The world health organisation has made a survey that 80% living in cities are breathing unhealthy air. It has been measured that millions of people going through respiratory diseases that has become a serious issue of concern dwelling in the polluted cities in India. Every day the city is emitting harmful toxicities chemicals that reach the lungs and blood tissues from our respiratory system causing major damage to our health and posing a life threat to an extreme.

The major cities release harmful particles which are produced from all types of combustion and small enough to get into your body without your notice causing you asthma attacks, weakening of lung function, bronchitis, cardiovascular problems, Pulmonary cancer, and much more that affect your health in a disastrous way. In major cities, the polluted air containing poisonous gas and fine particles are inhaled by millions of people every day that contaminates various parts of the body resulting in death in major cases. The air becomes contaminate from the harmful gases and toxins released from the factories, burning of fossil fuels, vehicles, increased in ozone concentration, and most importantly the green house effects.

The reach of this deadly gases and toxins have taken a toll over our major cities in India causing it a deadly threat to our life. The major cities in India have marked the rising issue of health from the air pollution which has resulted in various diseases that are difficult to avoid in our daily life.

Major sources of air pollution in major cities in India. Poisonous gas emitted from car, trucks, plane, and other sorts of vehicles. Emission from burning fuels, power plants, industrial hub, oil refineries, and various implanted factories. Thus, let’s get an overview of the entire pollution related problem in the top 10 list of polluted cities in India in 2019:

10. Ludhiana, Punjab

Most Polluted Cities In India 2019

Ludhiana the capital city of Punjab has ranked number 10th in making the city most polluted to survive for a living. It is a place of industrialisation that regularly emits harmful gases and poisonous toxins from their industrial chimneys making the air poisonous to breathe. It has an account a number of deaths and deadly disease from the air borne pollution. The vehicles which run on the roads are also releasing harmful smog like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxides, sulfur dioxide, and other deadly gases from the exhaust pipes that is causing major health issues in every house of Ludhiana.

9. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Most Polluted Cities In India

The city of Taj Mahal has now succumbed to air pollution causing the people to take the burden of deadly diseases emitted from the poisonous air. The rising level of air pollution in the city of Agra has become a common issue of the people residing there. On the other hand, the government is heading no attention to the deadly diseases where the people are openly exposed to this air every day. The city is losing its importance and value due to the increasing level of chronic pollution. The historical monument like the Taj Mahal is turning into yellowish to the massive air pollution released from the poisonous air particles.

8. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Most Polluted Cities In India

The dust pollution in Kanpur is posing a serious threat to the lives of the people dwelling in that city. The city always covered with brown haze due to the increasing level of green house gases and other deadly gases emitted from the transports and vehicles running on the roads. It is awful to look at when the houses and buildings are covered in the dark haze of air pollution. The city poses a lot of health related issues from these harmful particles which are being difficult to avoid for daily basis.

7. Amritsar, Punjab

Most Polluted Cities In India

The air pollution in Amritsar is killing around 80 people every day in the national capital. Polluted air especially the respirable particulate matter is one of the several factors responsible for premature deaths. The 17th century Golden Temple is being affected by the deadly air pollution living in the air of Amritsar city. It is majorly caused by the harmful gases released from traffics and industries. The temple outside color is gradually losing its shine and the marble is being discolored.

6. Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh

Most Polluted Cities In India

The glass industry in Firozabad that is the main hub of glass bangles is polluting the city air in a way by making colorful bangles. The glass industry is continuously emitting poisonous gas from the chimney as these gases are getting mixed in the air with the harmful particles released causing into serious health issues among women and little children. There have been reportedly complaining about the working of the unauthorised glass industries but no action has been taken by the government to sort out this issues.

5. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Most Polluted Cities In India

Ahmedabad is well-known for its textile industry but these textile industries are inviting unwanted pollutants to the air that cause serious health issues among the children and women. The World Health Organisation has ranked Ahmedabad at number 5 due to the increased level of toxic gas released into the air from various industrial chimneys and exhaust pipes. Though the government of Gujarat is looking at the problem of air pollution monitoring and checking the level of toxic gas in the air and implying necessary measures to reduce the risk of deaths and other deadly diseases.

4. Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Most Polluted Cities In India

Industrial pollution is the cause of health issues in the city of Raipur. The city is an industrial hub working on different features yet its releasing deadly gases in the air turning the city into a cloud of dark haze that is making people unable to breathe choking their lungs and respiratory system and reducing the level of surviving in the city of Raipur. The World Health Organisation has marked Raipur at the 4th position in the rank of air polluted city in India. Air pollution in this city is rising at an alarming level according to the latest report of the World Health Organization.

3. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Most Polluted Cities In India

The small city of Gwalior is now equally polluted like the major cities in India resulting in the serious health hazards among thousands of people dwelling in the city. The rising toxic gases in the air are increasing the level of heart attacks and various other lungs diseases among various people old-aged people and also in little children. The health is getting worse in this city on a daily basis. It has been reported that only 25% of vehicles are running on roads of Gwalior are eco-friendly.

2. Patna, Bihar

Most Polluted Cities In India

The Patna city releases filthy air which can cause one heart and lungs diseases without a doubt. According to the World Health Organization, Patna strongly stands in the second position of being the most polluted city in India. It releases harmful particulate matter in the air which is posing serious health issues among women and children and sometimes it has resulted in several deaths in the city.

1. Delhi

Most Polluted Cities In India

Delhi is the among the top polluted big cities in India as it is emitting harmful and poisonous gases from the car, factories, constructions dust, and the burning of rubbish and crops stubbles. The Delhi residents are breathing in these harmful gases every day resulting in deaths and other lungs diseases. The city is now grasping for fresh air but unfortunately, their hope is vain as the government is unable to take the necessary measures to erase or reduce the brink of air pollution living in the air of Delhi. The capital of India is now living under the dark smog of death every day.

Therefore, we get a complete list of the top 10 polluted cities in India which are imposing a deadly threat to our health and bodies on a daily basis.


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