One of the paramount features of your vacation resembles to the choice of hotel you stay at. Hotels are not mere accommodations but are much more than that. It enhances the fun quotient and excitement of a trip by providing immense luxury and comfort.

If anyone is a sheer passionate traveller then for him/her the choice of hotels is a crucial affair. There is no wrong in spending some penny more if you can attain all the luxuries and amenities that you desire for providing a pleasant stay and extravagant beauty in return. The more beautiful infrastructure a hotel possess, the more is its value and hence the more expensive.

There are wide ranges of hotels available starting from extremely cheap affordable ones to the most expensive royal ones. Down the line, let’s have an inside-out to the most expensive hotels of the world in 2019.

10. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Most Expensive Hotels 2019

Standing in the 10th position amongst the list of the most expensive hotels, Grand Hyatt Cannes serves the enchanting view of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel indeed is a lavish 5 star affair providing all the basic amenities along with a sublime range of 409 rooms and 27 astounding suites. The accommodation cost of per night is almost equal to a salary of a lower grade employee, somewhere ranging around $395. Grand Hyatt Cannes is located in France and is a perfect destination wedding venue.

9. Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Most Expensive Hotel

Residing in the heart of Tokyo, Japan – Ritz Carlton is a perfect as well as splendid hotel destination especially for the newly wedded honeymoon couples. With marvellous service and great ambience, this five star hotel provides an additional flag on your trip. The main reason that grabs the attention of the honeymoon couples are the bedrooms designed by marbles and extremely soft as well as cosy bed sheets. The hotel charges $474 per night and provides a great astonishing view of Shinjuku.

8. The Palace, Jumeirah Bodrum Palace

Most Expensive Hotel

Located in the country of ‘Unity in Diversity’ – the Jumeirah Bodrum Palace is very Indian in its design and infrastructure. This five star hotel distinguishes itself from other hotels in India owing to some unique features possessed by it. It is situated near Torba beach and comprises of guestrooms ranging to a number of 110 with each room fitted with LED screens. The other amenities available are – a spa centre, swimming pool (both inside and outside), gift-shops, newsstands, baby-sitting centres and Wi-Fi internet. The Palace charges an accommodation price of $22,413.

7. Mandarin Oriental Pudong

Most Expensive Hotel

Standing high in the skyscraper vicinity of Pudong, Shanghai – Mandarin Oriental possesses some of the finest and exquisite suites of the millennium. The magnificent Presidential Suites serve the view of Huangpu River along with a possession of two private rooftop gardens, a private wine cellar, a master bathroom, a sauna, butler’s kitchen and a private gym. All these amenities are provided with a per night cost of $24,325.

6. Hotel Cala di Volpe

Most Expensive Hotel

Based in Italy, Hotel Cala di Volpe lets you to have a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea. The infrastructure deals with that of a vintage village area. The main speciality of this grand hotel is the possession of its spas and swimming pools. The Presidential Suites in one word are a perfect ‘wow’ for a perfect stay. The cost per night however ranges to $26,000.

5. Burj Al-Arab

Most Expensive Hotel

The United Arab Emirates upholds beautiful landmarks and the Burj Al-Arab is one of them. Standing high with a height of 321 metres above sea level, this extravagant hotel is situated near an industrial area with a fine architecture resembling a raised sail shape. Burj Al-Arab stands not only stands for one of the most expensive hotels of the World but of Dubai too. Burj Al-Arab is indeed a trendsetter in the industry of hospitality and ensures a pleasant stay with warm welcome and great service. There are separate floors and each floor withholds a personal reception floor along with its own host. The centre of attraction is the underwater restaurant that serves almost all sorts of cuisine. The time duration of half an hour is required only for reaching the hotel from airport. The accommodation cost of per night is $28,000.

4. Hotel Plaza Athenee

Most Expensive Hotel

Settled in Paris, Hotel Plaza Athenee possesses one of the best suites. The affluent sections of the society who are willing to make their honeymoons the best and most romantic ever should reserve the suites of this hotel without giving a second thought. The main essence of Hotel Plaza Athenee resides at its Royal Suite located in the fifth floor which gives an astounding view of the Eiffel Tower craving for the best love making ever. As there is romance in the air in the city of Paris and Hotel Plaza Athenee provides the location for the romance to evolve. The accommodation cost per night over here is $30,000.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel

Most Expensive Hotel

The heart of New York City hails one of the most expensive and luxurious hotel suites under the name – Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel comprises of an area of 4300 square feet with a wonderful infrastructure. All the artworks involved are fully original prepared by International artists. The balconies of Four Seasons Hotel serve a panoramic view owing to be built by cantilevered glass. The guests enjoy great services offered to them and are privilege to have a personal therapist and a private chauffer. The price per night of this hotel ranges to $35,000.

2. Laucala Island Resort

Most Expensive Hotel

Laucala Island Resort is located in Fiji and ranks one of the most expensive hotels around the World. The hotel is named after Laucala which is a marvellous private island situated in South Pacific. Laucala Island Resort is very close to nature and is distinguished from other resorts situated in islands due to some unique features which include – turquoise lagoons, beaches with sugary white texture, beautiful palm trees and green mountains. The facilities of private pools are available in the residential areas. This island resort charges $40,000 per night.

1. Hotel President Wilson

Most Expensive Hotel

Entrenched in Geneva, Switzerland – Hotel President Wilson is the most expensive hotel with the most expensive suites. A five star hotel offering complete luxury and comfort. The major attraction of Hotel President Wilson is its luxurious Royal Penthouse Suites with the accessibility of viewing splendid views. The accommodation cost per night is $81,000 and is worthy of the price.

Thus, hotels are intricately woven into ones vacations and serve the best while they are miles away from home. Genuinely ensuring comfort and luxury, these expensive hotels provide a chance to relive ones dreams and replenishing ones soul from within thus spreading happiness to its guests.


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