India is known to be one of the most populated countries in the world with a rising graph of around 1.3 billion people staying in this huge democratic country, with different sects, languages, religions.

So to understand more about the cities of this country it is vital to know how well they are habited so that would surely proof that although the cities are highly populated yet they have their own ethnicity and culture, which helps the people staying in these cities balance their lives each day in this big sea of people everywhere. Following are the top 10 most populated cities in India 2019.

10. Jaipur

Most Populated Cities In India 2019

Known for its strong heritage and royal lineage this beautiful dessert city of Jaipur is known to be one of the most populated cities in the nation. With the beautiful forts, places and other historical heritage sites to attract people from all round the globe, this pink city of India, as it in known has a huge population of around 3,44,1816, yet making it quite a good place to live in.

9. Pune

Most Populated Cities In India

Known for its famous automobile and manufacturing city of the nation, with the progressive culture as many educational top management colleges are being set up there, and students from within the country and abroad comes to have their strong base for future. The total population of this city is around 5,926,606, accordingly, which is still in a rising ratio.

8. Surat

Most Populated Cities In India

Being the major business hub of the state of Gujarat this city has quite a big responsibility to perform on for the growth and success of the general people and the state too. With a rising population of around 6,043,737 this city stands high in the population list of the nation. With the growing industries and the economic flow, many more people are now shifting to Surat for work reasons.

7. Kolkata

Most Populated Cities In India

The cultural and heritage city and capital of West Bengal, here culture flows in the veins of the Bengali people, who love to welcome everybody with open and compassionate arms. Being the main economic and commercial hub of Eastern India the rising population according to survey is around 14,485,277. This growth has started for the last fifteen years when the city saw most of its industrial involvement with the new technology hubs and also international brands coming and being a part of the work culture of the city, giving the youth more opportunities to be in their hometown and start their careers, even welcoming youth from outside around the nation to stay here.

6. Ahmedabad

Most Populated Cities In India

The capital city of Gujarat and the main industrial and economic hub of this state, and being the second largest in western India after Mumbai, Ahmedabad can be considered as one of the most populated cities of the nation. The rising population of this city has reached to around 8 million people who are not only locals but also from the different states of the nation. With the growing developments in the IT sector and also in the chemical industrial units has helped in the growing rate of population of this city. It is known to be the 39th most populous city in the World and also is known to be the third fastest growing city of the present decade with the invincible economic and asocial growth, as been reported by the Forbes magazine.

5. Chennai

Most Populated Cities In India

The capital city of Tamil Nadu, is known to be one of the most biggest and populated cities of South India. It is also plays a major role in the business sector harbouring few big industries which manufacture, automobile, software, travel and medical tourism, textiles, petrochemicals, hardware etc. known as the vital industrial hub of the sate it has a population growth of 8.2 million people.

4. Hyderabad

Most Populated Cities In India

This city has its own unique growth rate, being the most populated city of the nation faster Bengaluru it has an growing population of around 6,809,970. The economic growth in the recent few years of this city is due to its traditional way of following the manufacturing process with the implementation of the new age knowledge sector, pharmaceuticals, financial companies, electrical manufacturers etc. also the IT sector has seen much growth in the past few years making it now a residing place of many outsiders from all around the country. Major universities and the education evolvement have also made the rural regions of the city more accessible for the students to start their education life in the city.

3. Bengaluru

Most Populated Cities In India

Bengaluru is known to be the capital city of Karnataka, with a growing population of around 11,556,907 people, who are happily residing in this IT hub of the nation. There are maximum multinational companies, education sectors, and also the fast growing industrial belt, making this city one of the toppers in the list of economic evolution and population, providing much better opportunity to the youth of the country. it is also known to be the 22nd largest city in the whole world.

2. New Delhi

Most Populated Cities In India

The capital city of the nation and the most heritages bound historical place in the whole nation. The population of this capital city is around 25 million people residing here, and is also known to be the 3rd largest urban city in the whole world. The importance of the historical places in the city makes it unique and most desirable for staying amidst history itself. Historical importance, known to be also the technological, textile, fashion, pharmaceuticals, IT, telecom hub the city has its own unique and diverse culture in itself.

1. Mumbai

Most Populated Cities In India

The most desirable and the main economic hub of the nation Mumbai stands strong and growing with around 1.2 crore people residing in this amazing city of West India. In the world population list it holds the rank of 5th populated city, and is known to cultivate around 7 percent of the economy of the country approximately. Most of the industries starting from the entertainment and film, textiles, manufacturing, IT, fashion, you just name it, and the city has for you. Known to be the opportunity giver, this city welcomes many people all around the country to have a successful career for them.

Being a part of such a big and growing country it is a privileged and also sometimes a curse, where the growing population is one of the biggest concerns of many intellectuals and financial analysts around the globe. Being over populated many challenges arise, but the uniqueness of the this country is to survive all of the challenges and stand strong making its own mark in the world scenario known to be once the golden bird of wealth and culture, still perseveres with this tag to some extent proudly.