Whether you are out on a job or a honeymoon couple looking to spend a honeymoon in a dream place, nothing charms the heart like a luxurious hotel in a holiday destination.  Architectural marvel is an apt description for these hotels, as their brilliance is such that a person needs to be blind to not appreciate them.

These types of hotels not only offer world-class service and breathtaking ambience but also take you to a place which is really out of the world. They give you a feeling of peace and serenity mixed with a luxury that kings and royalty of the ancient times experienced. Here are the top 10 most luxurious hotels in the world 2019 whose services and grandeur whose experience will be nothing short of grand.

10. Emirates Palace

Most Luxurious Hotels 2019

Whenever one thinks of grandeur and a royalty, a certain location comes to mind; none other than the Abu Dhabi where the luxurious Emirates Palace is located. The hotel offers an astonishing 394 rooms and suites, white sand beaches, pools, fountains, and a thousand chandeliers. The place gives you the feeling of being a sultan; what else can anyone want?

9. The Plaza

Most Luxurious Hotel

New York City is known in the world as the go to location for hotels and VIPs. So, it is only natural that it will have one of the best hotels not only in the country but also in the whole world. The Plaza is a National Historic Landmark with a décor invoking old world charm with the ambience that is full with pianos, kitchen, butler’s pantry, dining room, and even a private elevator.

8. The Peninsula Shanghai

Most Luxurious Hotel

The Chinese are among the best in everything around the world. It is located in the heart of China in Shanghai. The skyscraper has a whopping 235 rooms, full granite and offers the view of historic Bund waterfront. It seems like it can’t get any better, but it does. The Peninsula perfectly blends the traditional Chinese history with modern reflection. The rooms are full Wi-Fi enabled, and have portable master control panels, spas, and music. They have it all including the legendary chef Simon Huang.

7. Hotel 41

Most Luxurious Hotel

London is the location for royalty. Hotel 41 is a heaven for romance and serenity. Their services are the world’s best with the appointment of 2 personal staff members who are available to the customers at every beck and call 24×7. They will get the customers anything anywhere and even offer royal services for pets. The ambience is world class, why won’t it be if the place has an open fireplace, handmade king mattress and it is located across the Royal Mews.

6. Nihi Sumba Island

Most Luxurious Hotel

Indonesia is a paradise on Earth but nothing it has offered can ever top Nihi. Unlike other hotels, it doesn’t offer you the 21st-century décor or a heritage. Instead, it offers an escape from all of that. It provides the best source of tranquility which is nature. The perfect blend of adventure and luxury, Nihi offers their customers with a slew of enjoyments such as Occy’s Left which is one the most incredible waves, fishing, traditional villages, and even trekking to waterfalls. The hotel uses natural materials like stone, teak to prove spacious rooms to its customers.

5. Mardan Palace Hotel

Most Luxurious Hotel

The Mardan Palace Hotel is most famous for its royal treatment and facilities which have an irrefutable charm. It is located in the beautiful nation of Turkey and boasts a swimming pool which can fit 1000 guests at a time. The swimming pool is, of course, the biggest in the Mediterranean region. The interiors are of Italian marble with embossed gold leaf, and if that isn’t enough, it also has an aquarium filled with exotic fishes from around the world. Moreover, it has white sand which was specially flown all the way from Egypt.

4. The Oberoi Rajvilas

Most Luxurious Hotel

The 32-acre hotel is located in the heart of Rajasthan at Jaipur. The hotel offers the tranquility of nature mixed with a modern setting in a perfect blend. With unmatchable facilities like elephant ride to Naila Fort, Royal Tents which are fully air-conditioned and give out an air of modern era, it is truly a place of royalty. The intricate delicacies that can only be produced by Indians are served at the famed Raj Mahal restaurant, and adding to this heavenly experience are special baths of rose water, milk, and marigolds.

3. Ashford Castle

Most Luxurious Hotel

Ashford Castle is a medieval castle in County Mayo. It has had many famous guests like Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness. The hotel is famous all over the globe because of its ancient charm and providing an ambiance of true royalty. It is the oldest castle in Ireland but was renovated with a $75 million for restoration and addition of modern equipment thus giving a modern feel with the iconic and historic stonework.

2. Oberoi Udaivilas

Most Luxurious Hotel

The Udaivilas are a piece of artful location. The place is a fitting location for a maharaja; it is heaven on earth. The hotel is located on a private island in Udaipur; the island was once the hunting ground for the raja and maharajas of India. The premiere room offers semi-private facilities such as pool, terrace, and even wild animals like peacock and deer. The hotel is one of the finest creations of the famed Indian architectures of ancient times. It gives a feeling of tranquility and royalty which is unmatchable at any other place on earth.

1. Castello di Casole- a Timbers Resort

Most Luxurious Hotel

No place in the world can offer the old charm that the Italy offers. Italy is filled with a romance and freedom in its atmosphere. The Castello di Casole offers this feeling at a magnitude that is impossible to match. The 4200-acre hotel is located at the famous Tuscan city of Italy. The hotel was once a historic monument unrivaled at its age of the 10th century. It was later renovated into a 41 suite hotel and resort. It is situated amongst olive trees and grapevines; the hotel offers the famous Dodici Wine which is exclusive to the estate.

All around the world, the hotel offers varying services from modern chic style to a feeling of the bygone era. Some hotels are an amalgam of both providing a unique and wondrous experience to all its guests.


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