Every single person in this world dreams of owning a house. Human race is never satisfied with what they have. The ones, who don’t have a house, get satisfied with even a small house. But the ones who already own a house, dream of having a larger property.

There are many luxurious properties which are owned by well known businessmen or some celebrities. They have designed their houses in such a way that they look no less than the castles or palaces earlier owned by the kings or rulers. The cost of these beautiful looking houses is too very high. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive houses in the world in 2019.

10. Phillimore Gardens

Most Expensive Houses 2019

Phillimore Gardens is a ten bedroom luxurious house situated in London. Leonid Kuchma, founder of Antiaids, is the owner of this house. It consists of an underground pool, gym and a movie theatre. The house is covered with marble and gold. There are a huge number of expensive arts and antiques inside the house. The property costs $128 Millions.

9. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Most Expensive House

Kensington Palace Gardens is a street, with some of the most expensive properties, in London. The 18-19 of Kensington Palace Gardens is a Mansion located at the west side of the street. It is presently the residence of the Indian Steel Billionaire, Laxmi Mittal. Earlier there were two buildings of this house which have now been converted into one. It consists of 18 bedrooms and a swimming pool. The house has marble floors and pillars made of the same marble that was used for Taj Mahal. The cost of this house is $148 Millions.

8. Seven-The Pinnacle

Most Expensive House

Seven-The Pinnacle is a huge property of Yellowstone Club situated in Montana, United States. Edra Blixseth and Tim Blixseth are the owners of this grand mountainside house. The property consists of 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, various inside pools and ski lift. Every room of the house contains heated floors. Even the floors of driveway are heated. The cost of this property is $155 Millions.

7. Hearst Castle

Most Expensive House

Hearst castle is a historic mansion situated in California, United States. It is built above the clouds on the top of the hill at San Simeon. Architect Julia Morgan built and designed this house. The house is owned by William Randolph Hearst. It consists of 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, an indoor Roman pool, an outdoor Neptune pool, tennis courts and movie theatre. The property also contains of world’s largest private zoo and costs $195 Millions.

6. Ellison’s Estate

Most Expensive House

The great businessman Larry Ellison’s house is the seventh most expensive house. This Japanese Style house is situated in Woodside, California. It took nine years to design and build this beautiful house known as Ellison’s Estate. The property consists of two car garages, a music room, an office, a tennis court, an authentic Japanese tea house, ponds, waterfalls, Koi pond, spa, and a dark bottom heated swimming pool. The garden of Ellison’s Estate contains Japanese specimen trees and vegetation. Every room of the house has a view of Koi pond. The cost of Larry Ellison’s house is $200 Millions.

5. Fairfield Pond

Most Expensive House

The Fairfield Pond is a luxurious house owned and named by an American Businessman, Ira Rennert. It is one of the largest properties of United States with 21 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and 91 foot long dining room. The property also consists of a playhouse with basketball court and 2 lane bowling alley, one billiards room, 2 squash courts, two tennis courts and a 164 seated theater. The grand garage of Four Fairfield Pond can to hold up to 100 cars. Ira Rennert’s this huge property costs $248 Millions.

4. Rutland Gate Mansion

Most Expensive House

Rutland Gate is a Mansion situated near Hyde Park in London. The house was earlier owned by the Saudi Prince and the Lebanese Prime Minister. This 45 bedroom mansion was designed by the famous designer Albert Pinto. The house is believed to be the largest single family home left in London. The cost of this luxury house is $362 Millions.

3. Villa La Leopolda

Most Expensive House

The Villa La Leopolda is a huge villa situated in Villefrance-sur-mer, France. It was designed and built by an American architecture, Ogden Codman and was once owned by the King Leopold II of Belgium. It is the largest and the most expensive French Villa in the world. It consists of 19 bedrooms, fireplaces, swimming pools, movie theatre, gardens and bowling alley. The house is build with the rare marble and contains numerous artworks. It costs $750 million which makes it the third most expensive house of the world.

2. Antilia

Most Expensive House

Antilia is a private house in South Mumbai, India. It is owned by the Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani. Perkins and Wills are the architectures who build and designed this house. The building is named after the island Antillia and consists of 27 floors and ceilings of many floors are double-heighted. It also has six underground parking floors and three helicopter pads. It is the second most expensive house in the world with the cost of $1 Billions.

1. Buckingham Palace

Most Expensive House

Buckingham Palace is the London residence located in the city of Westminster, London. Earlier it was a large house built for Duke of Buckingham. It is the home and symbol of British Monarchy, art gallery and a tourist attraction, owned by Queen Elizabeth II.The palace is often used for Royal use and public access. It consists of 775 rooms in total, 78 bathrooms, 92 office rooms, various movie rooms and swimming pool.

These are owned by the known billionaires. These luxurious houses are designed and build by the best and famous architects. They have used best quality materials to keep these houses safe from natural calamities. Even the designs of these houses can attract anyone. These villas and mansions were the palaces owned by the kings earlier. The owners of these houses now have also found the best locations for their properties. These are not less than any dream house one wants to buy and are worth every penny spent on them. But to buy these beautiful looking cost, one must have deep pockets.