The radio is considered as a piece of the golden history of mankind, but even today people cling on to them to tune into their favorite radio stations even after the invention of the internet. There are numerous channels or radio stations of different frequencies that are available around the world.

Some are solely dedicated to broadcasts music and related shows while others are a full package, i.e, it contains news, programmes as well as music. People also listen to them online; it is best for people who miss their local radio stations when they travel away. Here is the list of the top 10 most tuned radio stations around the world in 2019.

10. KIIS-FM (102.7FM)

Best Radio Stations 2019

Owned and operated by iHeartMedia, KIIS-FM is one of the top ten radio stations that are often tuned by people and is licensed to Los Angeles in California. It is the number one radio station that is currently on air in Los Angeles. The studios are currently situated in Burbank and the station transmitter is on Mount Wilson. This radio station first went on air in 1948. The frequency of the radio station is 102.7 MHz.

9. BBC Radio 1

Best Radio Stations

BBC Radio 1 or British Broadcasting Company Radio 1 is a radio station that hails from the United Kingdom and is specialised in broadcasting the current and modern trending and popular music. The music sessions are divided into the different genres like hip hop, rock indie etc. In the recent report published by the BBC, it clearly states that the radio station mainly focuses on the age group 15-29. The station first went on air on 30th September 1967 and the 24 hours on air was started on 1st May 1991. The frequency at which this station is available is 97.7 MHz.

8. Star 94 Atlanta

Best Radio Stations

The Star 94 Atlanta radio station is owned and operated by the Entercom and is licensed in Smyrna in Georgia. The radio station is available on the frequency 94.1 MHz. This radio station first went on air in 1967 and mainly broadcasts hot adult contemporary contents and programs. The radio station is also known as WSTR (W STaR).

7. Global Radio

Best Radio Stations

The radio operates under Global Limited which is a British publishing and media company. Global Radio is one among those radio stations when we think of the popular ones in this category. The studios are situated in London and the main studio is in 30 Leicester Square. It is also home to one of the best and most listened radio station – Classic FM and Heart.


Best Radio Stations

Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey in the United States, WFMU is an independent radio station. Till date, it is the longest radio station that is still running. The radio station is licensed to East Orange, a city in New Jersey. The radio station is available worldwide on the internet and is available on the frequency 91.1 MHz. This radio station first went on air in 1958 and is a Top five most tuned radio stations in the world.

5. Jango

Best Radio Stations

Jango is not actually a radio station but an online music streaming service which allows its users to make or create as well as share custom-made radio stations. Users can enter the artists whose music or song is to be played and the station plays songs or music from similar artists or musicians. The users are also permitted to refine the stations by giving ratings to different songs and musicians.

4. Soma FM

Best Radio Stations

Soma FM is a radio station that is internet based and is, in fact, a group of radio channels which is entirely funded by the listeners. This radio station was founded in February 2000 (though the trial version was initially aired in 1999 in that year’s Burning Man festival) and is founded by Rusty Hodge. It was first operated from the garage of the owner as a micro-power radio station. Currently, the radio station is headquartered in in San Francisco. According to a private channel, the listeners surpassed 6 million hours every month.

3. Spectrum Radio

Best Radio Stations

A multi-ethnic radio station, Spectrum Radio has coverage over twenty various ethnic communities. Spectrum Radio was initially aired on 1990. It broadcasts from three different broadcast platforms and the frequency is 558 KHz and is transmitted from Crystal Palace transmitting station along with DAB Digital Radio. This is one of the best stations that broadcasts awesome classical music.


Best Radio Stations

Headquartered in Seattle in Washington, KEXP (90.3MHz) FM is a public radio station that mainly broadcasts indie rock programmes by its own disc jockeys. The license of this radio station is owned by the University of Washington and is operated by the university along with Paul Allen’s Experience music project. The station was also known as KCMU. This radio station was initially aired in 1972 and is wholly dedicated to broadcasts different genres. The EXP in the title of the radio station comes from the word Experience or Experiment.

1. P2

Best Radio Stations

P2 is the most popular radio station in the world and is one among the four channels operated under Sveriges Radio (SR) which is Sweden’s national publicly funded radio broadcasting organisation. This radio primarily broadcasts music programs especially classical music and jazz-based ones. Along with the music programs, educational programmes are also broadcasted.

Radio, which is a source of mass communication, still holds onto its position even after the intervention of the internet. People still tune in to their favorite radio stations either to listen to the local news or to release stress by listening to music. With cities remaining alive 24×7, the radio stations which are now running are on air all the time. They have, in fact, become a companion. As was said earlier, some radio stations deliver the content which is primarily targeted to particular audiences. These types of radio stations are actually helpful as you can enjoy to your own taste. In today’s world, the programmes available in the radio stations have become age based.


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