What will happen if you are asked to stay indoors always? Why would this happen anyway? Because the air out there can kill you. It’s terrible and this is soon going to happen. Due to so many human activities and natural phenomena, a lot of cities in the world are not even able to provide basic living conditions.

The air of these cities is polluted to a level where you no longer can stay a healthy life there. The smoke from factories and vehicles and refineries is one of the main reasons of this pollution. The dust storms and other natural activities are another cause. According to a survey conducted by the WHO, here is the list of the 10 most polluted cities in the world in 2019:

10. Lahore, Pakistan

Most Polluted Cities 2019

Lahore, the capital of Pakistan and one the most historical and beautiful cities in the world, is also one of the most populated cities in the world. The various industrial activities and smoke from the vehicles are the main reasons causing air pollution in Lahore. According to 2003 data, the average figure is 200 mcg/m3 and has now increased since then.

9. Yasuj, Iran

Most Polluted Cities

Yasuj is a town in the mountains of the south-western Iran. The two main activities of those living in Yasuj are coal-burning power plant and sugar processing plant. These two factories discharge a lot of polluted air into the environment resulting in air pollution. Right now, the annual mean level of the city is 215 mcg/m3 which will increase more and more because the people there are still planning to set up refineries to produce oils.

8. Quetta, Pakistan

Most Polluted Cities

Both man-made and natural factors are hiking up the pollution level in Quetta. One of the most important and vital reasons causing pollution in the city is the vehicles. The vehicles there are so poorly maintained that they give out a large amount of smoke and harmful gases which increase the pollutant level of the air. Moreover, the waste material from the factories are either burned again giving out harmful gases or are simply sent into the air. 251 mcg/m3, being the annual mean level of the city, the city becomes the most polluted city in Pakistan.

7. Sanandaj, Iran

Most Polluted Cities

Sanandaj is located close to Iraq. People there for living, manufacture metalwork, cotton, woodwork, and carpets, which gives out a lot of polluted air which is not monitored or purified in any way and is simply dumped into the environment. Another reason of pollution there are sudden dust storms that blow in the cities of Iraq and flow to Iran. With an annual mean level of 254 mcg/m3, the capital of Kurdish Culture becomes the second most polluted city in the world.

6.Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Most Polluted Cities

The capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator is one of the most polluted cities in the world and has some of the deadliest dust particles according to the world health organisation. Due to the poor condition of the city including factors like unpaved roads, dust from the desert, lack of vegetation, and ash and emissions from power plants, vehicles, and boilers on open soil surfaces, the dust in the city is increasing at a rapid pace. The annual mean figure of the city is 279 mcg/m3 and the city has the largest increase in the number of sick people in a few years.

5. Ludhiana, India

Most Polluted Cities

One of the most beautiful cities of India, Ludhiana has one primary concern, that is the air pollution. The maximum number of automobiles used in the city are in below average condition which gives out a lot of smoke and causes the 70% of the cities pollution. The people of the city know the problem and are seeing the results, still, they are not ready to do anything for it and instead, are increasing the number of vehicles day by day. The annual mean level of the city was found to be 251 mcg/m3.

4. Gaborone, Botswana

Most Polluted Cities

Gaborone is situated in the southern Africa. The three main reasons why Gaborone is in this list is its paint factory, a brewery, and a chemical plant. Not only do these pollute the air but they also produce lead which harms the soil. The wastewater from these refineries is thrown directly into the public sewer lines which pollute the water as well. The annual mean level of the city was found to be 216 mcg/m3.

3. Peshawar, Pakistan

Most Polluted Cities

The industrial emissions, fumes from the brick factories, extensive burning of solid waste, and vehicular emissions in Peshawar causes a lot of pollution in the city. The increasing rate of industrialisation is also increasing the rate of pollution in the city. Not only does the air pollution but this city is suffering from noise, land and water pollution as well. A large amount of solid waste can be seen there on the streets deuterating the soil and waste materials from the factories being thrown in the rivers cause water pollution. The noise from planes and trains too was measured to be found more than the 85 decibels threshold. The annual mean level of the city was calculated to be of 219 mcg/m3.

2. Kermanshah, Iran

Most Polluted Cities

The Middle Eastern City Kermanshah is so much polluted that the people living in the city prefer not leaving the house and stay indoors as much as possible. The maximum part of the city is into factories and refineries and there are about 256 manufacturing units in the city and are still building. The smoke from these refineries and petrochemical factories make the air polluted. Moreover, another problem for the city is the regular dust storms that make the air unbearable. The annual mean level of the pollution in the city is 229 mcg/m3, and there is an increasing number of hospitalisations due to breathing problems day by day.

1. Ahvaz, Iran

Most Polluted Cities

Ahvaz is located in the southwestern parts of Iran. This city has become the most polluted cities in the world which makes it so difficult for people living there. The government of the city blames the US for sending dust to the city by using uranium bombs in the Iraq war, but it is the doings of the general public that results in such a poor condition of the city. The annual mean level of the city is 372 mcg/m3 and is still increasing.

Pollution is an irreversible process. Once it destroys anything, that thing can never come back. More than 5 million people are being admitted to the hospitals due to respiratory problems, all this because of the increasing pollution. This pollution cannot be stopped by a person or two. Everybody needs to do their bit by making sure they are causing no trouble to the environment and planting as many trees as possible.


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