When you have a lot of money at your disposal, luxuries for a common man becomes products and services that you spend your money on every now and then. And why shouldn’t that be? To be rich enough requires hard work, determination and talent, all of which pays off in the end. Recently, a trend that has caught up among the wealthy and affluent is to have your own private jet, to travel in style without waiting in lines for hours together. So here are the top 10 most expensive private jets in the world in 2019.

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10. Airbus A319 Corporate Jet

Most Expensive Private Jets 2019

This corporate jet is an elegant aircraft that ensures a pleasant and enjoyable ride for the lucky one that gets a chance to be on it- the owner in which case is the wealthy Vijay Mallya. It has huge fuel tanks and a strong engine which makes sure the ride is smooth even if it is a long one overseas. It boasts private quarters, lounges and a very spacious bedroom and bathroom as well as a lounge.

9. Boeing 757

Most Expensive Private Jet

This famous airplane is a prized possession of the President of the United States- Donald Trump. Most of the objects in this have been plated with gold, thus making it such a valuable piece to own. It uses a Rolls-Royce turbulent engine, which is why it is a very powerful, strong and fast flying machine. Along with these, it also has a large home theatre system and many other such installations that makes it such a comfortable and luxurious one.

8. Gulfstream III

Most Expensive Private Jet

Gulfstream III is a possession of Tyler Perry who is an American actor, producer and movie director. He made sure that the airplane was a reflection of what his life revolves around. It is almost as though a theatre set is flying all over. With a lot of big screens, as well as a huge library, this private jet is perfect for a person who loves literature and the acting world. It was all these that increased the price of the flight to over a $100 Million.

7. Boeing 747-81 VIP

Most Expensive Private Jet

Also known as ‘Dreamliner,’ this airplane sure looks like a dream- with spiral staircase, high and vaulted ceilings and topmost technology available for entertainment on the walls itself. It is owned by the real estate billionaire Joseph Lau, who resides in Hong Kong. This flight is sure to make all its traveller feel like a VIP, as its name goes and on the top of the world, literally. All its decorations makes it the Jewel of the Sky.

6. Boeing 767-33A/ER

Most Expensive Private Jet

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club and the Russian billionaire is also the man who bought the expensive Boeing 767- 33A/ER. To ensure protection, this airplane also has an anti-missile system that is built in, increasing the overall cost of the airplane. It is mostly used by Roman to fly his team from one place to another and ensure a comfortable flight for everyone, owing to the top class features and systems being involved. This one is also called ‘Bandit.’

5. Boeing 747-400

Most Expensive Private Jet

One of the many priceless possessions of the affluent businessman Al Waleed bin Talal, this boeing airplane features a throne that sits right in the middle of it. After all, such a man should only travel in style. Although this plane originally had a much larger capacity, it was highly reduced because the interior was completely transformed into one that would surely please the man who owns it, including lavish bedrooms and dining tables.

4. Boeing 747-430

Most Expensive Private Jet

Sultan of Brunei is the proud owner of this masterpiece of an airplane. A lot of expensive materials have been used, mostly including gold, diamonds and other such crystals to give a first class style and design to the entire flight. It initially costed $100 Million, which was then raised to way over $200 Million owing to the installations made and features introduced- making it one of the most gorgeous and luxurious planes.

3. Airbus 340-300

Most Expensive Private Jet

Bought by the richest man in Russia – Alisher Usmanov, this airbus cost $350 Million and has the name of his father – ‘Bourkhan’ painted on its exterior body. Along with that, every single object and feature in the interiors includes only state of the art technology and top-class materials and possessions inside which is what makes this airplane so costly. This flying machine also holds the record of the largest private plane in Russia, the record that was earlier held by Putin’s private jet.

2. Boeing 747-8

Most Expensive Private Jet

Also called as ‘A palace in the sky,’ this airplane was bought by a confidential buyer but surely, a wealthy one. Every single item in the interiors of this is made of nothing short of the best and expensive materials, and boasts lounges, a conference room which can be turned into a dining room when needed, a plush office and a spacious stateroom. It cost the buyer $400 Million and is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious private jets out there.

1. Airbus 380

Most Expensive Private Jet

Costing about $500 Million, the Airbus, with its customised interiors, Rolls-Royce Garage, concert hall, Turkish bath and the record of being the biggest passenger airplane that one can buy, proudly owns the first place in this list. It is owned by the Saudi billionaire Al-Waleed Bin Talal who also installed electronic mats in his aircraft which are always directed towards the holy Mecca. The plane itself has been divided into two levels which can be reached to through the elevators installed. Along with the above mentioned features, it also has a grand staircase, a large dining room, private quarters and a wellbeing room.

With everything customised and built to your liking and people to work just for you in it to ensure a relaxing and convenient flight experience as well as a take-off time according to your own time table, who wouldn’t want a private jet of their own? With more and more resources building up, the prosperous and royal families and world leaders are all set and competing to build the best and the most comfortable private jet for themselves to travel in peace and without any delay. So which one is your favourite?


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