Buying food from the restaurants and waiting for the food to come, hence wasting a lot of time, are things of the past now. People are less concerned about spending time on eating and one prefers not to leave their work in the middle just to buy food.

The food ordering apps are on a rise right now, where people just order the food they want at the push of a button, and continue with their work till food arrives at their location. There are various food ordering apps around the world. They have an ample number of features that make them unique from one another. Here are the top 10 most downloaded food ordering apps in the world in 2019.

10. Postmates

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps 2019

The app Postmates have made the takeout and delivery facility very easy around different cities. They offer the delivery rates at a flat and low price. That makes the facility even better and the best part of their work is the timed delivery, which is made possible only because of the world-class customer service. The user of the app can keep track of their food and an unlimited number of subscribers in the special program get the delivery free with a very low amount of monthly instalment. There is no doubt that this is a simpler mode of delivery.

9. GrubHub

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

GrubHub is one of the most popular food delivery apps among individuals due to the various options that the app offers in more than 1100 cities. The best feature is the re-order facility that is offered in the app so that a person can order their previous delivery from the same place without even searching. There is also a facility of advance order where an order can be placed up to 4 days before the necessary delivery. The local insights and reviews are highly trustworthy, hence leading to people considering the app to be the best and turning it into one of the most downloaded ones for this purpose.

8. UBER eats

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

This app is yet another great facility developed by Uber Technologies for the advancement of the people. The online meal ordering and delivery platform became famous in a very short time due to their service being available across various cities around the world. The delivery time is so low that the customers prefer this app more than any other. The delivery fee is very low making this app favored by people.

7. Caviar

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

The Caviar app is best suited for people of different cities. The app works perfectly with an average delivery time of 15 minutes during the peak times. The hot meals from the restaurants are delivered the fastest and it also offers free food delivery in some cities. The classical food delivery from restaurants all around, at the same price, is like a dream come true for the foodies. That made this app so famous among the people and it has most customers of the cities ordering food every minute.

6. Deliveroo

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

This app offers services in many notable countries. They offer the food ordering facility through the option of searching dishes. The swift delivery options and the frequent offers attract the users who want to get the best possible facility available. The usage of the app is high because of a higher number of customers, world-class customer service, and higher restaurant choices all over the world. This makes the Deliveroo app famous among the people and most downloaded food delivery app.

5. Foodpanda

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

The Foodpanda is a well-known food delivery app operating in 24 countries. All the restaurants offering the service through Foodpanda are swift and perfect in their service. The basic necessity of finding the right food is possible for everyone. With the type of dish to choose from and the budget filters, one can easily get a nearby restaurant to deliver the food to them. The app offers faster delivery than normal home delivery systems, making the food delivery right on time. It is one of the most downloaded apps because of the offers and a vast number of restaurants linked to them.

4. Eat 24

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

This is an app offering their services in various cities. The app features the best facility of a full-fledged review of any restaurant to choose from before ordering. The payment modes are such diverse that the people can pay according to their convenience. That makes this app best and the details reviews throughout the year makes the app popular among foodies.

3. Zomato

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

Zomato is a newly made restaurant search and delivery service app. The app is available in 23 different countries and offers the perfect solution for both food delivery and finding nearby restaurants with the perfect rating and budget for food. The app offers tracking facility and also a chat support for customers in case of any problems regarding the order. This makes the app so popular among people.

2. Seamless

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

The app Seamless is as perfect as the name suggests. This app offers the facility of food delivery along with takeout from restaurants on the way. This makes the app the simplest way to get food. The name of dishes can give the individual choices of the nearby restaurants serving those dishes. The delivery service is also very streamlined making the work simpler. The app works in various cities around the USA and is known to be one of the famous food delivery apps in the world.

1. Doordash

Most Downloaded Food Ordering Apps

This is one of the well-known food delivery apps for all users. The app offers the widest range of restaurants to choose from making it easier to get a far away delivery. The restaurants in the app are marked by delight scores given by customers depicting the service and quality of food. The app also offers the recommendation of the best restaurants in the area. The food always gets delivered at a stipulated time as given by the server making the wait worthy and this app perfect.

The apps around the world offer in time facility to deliver food which comes fresh and hot like they just came out of the kitchen. The faster delivery facility and the better ways to choose the right type of dishes make the apps famous among the individuals. The other features like making a re-order, and tracking the package are some things that make the apps different from other food delivery apps and also makes the work even swifter. These apps improve with time and therefore are most downloaded among individuals.


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