. It crosses the continental divide in Montana.

4. US Route-6, United States

Best National Highway

This is one of the main routes of the country. This is also called the Grand Army of the Republic Highway named in honor of the American civil war Veterans. This network of roads stretches from Bishop, California and goes all the up to Provincetown, MA. The Highway Route 6 covers a distance of 5,158 km spread across the country. It was made into the long route it is now by combining it with several other routes such as US 32, US 38, US 50, US 70, extending the route 6 further beyond Erie, Pennsylvania. It also passes through several terrains with the highest altitude measured along the route is about 11,990 ft.

3. National Highway G010, China

Best National Highway

This is the lengthiest highway in China which covers a distance of about 5700 km starting from Tongjiang in Heilongjiang and running all the way up to Sanya, Hainan. It cuts across many important provinces of China. This is also part of many main road networks in the country.

2. Trans-Canada Highway, Canada

Best National Highway

The Trans-Canada highway stretches from the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, cutting across all of the ten provinces of Canada and ending at the east coast of Atlantic Ocean. This highway covers a distance of 7,821 km stretching across the Canadian continent. This network of roads is managed by both federal and provincial governments. Since its inauguration in 1971, it was the world’s longest uninterrupted roads. It also features electric charging stations for electric vehicles and a unique white on green maple leaf symbols in its stretch.

1. Highway-1, Australia

Best National Highway

This highway route runs all over the country joining all the state capitals in the Australian mainland. This runs across the country covering a distance of about 11,000 km. It is the longest highway network in the world. It is also one of the busiest roads in the world with almost 20 million vehicles running on this route every day. This network is a compilation of most of the roads in the country, which makes the other highways in the country mere tributaries of Highway-1. It connects various parts of the country and its state capitals except for the Australian territory capital.

These are the longest highway ever constructed in the history. These are the most popular roads in the world which people prefer to take for various transport purposes like long rides, or other transport needs.