Truly humans are unique beings and more superior than the rest of the species a fact that can be accredited by their abilities to come up with features that you can’t even dream off all over the planet. Look at the current world trends and you will realise that everything is being driven by technology from our communication systems, transport system, manufacturing, processing and soon we might even be going to mars and Jupiter for holiday getaways. How hard can it be when we are even cheating death by installing ourselves with artificial hearts, creating life out of the normal reproduction way (vitro fertilisation) and soon you might here medication to make you an immortal. If man has advanced this much in science in 21st century then it’s possible that he can also create an island for himself where none existed and build empires, cities hotels, airports and all the luxury amenities he wishes. If you have never heard of an artificial man-made island here is a list of the top 10 amazing artificial man-made islands in 2019.

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10. Kamfers Dam Island

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made Island 2019Located 6km north of Kimberley in South Africa Kamfers Dam Island is a privately owned island and a home to thousands of lesser flamingos and one of the breeding grounds of the four in Africa for these birds. The island takes the shape of a giant “S” and was constructed in 2006 by an Ornithologists Mark D. Anderson with the help of a local company Ekapa mining. The island has served as a breeding ground for the flamingoes which has greatly improved there population. In the recent years the area has been endangered by pollution as a result of eutrophication, and leaking sewage thereby enabling the growth of algae and water quality compromised.

9. The Pearl-Qatar

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandIt is a man-made island found in Doha, Qatar approximately measuring 4 million square meters. It is estimated upon completion of the project it will have coasted the developer nearly 15 billion. This island has a population of 12,000 residents and it’s a home to a number of enchanting precincts. The island offers luxurious living which includes all lifestyle and amenities any man on the planet would dream of. The pearl offers amazing serene beaches, villas, international cafes, townhouses, apartments, restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment areas, marina and much more. If you’re looking to live and own a land in Qatar this is available for foreigners as it is a freehold.

8. Venetian Islands, Miami

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandThe Venetian islands are some of the world wonders of man-made islands that make up the famous Miami Beach. These chain of islands are located in Biscayne Bay in the cities of Miami and Florida and are interconnected to each other by bridges from Miami Beach to Miami mainland. There six islands namely Rivo Alto, Biscayne, Di Lido, San Marino, Belle Isle and San marco. Each of these six venetian islands have a waterfront and dry lot of homes which are designed in diverse architectural styles. The adjacent land area to this islands has everything from markets, shopping malls, entertainment areas and much more.

7. Uros Floating Islands, Peru

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandLocated at approximately 4000 metres above sea level and with a population of more than 2000 people the Uro islands are a group of 70 artificial islands that have been constructed out of reed floating on Peru’s Lake Titicaca. The inhabitants of these area the Uros people bundled the reeds making them a floating island platforms and in each island there is between 2-10 houses made of reed. The initial purpose of the island was to protect its inhabitants since they could easily navigate. The island has become a tourist attraction to the Lake Titicaca since tourist truly observe and learn one of the most original ways of life on planet earth from this ancient ethnic group of people who have a culture that is authentic.

6. Peberholm island Copenhagen

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandOne of those amazing attraction in the country of Denmark and one of the special man-made islands in the world that is similar to biological experiment is Peberholm islands which looks like a natural island although it is one hundred percent man was created as part of the Oresund bridge which connects Sweden to Denmark. This island is not available for public visits since it is a protected area by the environmentally laws and the ecology of the area must be preserved however the only group of people allowed at a particular time is biologists.

5. The THUMS Islands

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandThe THUMS islands in San Pedro Bay are artificial islands located off the coast of Long Beach of California. They were constructed to tap into the east Wilmington oil field in 1965. The islands consist of four artificial islands that are owned by onshore facilities and City of Long Beach .these are the only decorated oil islands in the US. The Name THUMS came as a result of four astronauts who died in the line of duty hence sometimes they are referred to as astronaut’s islands. The four islands are island Freeman, island Grissom, island white and Chafee Island.

4. Amwaj Artificial Islands Bahrain

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandThey are a group of artificial islands in the Persian Gulf in the north east Muharraq, Bahrain. The total land area that was reclaimed to build this mega island is 2.798 million m² and was reclaimed from the shallow seas. The island comprises of residential houses, commercial houses, complete infrastructure, theme parks, hotels, circular marina among others. The estimated investment of this project construction was $1.5 billion.

3. Île aux Cygnes pRIA

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandThe inhabited island and third largest island in Paris was designed and formed in 1827 to protect the port of Grenelle. it is only 850 meters long and 11 meters wide and is located in the river of the major features that make the island stand out is the one-fourth scale statue of Liberty replica. The island has been crossed by three bridges namely the Pont Rouelle, the Pont de Grenelle, and the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. Some of the activities that take place in the island are cycling and workout activities.

2. Palm Islands

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made IslandPalm islands are the next big tourist attraction when the country will not be able to reap anymore petrodollars or rather oil revenues hence this project is a major engineering project of great importance to the country of Dubai. There are three islands that comprise the palm islands namely Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Deira Island located in the coast of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. The first phase of the island was completed in 2006 the Palm Jumeirah delivering luxury homes and other tourist attraction amenities. Today the island is a world renowned tourist destination. The Palm Jebel island construction started in 2002 and it’s almost into completion today.

1. The World Islands DUBAI

Most Amazing Artificial Man Made Island

These are a collection of man-made islands shaped in the shape of the continents of the world and they are found in the waters of the Persian Gulf in the coast of Dubai. They were an idea of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The 300 islands are divided into four categories of estate homes, private homes, community islands and dream resorts. These islands were created with the mind of offering luxury resorts, high end restaurants, floating Seahorses and much more.

In the world today there several other man made islands and with development in science we can project many more are coming soon. These man-made islands may as well be the answer to population increase which has led to demand for more land. These islands have other benefit too apart from offering land solution such as ecological scientific and industrial necessities they can as well supplement revenue income especially in countries like Dubai where oil will one day get depleted. We should all embrace this new technology and hope it won’t have negative environmental consequences to the human race since we cannot ignore the topic.


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