Anyone seeking information on global economic trends seeks for a business magazine. These are publications that delve into business practices from different parts of the globe. They provide with detailed and insightful information that is used to make major decisions in regard to business approaches and practices that lead to success.

The leading business magazines are credited with providing factual information to the readers that is well researched and detailed for easy understanding. Here is a list of the top 11 most read business magazines in the world in 2019 which every investor, entrepreneur or economic experts search for every day.

1. Forbes

Most Read Business Magazines 2019

Forbes stands out as the leading magazine across the globe. The magazine was started in 1817 making it two centuries old. It has relieved credit over the years for providing in-depth analysis on business trends, business reviews from internationally recognised experts, leading political news and analysis among other features. It continues to gain popularity for its annual list of top performers in various sectors of business including individual persons and companies. The magazine is produced bi weekly in fifteen international languages covering a wide scope of audience. It has an estimated circulation in excess of 1 million copies.

2. Fortune

Most Read Business Magazines

Fortune Magazine gained its popularity with publication of the list of top 500 companies by revenue which started in 1955. Over the years, the magazine has continued to produce other lists featuring other cadres of top performers and this continues to increase the magazines popularity. Business players and analysts across the globe rely on the lists produced by Fortune magazines owing to the accuracy and analytical nature. The publication is fully owned by Time Inc. and boasts of a circulation estimated at 1 Million copies.

3. Bloomberg Business Week

Most Read Business Magazines

Bloomberg business week is a weekly production that features the financial events that occurred in the past week. Its main features are on finance, job markets, trading and political aspects with effect on financials. At its inception, the magazine was intended to provide business managers with financial information at the time of great recess that occurred in 1929. In the 1980s, the magazine enjoyed a circulation exceeding 6 million copies. With the advent of electronic media, the magazine print circulation has reduced drastically currently ranking below 1 million copies. It’s however gaining popularity on the digital platform with over 100,000 subscribers on its iPad edition.

4. Money

Most Read Business Magazines

Money is a business magazine owned by Time Inc. The magazine is produced monthly and has been in publication since 1972. The magazine provides readers with informative topics on personal finance that include investment options and planning, planning for retirement, loan products and tax planning. It proceeds to provide with reviews on consumer products, automotive, real estate and fashion among others. The magazine also runs a website, that was launched in 2014. Currently the Money magazine enjoys a circulation estimated in excess of 2 million copies.

5. Inc. Magazine

Most Read Business Magazines

The Inc. Magazine is better known for its publications that feature the top 500 fastest growing companies. The magazine is better known to target top professional in the fiancé and economic industry. It provides with exclusive guides known to drive young enterprising professionals from running small size business to leading companies. Currently, the magazine has a circulation estimated at 0.8 million copies.

6. The Economist

Most Read Business Magazines

Economist is one of the most celebrated business publications across the globe. It mainly features international news covering finance, politics and business. Publication of the Economist Magazine was started in 1843 in London. The magazine covers the prevailing international news and features that reflect to the modern times in business. Also included in the magazine are different features on science and technology, books and art. Its economic section features statistics on economic statistics from across the globe and as well carries opinion columns by experts in leading financial and economic sectors. The current circulation of the magazine is estimated excess of at 1.5 million copies with half of the copies landing in the US market.

7. Harvard Business Review

Most Read Business Magazines

The Harvard Business Review is a publication owned and published by Harvard University. The publication is made only six times in a year focusing on different areas of business management, human resources, organisational change, marketing and finance among other important areas of business. The magazine was initially started as an informative platform targeting students but this was later extended to include other industry players with insights and techniques on management of global corporations. The magazine was initially available in the English language but this was later changed to incorporate 13 other global languages hence giving it a wider reach. Its current circulation is estimated at 0.25 million copies.

8. Fast Company

Most Read Business Magazines

Fast Company was established in 1995 as a monthly issue. The publication focuses on issues of business, technology and business and is under ownership of Manseuto Ventures. It is better known for its unique features such as providing a list of innovative companies and creative personalities from across the globe. The publication has an estimated circulation of over 0.78 million copies. It releases only ten issues annually which look at business matters.

9. Entrepreneur

Most Read Business Magazines

Entrepreneur is a business magazine with an extensive coverage on business issues. The magazine features provision of different management and business running and tips tools from industry experts set to increase knowledge for existing and potential investors. It also features experiences and success stories from successful practitioners in different sectors and this further works to encourage upcoming investors. The magazine is published in California, US but has its operations and circulation in different parts of the globe among them India, South Africa, Mexico, Russia and Hungary. It is estimated to have a circulation in excess of 0.62 million copies. The magazine also runs on the website

10. Barron’s

Most Read Business Magazines

Barron’s is a weekly business magazine that features the financial activities that took place in the previous week. The publication features the financial performance of the week with detailed statistical data on different sectors of finance. The magazine is owned by the News Corp organization based in New York. The current circulation of the magazine currently exceeds 0.35 million copies. It also runs a website, established in 1996 used to provide information to its readers with no access to the print version.

11. Consumer Reports

Most Read Business Magazines

A consumer report was first published in 1936. It is a publication from a non-profit making organisation, Consumer Union. The magazine features reviews on different products, offer buying guides and publishes unbiased reviews from consumers. The magazine prints unbiased reviews most of which is from its in-house testing on product that the organisation buys from different manufacturers. The publishing company does not accept adverts from manufacturers and has no shareholders giving it a platform to publish uncompromised reviews. Over 3.8 million copies of the publication are circulated.

Despite the growing popularity of print and digital media, magazines continue to offer a great resource for information. Demand for business magazines grows continually as existing and potential entrepreneurs seek out information on the prevailing trends in business. The above top 12 most read business magazines in the world in 2019 are also embracing the technology and thereby maintaining the reach to faithful readers.