Lawyers are the people who are referred to solve the legal issues. Though these legal issues can be solved in many other ways too, but the ones that are handled by well-experienced lawyers usually ends up with some fruitful results for either of the plaintiff or the defendant. The importance of law and order in every country holds a great importance and so do the people who represent it ‘Lawyers’.

The lawyers are definitely well aware of all the facts about the constitution and the proceedings that take place inside the court. And that is the reason they are paid heavy for it. Though there are millions of lawyers around the world, some of them are extraordinary. They are categorised as extraordinary due to the types of cases they deal with and the charge they take for representing the case. These representatives for the legal issues have made it big through their sheer talent and knowledge. Here is the list of top ten lawyers in 2019 who charge heavy for their knowledge inside the court.

10. Stacey Gardner

Most Expensive Lawyers 2019

This law graduate pursued her law degree from the Southwestern Law School in California. Stacey Gardner is one example of beauty with brains in real life since she is model and a lawyer by profession. She started her modelling career at a very early stage and then simultaneously got graduated with her law degree. She started her private practices after her degree and now owns a house in California at Beverly Hills. Her current total net worth is around $1 Million and demands a hefty amount for representing any legal issue in court.

9. Vikki Ziegler

Most Expensive Lawyer

Yet again a woman who does justice to the phrase ‘Beauty with Brains’. Vikki Ziegler has gained popularity from being a television personality, author to a lawyer. She completed her graduation from Quinnipiac College of School of Law. After her graduation, she served her duties at the clerical level in court. During her work, she mastered the matrimonial and civil proceedings. With immense experience in hand, she took a big step and started her own law firm and is now currently a very famous name for domestic lawyers. Her net worth lies somewhere near $2.5 Million.

8. Harish Salve

Most Expensive Lawyer

Representing the Indian community in this list, Harish Salve is one name, that every lawyer in India is well aware of. Born and raised in Mumbai, Harish has been representing Indian industrialists, celebrities, politicians and sometimes even government cases in overseas courts. He is currently one of the most expensive lawyers in India. His charge for one day of proceeding is around $46500. Harish Salve is a multi-talented person with his interest in the fields such as law, investor, industrialist, and politics. With such talents and such experience, Salve has secured a net worth of around $6 Million.

7. Jose Baez

Most Expensive Lawyer

Jose Baez is a pure example of the American success story. He dropped his high school to join Navy and then got graduated from the St. Thomas University School of Law. Jose Baez is considered to be one of the most famous criminal lawyers due to his association with many of the high-profile cases in America. He has also authored a bestselling book ‘Presumed Guilty’. Being considered as one of the sharpest lawyers in the US, Jose Baez owns a net worth of around $6.5 Million with pride.

6. Vernon Jordan

Most Expensive Lawyer

Vernon Jordan is one of the most famous civil lawyer in the world with his work as a civil activist. Jordan was born in Georgia, he graduated from the DePauw University in 1957 and then he pursued his degree in law from Howard University of Law. He initially worked for Donald Hollowell. He has been one of the most active personality to fight for the right of equality campaigns across the country. His famous achievement is one of the cases he won against the University of Georgia, which was based on racial discrimination. His net worth is around $12 Million.

5. Thomas Mesereau

Most Expensive Lawyer

Thomas Mesereau has been associated with many high-profile cases of various celebrities after his global recognition as the lawyer for Michael Jackson (the famous pop star) in the year 2005. He currently has a net worth of around $25 Million. He is famous for his work in the field of humanity and now currently holds several high-profile cases of various celebrities and politicians in the United States.

4. John Branca

Most Expensive Lawyer

The career of John Branca, the famous entertainment lawyer was full of ups and downs. He had a keen interest in being a musician and even choose music as his majors in college. But then he finally got a degree in law from UCLA school of law and here he chose to specialise in entertainment law. He currently serves for several high-profile fashion and entertainment people. His current worth lies come where near $25 Million.

3. Wichai Thongtang

Most Expensive Lawyer

Wichai Thongtang was a very famous businessman in Thailand before getting the fame of being one of the most expensive lawyers in Thailand. He has also served the Prime Minister of Thailand Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra. He has served as a lawyer to many dominant personalities and therefore has a very wide network of powerful clients. His net worth is near $1.1 Billion as of now.

2. Benjamin Civiletti

Most Expensive Lawyer

Again, one of the very famous lawyers of United States, Benjamin Civiletti charges $1000 for an hour of guidance or listening or understanding of a case. He has served as a lawyer for several US government cases too. He charges billions for fighting a court case.

1. Albert Stainoz

Most Expensive Lawyer

The top lawyer on this list is surely a name to remember. Albert Stainoz is a lawyer who has won 99.31% of cases he has ever lead in court proceedings and has lost only 0.69% of cases. With this percentage of success, he had made billions out of this profession. He also charges billions for leading any court case but unlike Benjamin Civiletti, Albert Stainoz charges around $15000 for an hour of consultancy or service from his clients.

These people in the attire of black and white are surely an important part of the high society with their ability to deal with legal proceedings and defend their clients from various issues. The above list illustrates the name of those lawyers who are on the speed dial of the people with the serious legal issue.


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