When it comes to holidays or vacations, one must choose the best place to spend it with their loved ones or alone. There are many places in the world which are best for spending your winter vacations, away from work, and giving you a heart-warming experience. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get set go! Here are the top 10 best winter holiday destinations in the world in 2019.

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10. Seville, Spain

Best Winter Holiday Destinations 2019

Located in Spain, Seville is a destination for the ones who love the warmth and good food. The city is not for the snow lovers but has got an amazing architecture. In the month of November, the temperature is chilly, ranging from 19-21 degree Celsius. Between December to February, the temperature stays at around 16 degree Celsius and is very gentle. The markets are filled with good Spanish food and are the perfect place to click pictures for your next Instagram post. The summer starts from the month of March.

9. Paris, France

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

Someone has said it correct that Paris transforms from City of Lights to City of Fairy lights in winters. The roads, the trees, and especially the Eiffel Tower are illuminated with lights. It is the perfect place for enjoying hot chestnuts sold on the street. Early nights are super chilly with snow covering the streets and trees. There are a lot of shopping destinations, for sure the reason why Paris is known as the city of fashion and style.

8. Shimla, India

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

Kufri, Mall road, Theong are some of the best places to visit during your holiday times in Shimla. The temperature can drop as low as low as 2 degree Celsius and is ideal if you love making snowman or snow skiing. If you are a shopaholic, then Lakkar bazar is the best place for you where you can find wood carved goods, shawls, handicrafts, jewelry etc. If you love nature, then you can visit the Himalayan Bird Park and can get to see an array of colorful birds. There is also a small Gurdwara located at Padua hills which is a must- visit for devotees.

7. Victoria Alps, Australia

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

If you are craving for a ski holiday in Australia, then you can visit the Victoria Alps. The slope is very snowy perfect for skiing and also contains the Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. The Alps also offer epic bushwalks and breathtaking sceneries. The soaring peaks, lush green valleys and historic streetscape should be a must visit list for any traveler’s list.

6. San Antonio, Texas, United States

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

The San Antonio River Walk gets illuminated by the millions of twinkling lights at the end of November. There are various cozy cafes and shops across the cypress-lined River Walk. You should also visit the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the state, The San Antonio Missions and you will adore the rich colonial heritage of the 18th century. Amazon also named San Antonio as the most romantic city in the United States. The city purchases a lot of romance novels, romantic music, and books. An ideal place for a honeymoon.

5. Alaska, United States of America

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

With Sapphire blue colored sky and ivory colored landscapes, Alaska is one of the best places you can visit during winter. The Alaska Winter Train operates all year round which connects Fairbanks and Anchorage (places in Alaska). One can get to see the Aurora Borealis which can be seen only during winter. Also, you can go for ice- climbing, dog sledding, cross-country skiing and many others. One must stop at the Aurora Ice Museum in Fairbanks, which is created from more than thousand tons of snow and is World’s largest year-round ice environment.

4. Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, Australia

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

One can see Humpbacks swim into the Hervey Bay in the winter season with their babies, moving their way back South. You can also see whales out there, and can also join the whale cruise from Hervey Bay. The Fraser Island is also known for hardcore four-wheel driving enthusiasm which is ideal for families, kids, and everyone. One can even enjoy visiting Lake Mackenzie for swimming and watch the sunset from the Jetty Bar at Kingfisher Bar Island Resort.

3. Manali, India

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

The must- visit a hill station in India, Manali is perfect for a family holiday trail, honeymoon or an adventure trail. The white, snow-covered mountains are perfect for skiing. Not only that, there are various sightseeing places one can find there. Don’t forget to visit the Tibetan Monasteries, Rohtang point, Vashist temple and water springs, Buddhist Monasteries and much more. The temperature falls as low as 7 degree Celsius and is the perfect weather for winter season loving people.

2. Venice, Italy

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

If you like less crowded places and want to spend your winter holidays in a calm and quiet place, then Venice is ideal for you. The winds are biting chilly which would attract a lot of winter season loving people. Also, the place is far less expensive than in high season. You can celebrate an awesome Christmas in the city. The alleys are misty, with the echoing footsteps of people giving you a sense of marvellous peace of mind.

1. New York, United States of America

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

One of the most popular winter holiday destinations, New York is the best place to visit, especially for Christmas. One can see illuminated and most colorful streets during this time at this place. The churches are decorated very beautifully and are worth seeing. The city gets cold, very cold during winters but is not less alluring at all. The windows of classic department stores sell the best products and others are lit up and decorated with beautiful scenes.

As we saw, there are many places to visit during winters. One can experience one of the best Christmas and can make a lot of memories. Snow, Beer, Mountains, Lights and much more. So, what are waiting for winter lovers? Pack your bags, book tickets and go to your favorite place with your loved ones!


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