Corruption is one of the modern vices affecting countries across the globe. It entails embezzlement of public funds, unlawful acquisition of public property and manipulation of laws to give room for unfair dealings within government for personal gains.

In most developed countries, there are structures that enable for whistle blowing and persecution for corruption. This means that prevalence rate in minimal when compared with developing countries where governance structures are still weak and at the hands of the corrupt leaders.

International companies and financial institutions from developed countries also work with the corrupt governments and individuals to swindle the countries in form of exaggerated contracts, loans where the officials always receive kickbacks as a form of payment. Here is a list of most corrupt countries 2019 based on recent reports from government agencies and international financial institutions.

10. South Sudan

Most Corrupt Countries 2019As the youngest nation on the globe, South Sudan lacks adequate governing structures. This comes alongside the need to create infrastructure that will help stabilise the country and have it standing on its feet. Corrupt minded leaders and internationals companies have taken advantage of the prevailing situation to swindle the country of its development funds. International countries and barons keen to harness the oil rich interests of the country are also corrupting the existing government agencies for rights and tenders to mint the resources. Topping the list of the most corrupt countries, Sudan has in the recent past been on the limelight with protests across the nation following the rampant corruption within the country.

9. Guinea Bissau

Most Corrupt CountriesLying between Senegal and guinea, this is one of the smallest countries in the world. With a population of only 1.7 million people, it is devastating to note that a wide majority of the population is impoverished. Since its inception in 1970, the country has never had a president who completed his term in office. This makes it to always run in unstable politics or new governance struggling to have its systems in place. This creates room for corrupt government officials to take advantage of the situation and loot from national coffers. It is believed that with each regime, those appointed to positions of power take more time crafting ways to steal from the government than serving the citizens.

8. Libya

Most Corrupt CountriesA once oil rich country under the helm of colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is now struggling with massive cases of corruption. After being ousted from power, a power vacuum was created with no single presidential candidate having the capacity to lead with the iron fist as Gaddafi. The situation is further aggravated by rebels who control the oil rich regions and collect revenues in place of the government. Corrupt official also take advantage of the prevailing situation and collude with oil companies to defraud the government of taxes. This has not only led to a reduced revenue income for the government but a situation where residents are left to enjoy little or no services.

7. Iraq

Most Corrupt CountriesAfter the invasion by the US 15 years ago, Iraq is yet to recover from the power vacuum created by withdrawal of the American forces. Different communities in the country have in the recent past engaged in fighting for control of the oil rich regions. The Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis are all struggling to get a piece of the case with the situation aggravated by insurgence of the ISIS. With the continuing wars, the country has become one of the greatest hubs for weapons and other illegal trades despite efforts by US and European countries to help rebuild the country. Lack of a stable government is also a contributing factor to the situation.

6. Angola

Most Corrupt CountriesConsidered to be the worst country to be a child, Angola is reeling with massive corruption. Looting from public resources, illegal trade and money laundering are among the vices growing within the country. Located in the western coast of Africa, the country also serves as a major hub for illegal imports. Corrupt officers are said to engage with cartels engaging in illegal businesses assisting them to evade taxes and gain entry to the western Africa market. Being an oil rich country attracts numerous investors most of whom are bogus and keen on taking advantage of the weak systems to make a kill.

5. Sudan

Most Corrupt CountriesOne of the oldest states in Africa, Sudan is among the poorest countries grappling with the demon of corruption. Under leadership of Omar Al Bashir who took over power through a coup, the country has over the years of his rule lack clear governance structures. A pioneer in corruption himself, the president is said to be using his cronies to loot the countries resources. Using chaos to remain in power and buying his way to avoid arrest by ICC, the president is never keen on having a stable government and this creates room for massive corruption by his administrators and greedy business community.

4. Afghanistan

Most Corrupt CountriesLocated between countries at war, Afghanistan is similarly without a stable government. Rebels fighting in neighbouring countries always seek refuge in the country and have a bigger hand in running of the state affairs. They infiltrate the government structure through corrupt deals always ensuring they get their fair share of protection when within its territory. The situation is so grave that the rebels fighting in neighbouring countries have a great influence on the persons who ascend to power and those who get powerful positions in every government. The situation leaves the poor citizens with little or no option when it comes to access to government services hence leaving them impoverished and at mercy of the rebels.

3. Somalia

Most Corrupt CountriesHaving no unstable government for years, Somalia is a leading country in the corruption index. Al shabaab and other rebel groups in the country continue terrorising the residents and increasing instability. Located at the horn of Africa, it is considered as a den for pirates and illegal traders who take advantage of the volatile government structures to sneak in goods to its neighbouring countries through its port of Kismayu. Efforts by African countries and international bodies to help rebuild the country are thwarted by mismanagement of public funds. This comes alongside high illiteracy levels leaving the poor citizens to contend with poor public facilities.

2. North Korea

Most Corrupt CountriesDespite being in a region of the globe recording high economic growth, North Korea still remains one of the poorest states in the world. Ruled by the Kim Jung Family, the country is reeling on poor governance structures put in place by the family. Always preparing for war, the main priority of the government is to equip its military while ignoring the needs of its people. Weaponry merchants have corrupted the governing family and government officials to ensure any amounts received ends up paying for over-valued weapons or in the pockets of the family members and officials. The situation has created loopholes for development of cartels that runs in purported interest of the military.

1. Nigeria

Most Corrupt Countries

An oil rich country, Nigeria is deemed to be an African economic powerhouse if the resources are properly managed. However, the political system in Nigeria is run with interest on enriching individuals from the proceeds. Over the years, the rate of corruption has escalated within the country to the junior officers in government who are said to request for bribes to offer any service. With money being the driving force in politics businesses and those seeking to climb or enjoy from the high offices are always required to part with handsome amounts. It is speculated that even the locals in Nigeria request for bribes to offer any assistance even when it entails simple tasks as giving directions.

Poor governance, political instability and greed are among the breeding grounds of rampant corruption. Countries that suffer from corruption menace also suffer from one or all of these problems. In an equal measure, where corruption is life, provision of basic services is poor and this leaves the citizens extremely poor and at the mercy of those in power.