Are you among them, who love to gain experience by eating different food dishes of different countries? If it is so, then explore these most expensive restaurants worldwide that serve their customers with great hospitality and exclusive gestures of presenting their food dishes. In this modern era, restaurants are serving as the sophisticated platform for industrialists, businessmen, celebrities, teenagers and people of all generations to spend their time luxuriously.

Rich people often organise their social meetings and parties in these most expensive restaurants to show off their wealthy status and even to spend their leisure time extravagantly. Quality time can be spent with high quality cuisine in these restaurants located in top-rated destinations.

Restaurants are rated according to the reviews of the customers. Customers rate about the quality of food, the service management, the prices of menu and the ambience of the restaurant. Every restaurant carries its own unique way of presenting food dishes with exceptional tastes.

The luxurious restaurants in the world serve you the best with their hygienic atmospheres and innovative tasty food dishes. So make the lifetime achievement by checking in to any of these top 10 most expensive restaurants in the world in 2019 to satisfy your taste buds.

10. Misoguigawa, Kyoto

Most Expensive Restaurant 2019

Misoguigawa restaurant serves in two different cuisine style, Japanese Kaiseki and French. Each person has to pay $170 for a minimum meal. The innovative serving style has attracted many food lovers and thus it has achieved the position in this list as one of the most expensive restaurants. It is a well organised food destination, situated in the best location of Kyoto, Japan. Beef fillet with potato soufflés and chocolate marquise with pistachio cream are the signature dishes of Misoguigawa.

9. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

Most Expensive Restaurant

Creamy polenta with white truffle, Colston Basset Stilton with black figs and roasted roe deer loin are the main attractions of Gordon Ramsay. This restaurant serves in various remarkable menus such as Menu Prestige, Lunch menu, Seasonal Inspiration menu and so on. Meal for one person will amount to $180.

8. Ithaa undersea restaurant in Maldives

Most Expensive Restaurant

You will be awestruck with the beautiful view of this restaurants. It is an undersea restaurant. It features a dreamy atmosphere while dining ten feet beneath Indian ocean in Maldives region with undersea creatures whirling around. You can enjoy one of your vacation meals of modern European genre with $330. You can have lobster Carpaccio with duck agnolotti, one of famous food dishes of Ithaa restaurant.

7. Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland

Most Expensive Restaurant

This is the best choice to get all the delicious food items of Switzerland in one destination with a royal cuisine experience of great hospitality. Crissier, the most beautiful and finest restaurant, is owned by Benoit Violier and Brigitte Violier. For one, it takes $415 to have a sumptuous meal.

6. Maison Pic, Valence, France

Most Expensive Restaurant

Pic family is the creator of this magnificent delicacy. Maison restaurant is staying ahead in the list and is giving tough competition to other most expensive restaurants with its most expensive Collection Pic Menu. Cheese Berlingots of Banon goat is the extraordinary twist in their menu list. Spend $445 for your taste buds that will be in high ecstatic mode with these authentic meals.

5. Masa ,New York city

Most Expensive Restaurant

This amazing restaurant was established by the Famous Chinese chef Masa Takayama in the year 2004. Masa restaurant is one of the famous luxurious restaurants of New York city. Hollywood celebrities and high rated businessmen are the frequent visitors of this restaurant, which is well known for its $46 worth special ice-cream and maki rolls of $245. Masa food dishes are in great demand among the people. You have to reserve your seat three weeks for dining in this exclusive restaurant. Its food dishes start from $450 onwards but if you want to cancel your reservation it will take a fine of $200.

4. Restaurant Le Meurice in Paris

Most Expensive Restaurant

Alain Ducasse is the head chef of this restaurant which is wonderfully structured with touch up of artistic designs. Not only the environment of the restaurant is beautiful but also its food items are just delicious. The food dishes are made from the inspiration of Chateau de Versailles. The nominal price of the tastiest meal per person is nearly $509.

3. Plaza Athenee in Paris 550

Most Expensive Restaurant

With the valuation of $550 per person, Plaza Athenee is the world’s one of the most expensive restaurants. It is dwelling magnificently in Paris with the most beautiful chandeliers of ten thousand sparkling crystals. Can you imagine that its famous steamed langoustines of caviar costs $265 per plate? Take much money with you if you want to have the lifetime opportunity to treat your taste buds well for once.

2. Kitcho in Kyoto, Japan 600

Most Expensive Restaurant

Kitcho restaurant is headed by award winning famous chef, Kunio Tokuoka. It is totally maintaining the Japanese culture by providing healthy and hygienic food to its customers. Being a food lover, you must visit this place to taste the best Japanese preparations. It cost $600 per person.

1. Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain 2175

Most Expensive Restaurant

The most expensive and luxurious restaurant offers $2,078 per person. That is a huge amount to spend but being a rich person and a food lover, you need not to worry for spending such amount because the food dishes are worthy enough to be paid so high. Chef Paco Roncero runs Sublimotion in a magnificent way by producing sumptuous meals. The restaurant is well fashioned with fluttering Versailles and butterfly paintings. You will get a royal hospitality from this most expensive restaurant in the world.

The restaurants that are in this list, are the most luxurious food destination in the world. They serve the customers with healthy and fresh food dishes with great sophisticated behaviours. Each restaurants has its own signature dishes. They are famous for those signature dishes. These restaurants have beautiful structures and are designed with great artworks. The artworks and the surroundings create a soothing ambience to enjoy the tastiest meals.

The meals are costly because they are cooked with quality ingredients with utmost care and dedication by the chefs. If you are wealthy enough to spend your holiday in any of these famous destinations, then pack your bag and travel to any one of these restaurants to experience a super time of feasting yourself.


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