Enjoying nature is the most exiting experience you can have. There are beautiful views around the world that not only showcase the exciting works and wonders of nature but also offer an opportunity to learn and experience nature.

From vast lands filled with sand, cool forests, high and tall mountains and endless sea, it is practically impossible to exhaust the list. Crater lakes are among the wonders in specific areas of the globe. A lake on top a volcano, it results from water that fills a depression created during the eruptions. While most of the depression arises from natural acts of volcano eruptions, human actions such as blasting stones can also cause the depression to form. Most of crater lakes found contain fresh water owing to the fact that there is less contamination in the areas they are located. Let’s check top 10 most beautiful crater lakes in the world.

10. Quilotoa Crater Lake – Ecuador

Most Beautiful Crater LakesFormed over 800 years ago, Quilotoa is a fresh water lake located in Ecuadorian Andes. The lake is 3 kilometers wide and 250 m deep. It is believed to have resulted from a volcanic eruption whose flow went as far as the pacific. The water in the lake appears greenish in color a factor attributed to dissolved minerals. The floor of the lake is known to have Fumaroles and on the eastern flank of the lake, hot springs do occur. The hot springs are believed to be a result of volcanic activity which the mountains are believed to be still active. This is a unique feature unlike most of the crater lakes that are covered with snow or ice cold water.

9. Albertine Rift Crater Lakes – Africa

Most Beautiful Crater LakesAlso referred to as the western rift, Albertine rift is the home to rift valley lakes. The lift is edged by some of the highest mountain in Africa and home to great lakes such as Lake Tanganyika. Considered to be the deepest lake in the globe, the lake is surrounded by game reserves and national parks making it an ideal place to visit and enjoy the great works of nature. Unlike other crater lakes that form on top of mountains, rift lakes lie within the rift valley. This is a deep and wide trench cutting along the greater parts of eastern Africa. The rift valley is believed to have formed as a result of volcanic reactions in the region.

8. Kelimutu Crater Lake – Indonesia

Most Beautiful Crater LakesKelimutu crater lakes are considered to be among the most amazing lakes in the world. Formed on top of Kellimutu Volcano, they are subdivided into three lakes separated by a crater wall. The most amazing feature of the lake is the difference in the water color despite being in the same volcano. The three lakes include Tiwu Ata Mbupu whose water is red, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai with green colored water and Tiwu Ata Polo with red water. The lakes attract the attention of geologists who seek to find the mystery behind the different colors of the water despite being on the same mountain. The findings are also geared to establish if there are minerals lying at the floor of the lakes hence the varying colors.

7. Mount Pinatubo crater Lake – Philippines

Most Beautiful Crater LakesLocated between the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga and Zambale is Lake Pinatubo. The lake is considered to be the deepest in the country at 800m. The lake was formed after an eruption that occurred in Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Being one of the recent eruptions in history, the lake offers a great view of natural works and is located only 90 km northwest of Philippines capita, Manila.

6. Mt. Zao Crater Lake – Japan

Most Beautiful Crater LakesA major tourist attraction in Japan, Mt Zao crater lake otherwise know as Okama is complex and exiting. Located between Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures in Japan, the lake consists of stratovolcanoes and the most active volcano in the region. The most fascinating feature of the lake is its ability to change color in accordance to the prevailing weather. Several lava domes and a tuff cone are among the features of the lake. It is believed the lake was formed after a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1720s. Lake Okama is 360 meter wide and 200 feet deep.

5. Mount Katmai Crater Lake – USA

Most Beautiful Crater LakesLocated within KATMAI National Park and reserve, Mt. Katmai Crater Lake was formed following an eruption in 1912. The lake is estimated to be 6.3 miles in length. A composite volcano, the lake is situated in Peninsula Southern Alaska. Being within a national park, the lake is a great place to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.

4. Taal Volcano – Philippines

Most Beautiful Crater LakesA complex volcano, Taal is located in the island of Lunzon in Philippines. Historically, massive eruptions were concentrated on the island near Lake Taal. The lake forms a beautiful scenic view and a major attraction within the country. In the Crater Lake, Vulcan point which is a huge rock that projects from the surface of the lake.

Surrounded by water which forms the lake, the rock is a remnant of the old crater floor. The lake is 2 km wide and considered to be a unique and special feature on the globe. The rock otherwise know as Vulcan point is referred to as an island within a lake on an island within a lake. It is also classified under the 10 natural wonders of the world and a big tourist attraction.

3. Licancabur Crater Lake – Chile

Most Beautiful Crater LakesThough covered with sheet of ice for the bigger part of the year, Licancabur Crater Lake is one fascinating site. The crater features a symmetrical of stratovolcano a great indication of the great works of the volcano and nature at large. The crater is located along the border of Chile and Bolivia. However, the Crater Lake lies entirely in Chile. The lake is 3,281 feet deep. The crater offers a perfect choice for adventurous skaters who look for perfect sites to enjoy in the deep of nature.

2. Heaven Crater Lake – North Korea

Most Beautiful Crater LakesLocated along the border of North Korea and China, Heaven Lake is a fantastic and beautiful spot for tourists. The lake lies on top of Mount Baekdu and is shared by both border countries. Formed as a result of a major eruption that occurred in 969 AD, the lake has a surface elevation of 2189.1 meters. During the months of winter, the lake is mostly covered in snow. The water in the lake normally reflects the beauty of the sky hence the name sky crater lake. It is a major tourist attraction receiving millions of visitors all year round.

1. Crater Lake Taupo – New Zealand

Most Beautiful Crater Lakes

Considered the largest lake in New Zealand, Lake Taupo formed from a super volcanic eruption that happened approximately 26,500 years ago. Famous for its fresh water, the lake drains through Waikato River also known to be the longest river in the country. The lake covers an area of 616 square kilometers and is 186 meters deep. The lake’s main and attractive feature is the brown and rainbow trout. It is a major tourist attraction and offers a beautiful and scenic view to shoot outstanding photos.

Nature offers fantastic features. There are beautiful and scenic places around the globe that every eye can enjoy. The list of top 10 most beautiful crater lakes is just a drop of ice in the ocean. They are however considered owing to their outstanding and unique features that are barely available in other crater lakes. While the brief description of the lake is not enough taking time to visit and enjoy the views available is the best choice and satisfying decision one can take. They offer a good point of reflection and relaxing the mind.


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