The world has a lot of beautiful places. Many of these places are no less than heavens on Earth. The culture and lifestyle of these places are also a thing to fall for. Sometimes people need to move to different places for some reasons. Either some jobs demand a transfer, or sometimes the beauty of a place makes people think to move in them.

With the beauty and attraction comes the high costs of these places. The cost of living in some of these places are too expensive to plan a living in. They require higher salaries or incomes of the individuals moving into them. The ones who are already living in the place, don’t find a difference. But it becomes difficult for the one planning to move from one place to another for a living. Here is the list of top 10 most expensive places to live in the world in 2019.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Most Expensive Places

Copenhagen is a clean and beautiful city in Denmark. It is one of the expensive places to live in where the cost of living index is 96.04. The monthly cost of a single person without rent is $1068.06 while that of a four person family is $3827.93. Copenhagen might be an expensive place to live in, but the safe environment of this city makes living here worth the cost.

9. New York, United States

Most Expensive Places

New York city in United States is a dream city of many people to live in. But cost of living in this dream city is also very expensive. The average cost of renting a two bedroom apartment is $3895 whereas buying a house in this city would cost $455500. From the national average cost of living, the cost of living in the New York city is 68.82% higher.

8. Paris, France

Most Expensive Places

Paris, known to be the city of romance, is a beautiful place to live in France. It is hard to live in a city like Paris as the expenses here are too high from rest of the places. The cost of living index in this city is 95.00. The monthly cost of a single person without rent is $1031.36, while that of a family with four people is $3575.69 At an average, Paris is 13% more expensive than any other country.

7. Geneva, Switzerland

Most Expensive Places

Geneva is known to be the second largest city of Switzerland. The monthly cost of a person living in Geneva is $1502.03 without the rent while that of a four person family is $5570.43. To own a two bedroom apartment in this city, one has to pay $3592.23 per month. The city has a cost of living index of 134.49.

6. Seoul, South Korea

Most Expensive Places

Seoul is the capital and a never stopping city of South Korea. A person living here can find something new everyday. It is the sixth most expensive city to live in with the cost of living index of 86.96. The monthly cost of living is $1000.53 of an individual without rent. For a family of four people, $3658.75 is the monthly cost of living without rent.

5. Osaka, Japan

Most Expensive Places

Osaka is a city which is considered to have complete Japan in it. It is the city with second largest population in Japan. Living, or even travelling in this city is way too expensive. With the monthly rent of a house being $24777.73, Osaka is the fifth most expensive place of the world to plan a living in.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Most Expensive Places

Tokyo, being the capital city of Japan, has an expensive lifestyle. The monthly cost of living of an individual without rent is $1063.50 per month whereas with rent is $1757 per month. For a family of four persons, cost of living in Tokyo is, $3866.95. Living in Tokyo is more expensive than living in Osaka. If the standard living costs $166194.70 in Osaka, it will cost up to $196108.90 in Tokyo.

3. Zurich, Switzerland

Most Expensive Places

Zurich is the city having excellent quality of living in Switzerland. With this excellent quality, Zurich is the third most expensive city in the world to live in. The price of a two bedroom apartment in Zurich costs around $3386.96 per month. 139.53 is the cost of living index of this city which is quite higher.

2. Hong Kong, China

Most Expensive Places

Hong Kong is the Global Financial Hub in China. Living in Hong Kong is quite expensive but still a huge number of people choose this city to settle in. The monthly rent of a 3 bedroom apartment in this place is 39320.14 Hong Kong Dollars while the cost of buying an apartment is 207,687.74 Hong Kong Dollars per square metres. Hong Kong is the second most expensive place in the world to plan a living in.

1. Singapore, Malaysia

Most Expensive Places 2019

Singapore is a city of multicultural population in Malaysia. It is the most expensive place in the world to live in and is known for providing great career opportunities to the individuals. The average cost of living for two persons here is $4050. The monthly rent of an apartment in Singapore is 558.80 Singapore Dollars while buying an apartment here would cost 177.81 Singapore dollars.

This was the list of top most expensive places in the world to live in. These places have a top class lifestyle and an amazing culture too. People can even get outstanding career opportunities in many of these places. For students planning for the graduation courses mostly choose one of these places to plan their studies. To plan a living in these few places, one needs to have heavy and deep pockets. If not for living, one can opt these places for travelling once in their lives with their family and friends. The prices here may be high, but the amenities provided at these places make it worth the cost.